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“I didn’t know l was dating a liar and and a Community diick philanthropist”, Nigerian Lady Cries out


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Hello Livelystones,

A Nigerian Lady simply identified as ‘Patience Danladi’, has taken to Facebook, to narrate how she ended her relationship last month, after going through her man’s phone(who sent her before?)

The gist all started when a Facebook user named, Obed J.L Obed(what a name), posted on Facebook;

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“Not always, but sometimes check your partner’s phone, because you might be loyal for nothing.”(who asked him?)

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Then, Patience Danladi replied him;

“I checked mine last month. What l saw made me leave him. I didn’t know l was dating a liar and a “community d**k philanthropist.” ( this one got me)


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Well, Aunty Patience, we are so sorry for the “terrible things your eyes saw.”( How l wish you had told us everything you saw in details, that kind gist dey always sweet me for belle.)

But Aunty patience, remember that  Fela’s song called “Trouble” ( or something like that)?

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If Fela were to remix that ever-green song today, he would have surely added;

” Your partner’s phone dey on it’s own…. you go pick am up… dey go through am…na wetin you dey find?…..palava you dey find…palava you go surely see oh oh oh….”

I’m outta here,


By Chyko.

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