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They Said They Don’t Have True Love To Offer, Only Big Bum Bum Man Who Travelled To Calabar To Search For True Love, Cries Out


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“They said they don’t have true love to offer, only big bum bum,” a Nigerian Man who travelled to Calabar to search for love has cried out on Twitter, about what he has learnt of Calabar girls so far.


The young man who works as a digital Markerter in Lagos, left Lagos for Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, three weeks ago for the sole purpose of Finding a woman with big ‘derriere’ to fall in love with. After he had complained to his friend that he needed a slim lady with big “derriere” to fall in Love with, and can’t seem to find his spec in Lagos. And the friend had suggested that he tried Calabar.

The young man then flew out to Calabar the next day, and even shared a picture of himself at the entry of Calabar and titled the post;

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“Chasing my dreams”

But after three weeks of a fruitless search, the young man known as @Kazywazzy on Twitter, was left disappointed.

He next shared a picture of himself with two curvy ladies by his side, and wrote:

“Update: Calabar girls say they don’t have true love to offer me, only Big Bum Bum.”

The young man added further;

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“I rejected all of them tho, going to Akwa Ibom next to find true love like you guys said, l go travel all the states in search of true love.”

What do you have to tell this young man peeps?

Will this his; “Legend of the true love seeker” be successful, or “Mission impossible.”

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By Chyko.


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