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Warren Buffett’s Daughter Once Asked Him For A Loan To Remodel Her Kitchen To Make Room For Her Baby’s High Chair — He Told Her, ‘Go To The Bank And Do It Like Everyone Else’


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Legendary investor Warren Buffett, known for his investment acumen and frugality, has always shown a different perspective on wealth and legacy. Living in the same home for over six decades, he epitomizes the adage that it’s not about how much you have but what you do with it.

His daughter Susan shared a glimpse of this philosophy on “Good Morning America” in 2006. After requesting a $41,000 loan for a kitchen renovation to fit her daughter’s high chair, her father’s response was straightforward: “Go to the bank and do it like everyone else.” Such anecdotes are emblematic of Buffett’s stance on dollar-based legacies.


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In 1977, each of the three Buffett offspring received $90,000. This sum wasn’t a gift from their father but rather their inheritance from the sale of their late grandfather’s farm. Aside from Christmas presents, this inheritance stands as the only significant monetary gift Buffett has confirmed giving his children.

This mindset does not stem from a lack of generosity. It’s actually the exact opposite. Buffett’s announcement to donate approximately $37 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was a testament to his commitment to social welfare. While the world was shocked, his children were not. They had known and supported their father’s intentions. “It would be insane to leave us that much money,” said Susan Buffett, aligning with her father’s ethos.

Buffett is set to grant a cumulative $1 billion to his children’s charitable organizations. From the Susan A. Buffett Foundation, focusing on early education for underprivileged children, and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, which has extended assistance to 42 nations, to the Novo Foundation helmed by Peter Buffett, the children are set to continue the Buffett legacy in their own way.


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Howard Buffett appreciates his father’s wisdom. “He’s given us the kind of money that we can use to help many in the world.”

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But his children’s inheritance isn’t just financial. A heartfelt letter from the magnate expressed his pride in their humanitarian endeavors, stating, “I am proud of what you are doing, and your mother would be proud as well.”

Recollections from their childhood echo this ethos. From a mere 75 cents in allowance to the attic slot machine that ensured Buffett always won it back, the lessons were clear.

Forbes reports that Buffett has donated over $51 billion to various causes, aiming to give away 99% of his entire fortune. Rejecting the concept of legacy wealth, Buffett’s philosophy resonates with many who admire him.

Buffett’s latest annual letter to his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders reinforced this philosophy. The 2023 report highlighted a 3,787,464% growth in the market value of Berkshire Hathaway stock from 1964-2022, dramatically contrasting the 24,708% for the S&P 500. More than investment insights, the emphasis was on approaching savings as the cornerstone of generational wealth.

Buffett’s financial philosophy is more than frugality and strategic giving. At the heart of it, Buffett teaches the world about the wisdom of long-term investment, a principle he’s upheld with business partner Charlie Munger for decades. Rather than being swayed by the capricious nature of stock prices, they’ve consistently focused on the underlying business value.

Buffett’s belief is that investing in companies with strong business models and potential will, given enough time, yield solid returns. It’s not about quick wins or fleeting market trends but about investing in a business’s inherent value.

This philosophy can also extend to startups. Today, the next big idea could lie in healthcare innovations, artificial intelligence breakthroughs or the surge of electric vehicles. Investing in these startups doesn’t just mean putting money into trendy industries but backing strong business models with longevity and potential to reshape the future.

Anyone can become part of this wave of change by investing in startups through platforms like StartEngine. There’s tremendous potential in being part of the next significant innovation. As Buffett emphasizes, it’s crucial to look beyond immediate gratification and seek out opportunities with lasting value. Whether it’s an established corporation or a fresh startup, the key lies in understanding its true worth, not just its current price tag


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