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Happy Eid El Maulud Prayers, Wishes, and Messages


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Happy Sallah message, Eid El Maulud wishes and greetings or cards to your friends, family, lover, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, and best friend or any loved one is the best thing you would do for them during these festive periods.

The wishes on this blog post can be sent as a text message to celebrate and wish them Eid-el Maulud, Sallah quotes, Sallah SMS 2022, eid el Maulud SMS greetings, Eid-Al-Fitr, and other Muslim festive celebrations in 2023. Just copy anyone of your choice and edit it to your taste!

If you want to put a warm smile on the face of your loved ones with the best happy Sallah messages or SMS, look no further, we have lots of amazing Big and small Sallah prayers and wishes in this blog post. Check them out below!

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Happy Eid El Maulud Prayers, Wishes, and Messages

30 Cute Happy Sallah (Eid-el-Maulud) To My Love Messages

  1. EID stands for 3 meaningful words

E- Embrace one another with an open heart

I- Inspire others with your attitude

D- dispense the love with one another

Happy Eid Al Fitr to you.

  1. Allah’s wish is for us to show love to one another. may your life be filled with love and good tidings. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you.

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  2. It’s a season for celebration and jubilation, why not share this great love with one another. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you.

  3. Out of love we were born into this world, out of love Allah kept you alive. May your footsteps be guided by love in this wonderful period. Zakat. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you my love.

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  4. The holy book teaches us many things, love and peace are the greatest. May Allah grant you real happiness in this period. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you.

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  1. May love, happiness, and good tidings are upon your household in this wonderful period. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

  2. Allah brought us this far, he will grant you long life and protection. may your feast be great in this month of “Shawal”

  3. It’s a season of celebration. Why not share this love with one another. Happy Eid Al Fitr

  4. Allah gave us love, let’s share this love with one another. Happy Eid Al Fitr

  5. My brother my sister basking in the euphoria of this great celebration let’s live in peace and celebrate this great season of love. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you my love

  6. Ramadan is over, we lived a holy life let’s continue doing so. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

  7. Allah is peace, Allah is love. We must all live in a spirit of love and oneness. Happy Eid Al Fitr

  8. “Zakat” shares in love and oneness. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

  9. Isha Allah. God bless our land. It’s yet another Sallah celebration. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you my love.

  10. Pass the great news to everyone close. It’s the end of Ramadan and the beginning of a new celebration. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

  11. We are one in Allah. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

  12. It’s here again. A period of love, peace, and oneness. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you my love.

  13. A life filled with love and peace we pray for in this great season. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

  14. Peace be unto your households. It’s a season for joy and love. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you.

  15. Visit each home with a radiant smile on your face. It’s a period of love and joy. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

  16. Peace be with this household. Experience the peace that comes with Sallah. Happy Eid Al Fitr boss.

  17. May your home be blessed in this great season of jubilation Happy Eid Al Fitr to your mom.

  18. Favors, success, blessings shall be your portion as we celebrate Eid Al Fitr to your dad.

  19. Allah gives us all we need. May he bless your family, Amin. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you my love.

  20. Yea!  Eid Eid Al Fitr is finally here. It’s time for jubilation. Pass the love.

  21. Allah preached love and Mohammed practiced. Good tidings. Happy Eid Al Fitr

  22. Visit one another it’s a season of love and almsgiving. Happy Eid Al Fitr to your dad.

  23. Let us all enjoy the season. I bring you good tidings. Happy Eid Al Fitr

  24. “Asalamalekun” it’s sallah. Pass the love. Happy Eid Al Fitr

  25. I’m passing the light of love to you and your loved ones. Happy Eid Al Fitr to you my love.

30 Best Eid El Kabir Text Messages

  1. It’s that time of the year where we come together to do what we know how to do best. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  2. As we end this prayer and fasting to start another phase, may we rejoice in Allah’s unending blessings. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  3. “Give your “Zakat ” to those in need. Allah will reward immensely. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  4. Ramadan has gone. Let’s rejoice in this blissful euphoria. Bless one another. Happy Eid Kabir to you my love.

  5. The holy Quran teaches us to love. Teach one another love. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  6. May your household experience love, happiness, and prosperity beyond measure. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  7. Allah brought us this far. We ought to give thanks. Happy Eid Kabir.

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  1. Allah’s wish for us is to follow his ways and live a Just and peaceful life. Happy Eid Kabir.

  2. It’s Eid Al Fitr. Embrace one another with an open heart. Share the love. Happy Happy Eid Kabir to you my boss!

  3. My dear it’s the Sallah celebration. It’s Eid Kabir. Dispense this love to your households, neighbors.

  4. “Zakat”. Give Charity. Inspire others with your attitude. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  5. Allah is love, we should do likewise. Love one another. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  6. Be your brother’s keeper, show love, let peace reign. Happy Eid Kabir.

  7. I’m sharing this message to you because you are special. May Allah guide us through. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  8. May Allah fulfill all our heart desires as we mark the celebration. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  9. Let’s all pray. It’s Allah that gave us this day. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  10. Blessings be with you and your family as we celebrate this feast. Happy Eid Kabir.

  11. Let’s put our differences aside. It’s “shawwal” celebrating love with one another.

  12. May Allah grant us real happiness, long life, and protection. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  13. Good tidings to you and your household. Extend the love and kindness. Happy Eid Kabir.

