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True Life Story: Should I Divorce Or Remain Subjected To This Punishment For My Infidelity?


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True Life Story: Should I Divorce Or Remain Subjected To This Punishment For My Infidelity?


“Sir, should I divorce or remain subject to this punishment for my infidelity? Or leave and start a new life without my family? What should I do ?

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I am a married woman. I have no problems in my marriage. My husband had just been posted to another city. But I knew a young man when I was younger. We got back in touch. As chance would have it, we ran into each other one day when we were leaving the hospital.


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We called each other regularly and saw each other. But I couldn’t imagine it could reignite the flame still inside me. Unknown to my husband I told him out and welcomed him home. One day I introduced my husband to him. Everything was fine.

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One day I fall so low by sleeping with him in my home. The children returning from school accompanied by my husband caught us in the act.

My husband and the children didn’t say anything and my friend also left. Since that day neither my husband nor the children speak to me. No one eats the food I make. No child accepts that I even touch them for their shower. No one asks for my help with their class assignment. My friend also abandoned me.

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I begged my husband for forgiveness but nothing. It has already been 11 months that I have lived as a stranger in the house. Their silence weighs on me. I told my parents about this.

My father no longer speaks to me. My mother occasionally only insults and calls me a harl0t and stupid. I don’t dare tell his family exactly. My husband also didn’t tell his family.

I’m so ashamed of what I did. I broke my home. I do not know what to do”

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