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True Life Story: Meet Sonia – A Budding & Talented Photographer Who Needs Your Help


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True Life Story: Meet Sonia – A Budding & Talented Photographer Who Needs Your Help

Please help Sonia.

My name is Sonia from Edo state Benin. I am learning photography, and am also a digital artist.

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I have tried everything within my power to make money so as to come out from these suffering and give my parents a better life.But is not fault coming,

I have an exhibition to attend on the 25th of August, But I need 20k to be able to print out my picture’s and frame it , I called friends and family, but they all told me they don’t have.

I cried in my innermost room,to no avail.

So one day ,I decided to go into car wash, because I don’t want to prostitute to earn a living.

And I also need money for my pictures and frames, car wash was my only option to get paid daily to be able to save that 20k.

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At first I thought car wash was an easy task, but later on I discovered the stressed in it is beyond my imagination.

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In as much I have been working, I have not been able to save up that 20k.

So one day a co -worker decided to do a video of me, that I can gain assistance if I share to social media, He said that for a lady to be doing car wash is a difficult task. And that I can get a job and also an assistance, if I post.

In which I did, I sent my video to TikTok, Facebook, bloggers and they all felt I am creating content 😭😭😭.

I have a sister staying with me, to feed here is a problem.

I don’t know why the world is unfair, those who work don’t get good things.

And those who work less get good things.

I have alot of dreams to achieve, but money is what is holding me, I don’t even know what to do to make that money.

If you would like to help Sonia, please contact her via her IG handle @AguinedeSoniaEseohe

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  1. Have you ever found yourself crying and feeling down, wondering why life is so hard to deal with? You’re definitely not alone.

    Life is not easy, not for all of us at least. But is there a reason behind it?

    What can we do to change it?

    When we focus on the positive, life feels easier. When we focus on feeling alone, being alone, all we do not have, life is hard.

    When we are grateful for the love we do have, we draw more love into our lives. We might be ill, but we are not alone. We might struggle for money, but we are surrounded by love. We might be lonely, but we can reach out and build community. We have options, and this makes life possible.

    And in fact, it is often the struggle that gives us a sense of value, strength, and wonder. Most things really worth having are a bit of a struggle. A college degree takes work. Marriages take work. Our health is good when we pay attention to our bodies, and yes work on being healthy. Sometimes the struggle is exactly what humans need to grow and live well.

  2. Every successful person faces obstacles and challenges. I notice that they seldom complain about the difficulties in their path. They know that the real world is messy and unpredictable. They know that the messiness is masking opportunity and they trust in themselves to be able to find that opportunity.

    They tend to see those challenges as a test — a test that will shape their personal resilience.

    There just have to be that one person that’ll believe you and vow to see you excel no matter what

    Such person is your destiny helper!!
    Don’t stop praying until such person finds you.

  3. Sonia,

    When it comes to making things easy, it is sure we know the road to was is rough and inconveniencing.

    Everyone you see today that are doing well or seeming well off are facing their own tough times towards their ease.

    Some better placed people went through alot to arrive their present situation.

    There are programs we aborted not because we lost an interest but because we could not afford them or have anyone help us even till date.

    The major thing in life is to recognise who your source is in life. Who is your father? Who is your carer? My answers to those is God.

    What did he promise? What would he want me do?

    The works of your hands are blessed. They will yield Results and proper.

    One thing you need to realise is patient is essential. If you begin a thing, be patient in the process. The tough work could be where a destiny helper might meet you.

    Remember to be good even in your situation.

    Don’t sell your conscience, self-worth and values to become better.

    Things will align and don’t always think missing an opportunity per time is the end of life.

    I will suggest you add cleaning compounds to what you do. You could also find them and get your siblings to go with you and on your behalf to do excellent jobs and get paid monthly. Take precautions like covering your noses and body while doing them.

    Some people drink bottle water and have packed empty bottles. You can pack and sell to women doing food businesses or recycle with government and private recycling companies. That’s making money with no capital.

    Start seeing problems you can solve with ease and get paid without using your body or selling your conscience.

    Finally, many are getting busier. They need someon to run certain errands that no one will send a rider.
    Can you be an errand girl?
    Yes, you can go to the park and get their items, post office, pick their laundry and drop off at the laundry mart or with their security. You can submit their document or go drop their goods with buyers. You can do grocery shopping and etc. Just calculate your charge and add the transportation to the places. If they do Uber for you, charge for your service.

    Finally, the digital skills you said isn’t clear. If I know the digital skill you opted for, then I will know what to advice in that area. But know that help is on the way and you will laugh soon. Hold on and be good.

    All the best.


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