  14. It’s the month of “Zakat ” showing love, giving Charity. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  15. May Allah grant you your request as we join in celebrating Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  16. A blissful Sallah celebration to you. Good tidings to you and your household! Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  17. I am always looking up to this celebration. This is when we show love and love is returned to us. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  18. I acknowledge you as my friend and family. Celebrate Eid Kabir with love.

  19. Let’s live our lives like it’s our last. Pour out your love, give alms and be your brother’s keeper. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

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  1. We are one irrespective of religion. It’s Eid Kabir. Celebrate with love.

  2. We live this life just once. Make use of every moment. Celebrate this moment. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  3. I’m so glad to celebrate this remarkable moment with my loved ones. Allah did this for us. Happy Happy Eid Kabir.

  4. Let us focus on the celebration. It’s Eid Kabir. Peace be upon all of us.

30 Cute Happy Barka Dah Sallah Text Messages To Your Loved Ones

  1. Just thinking about this gives me joy in my heart. Brothers let’s celebrate with one another. Happy Sallah.

  2. Finally Ramadan is over. It’s now Shawwal. Pour out, love. Happy Sallah.

  3. Salam Alaykum it’s Sallah. Peace be upon you all.

  4. If my hands can’t reach my loved ones I bet my prayers and best wishes does. Happy Sallah.

  5. May Allah’s favors, peace dwell with you and your family. Barka Dah Sallah.

  6. My prayer is that Allah receives all our prayers and sacrifices and may we live to see the next one. Alhamdulillah. Happy Sallah.

  7. May Allah favor us to live and celebrate with one another yet another epic celebration. Barka Dah Sallah

  8. May the joy that comes with Sallah brighten up our homes and lives. Happy Sallah.

  9. Our heart desires would be granted to us by Alhamdulillah. Best of the celebration to you. Barka Dah Sallah.

  10. May the genuine spirit of sacrifice spur us to be better. We shall be blessed. Barka Dah Sallah

  11. I rejoice today as I celebrate Sallah with you. Live to see more

  12. I asked Allah to bestow all his choicest blessings on you and your household. Barka Dah Sallah

  13. It is our piety that goes to Allah and not cattle’s or ram .barka Dah Sallah

  14. May your family experience the real essence of this celebration. Peace is unto you. Asalamalekun

  15. May no evil befall You and your household in this festive season. May Allah guide and protect us. Isha Allah. Barka Dah Sallah

  16. May Allah listen and answer all our prayers. Be thankful to him. Barka Dah Sallah.

  17. Obedience and total submission to Allah’s will is our top priority. Barka Dah Sallah.

  18. May Allah receives our ibadah. Isha Allah. Barka Dah sallah my dear friends.

  19. May our lives be as splendid as we pray they will be. Allah helps us. Barka Dah Sallah

  20. Alhamdu Lillah, Masha Allah..We pray to Allah for this. Allahumma Barik Lana, Wagfir Lana, Warhamna, Fidduniya Wal Akhiraa. Barka Dah Sallah

  21. I am overwhelmed with joy to be able to see this day with our loved ones and well-wishers. Barka Dah Sallah

  22. Allah yasa a yi Sallah lafiya a gama lafiya ya kuma maimaita mana, Amin. Barka Dah Sallah

  23. We Make our prayers in the name of Allah. He’s going to see us true. In oneness we celebrate. Barka Dah Sallah

  24. Of course they will be a lot of eating and dinning but let’s not forget the real essence of the celebration. Barka Dah Sallah

  25. Barka da Salla. This is a time for togetherness and love “Zakat”. Barka Dah Sallah

  26. Looking out for one another is one of Allah’s plans for us. Isha Allah. Barka Dah Sallah

  27. I remember you today my friend as we are celebrating Sallah.

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  1. Sallah is a celebration of God’s mercy that Allah demonstrated

  2. When he replaced a son with a ram wow. Barka Dah Sallah.

  3. Allah’s mercy, protection, and love shall not cease from your household. Barka Dah Sallah

13. Happy Sallah Wishes Quotes

  1. Good tidings I bring to you. Allah cherishes you, loves you, and thinks only of the best for you. Asalamalekun. Peace be unto you

  2. I speak peace when I mean Asalamalekun. And go with peace wherever you find yourself. Eid Al Fitr

  3. Allah’s wish for us has always been positive. Let’s not center on the meat and drinks but do more charity (zakat) and Allah will reward us immensely

  4. May Allah bless this day. It’s a remarkable day. Your blessings we ask for. Isha Allah. Eid Al Fitr

  5. No form of destruction will befall you on joy and blessings will surround you as you celebrate  Eid Al Fitr. Barka da Sallah

  6. May favor locate you this season. Allah will surely answer your prayers. It’s a time for jubilation. Barka Dah Sallah

  7. Yea!  We have been longing for this day. It’s here and I’m glad we are all alive to witness it together. Barka Dah sallah my friends

  8. God used a ram to replace Isaac (Ismail) may your problems be replaced with Good tidings. Amin. Barka Dah Sallah

  9. Long life, sound health is what we ask of as we celebrate this great occasion. Barka Dah Sallah

  10. As we join our Muslim brothers and sisters to celebrate this remarkable day. May Allah grant us all our needs and protect us. Isha Allah. Barka Dah Sallah

  11. Irrespective of the storm surrounding us. We Celebrate with love what Allah has kept us alive to witness. Eid Al Fitr

  12. Allah guides our part, leads us to the right track as we celebrate with love and happiness. Isha Allah. Barka Dah Sallah

  13. Happy Sallah. You are cherished, May this celebration bring us together in oneness and love. Happy Eid Kabir


Please note that the messages contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary.



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