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True Life Story: Don’t Leave Your Home For Another Woman


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True Life Story: Don’t Leave Your Home For Another Woman



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Sir please i really need ur help, am married for over 8years now with 2kids my husband loves me so much even till this very day he is so much in love with me and talk about me every where he goes.

He doesn’t want anything to happen to me, he treats me like a queen but one problem am facing is dat he is cheating on me with a particular girl and he doesn’t hide that from me, but i told him am not comfortable with that but all my efforts to make him leave the girl is in vain, even if we have misunderstanding bcos of the girl he will still come back begging me because he don’t want to see me hurt i said if he love the girl over me that he should go for her and let me be, but he refused and said he can’t live without me, that if i should leave him that he will be dead, sir i really need your help am not comfortable nowing fully well that the man that loves me this much will be cheating on me.


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I Don’t know what else to do again please advise me because i love my husband so much i can’t afford loose him for another woman either.
thank you sir ,
please hide my ID

Dear madam,
It’s raining everywhere, do you know that some of the caring husbands cheats on their wives?
Pls, I would advise you to find the secret which that girl is using on your husband against your MARRIAGE which makes your husband to always run back to her, once you learn her secret he would never run back to her again.
Eg, if you re not good S£XUALLY he will always be running to her for good s£x, even though he loves you but can’t get a good s£x from you,

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Check your NEATNESS, try to know the secret she uses to draw his attention to herself instead of you to ask him to go to her, that is not the best for your marriage.
WISDOM says check to know why he keeps going back to her and comes begging you and he Is not even hiding it from you. Because that is an insults, disrespect and it shows lack of value to your person as a wife,

Wisdom says, am sorry means it won’t repeat itself again, but when he keep saying sorry and keep doing same thing again and again, it shows he really have a problem of indecision.
Intelligent cheaters, cares for their wives and at same time hide their side chick away from their wife as a show of Respect and value for their wife.

When a man starts to show you he is cheating on you, it means lack of respect and value to himself and worthlessness. No sane man who is not yet tired of his wife makes his wife know that he is cheating on her.
Pray for him, that he comes out from this evil spells on him.
Stay safe daughter of Zion


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