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My Husband Impregnated Another Woman After He Saw My Facebook Comment On Yul Edochie’s Marriage To Judy: Woman Cries out


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A Nigerian woman has cried out that her husband has Impregnated another lady, after he saw her comment on Facebook; supporting popular actor, Yul Edochie’s controversial decision to take actress, Judy Austin, as a second wife last year.

In the Facebook post that has now come back to hunt her; she defended polygamy, and asserted that there was nothing wrong in a man taking a second wife.

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Unfortunately for her, her husband; with whom she already has three kids with, saw the Facebook comment ( he might have even liked the comment), and then proceeded to get his side chick pregnant.

And it didn’t end there o, according to her; her husband even told her that since her comment on Facebook implied that she saw nothing wrong in a man taking a new wife, like Yul Edochie did last year, that she should simply accept his currently pregnant side chick…Or else go!

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Now, the woman is heartbroken and is asking for advice on what to do.

Do we call this karma, or karma’s twin brother peeps?

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Well, they say that;

“What goes around comes around”

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So let’s be guided peeps, about what we say and wish for others on social media.

To avoid our social media comments, coming back to hunt us one day.

So what’s your take on this trending gist, peeps?

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