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How I Fuck£d A Married Man And I Can’t Understand Myself


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How I Fuck£d A Married Man And I Can’t Understand Myself


my name is Joy, I’m the last of three girl children of a Christian home from Kaduna state. I have been in many relationships that didn’t last, I was beginning to think I was curs£d until I met this bolt driver that I requested in one of my trips in Abuja, his name is Jonah from Edo state and he swept me off my feet. This happened during the COVID 19 year, it was love at first sight for me and I did everything to make him fall for me, yet he resisted. He had this charisma that made me fall madly for him but I couldn’t tell him. I would call him to take me to different locations in Abuja.

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He would prefer to wait in his car rather than come into my apartment even when I offered. when he finally started coming into my apartment, I would purposely get nak£d pretending to be getting ready for the outing, this man still didn’t fall for my tricks, but we became closer and closer as friends. He was dating this colleague of his from Akwa-ibom state who was a banker in one of the biggest microfinance banks in Abuja and he also had a not so serious thing with another lady from his church in gwarimpa. Immediately! learnt of his relationship with the Akwa-ibom lady, I went after it.

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That Akwa-ibom lady didn’t deserve him at all, found out some d!rty things about her.

So I sent anonymous messages to Jonah about his girl which he later found out to be true and it ended his relationship with his Akwa-ibom lady whom he had already introduced to his people as his wife to be. He was broken that period and I got my pass to finally make him mine. I finally visited him in his house in kubwa, my mission was to take advantage of him, I wanted to capitalize on his vulnerable state to f*ck him. I was able to spike his drink with Viagra and we fuck£d.

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Jonah is a god in bed and he treated my entire body better than anyone ever did.

I was so happy, thinking it will continue but he called me the next day to apologize, that he didn’t know what came over him, I was angry but ready to wait for him now that Miss akwa-ibom was out of the way.

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Before I knew it, Jonah
started getting serious with
the other Edo lady from his church and they finally got
married in February 2021,
which I attended but didn’t
relent as I sw0re within me to destroy his marriage and have him for myself. Apart from falling for him from the first day I saw him, I also couldn’t stop thinking of our s£xual encounter.

I knew this task of spoiling his marriage would be simple for me cus his wife was a very insecure lady. So I started calling him during odd hours, called him all the time so that his wife would start suspecting him to be having an external affair. His wife started suspecting all his calls and it caused a lot of misunderstanding and quarrels between them. Whenever they had issues, Jonah would come to me to seek refuge but would never be moved whenever I try to seduce him cos he had huge respect for his wife. I watched from a distance as his marriage crumbled cos the issues were too much.


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Jonah stopped talking to me from march 2023 and stopped doing business with me, I thought I had finally lost out on him until Saturday 17th June 2023 when he called that he was coming to pick me up to his house. I took a bath, prepared and looked as s£xy as I could. I was very disappointed when I told me that he has been having issues with his wife that even got them as far as travelling home to Edo state to settle the issue, and that he came back without his wife and that she has refused to tell him when she’ll be coming back to their house in Abuja.

He suspected his wife’s plan was to come and catch him with another woman. Jonah told me that someone had just called him to inform him that his wife is back in town and was headed home. Jonah told me he plans to take me home when he knows that his wife was there, so that she could see me in his car and he’ll drive away, so that it would confirm her suspicion, cos he was p!ssed at her for acting the way she did after they had settled their issues. Everything played out the way he wanted and his wife was furious, I was confused at my role in this, but happy that my dream could finally come true.

Now his wife has moved out of his house according to my investigation yet Jonah has refused to reach out to me and now I’m filled with guilt. Is it my fault entirely that his marriage has finally ended?, and how do I come clean because it’s really eating me up.



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  1. How can you be this wicked sister? Why have you allowed evil to dominate you? You spiked his drink in the past, you destroyed his relationship with the Akwa Ibom banker lady and then went ahead in attempt to destroy his marriage with the church girl.

    Is this how women support women? You are asking what you should do. Yes, you should come clean and tell him how you drugged his drink, to the dirty things about her and the rest.

    How will you feel if same was done to you? Later you women will be shouting men are scum, marriage is oppressive to women yet you sleep other women’s husbands which breaks the hearts of other women, later you shout women supporting women, lol.

    I wish you well.


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