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I Have Slept with 155 Prostitute Since 2010; Nigerian Man Cries Out


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Hello LivelyStones,

It’s like this week is shaping up to become a week of “S.e.xual Confessions.”

We haven’t yet recovered from Nollywood Actress Monalisa Stephen’s confessions on Sunday that;

“her boyfriend once had S.e.x with her 27 times in a single day.”and that;

“She’s currently dating a man with a weird S.e.xual fetish of going down on her ( you know what l mean) whenever she’s on her period ( that’s weird indeed).”

When a young Nigerian man came out yesterday to confess that he had slept with a mind-blowing 155 prostitutes in the past thirteen years! (Perhaps he should go and enter this record breaking feat in the Guinness world book of records)

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In his own words,

” I have come to the conclusion that I’m addicted to Prostitutes. It all started in 2010 when l first slept with a hooker. It’s thirteen years now and l still sleep with them, l have slept with 155, and 55 of it, was without protection! ( Please don’t shout What!)

The young man with the “prostitutes problem” continued;

“The problem right now is that l don’t have feelings for the girl I’m currently dating. Since she’s been in my life, I’ve been able to stop. But l noticed that my soul still longs to experience that feeling of getting high and banging a hoxx. Infact, l’m thinking if ending this relationship should be my next line of action. This is not the first time, my last relationship ended because the feelings weren’t just there. What do you suggest? does sleeping with many partners make one loose the feeling to love? I don’t get it, l can’t love, it’s just not there.”

So what do you think peeps.

Shouldn’t we all pray for this young man to be delivered from the “spirit of knacking prostitutes.”

And you!, if you have any “S.e.xual confessions” to make, why not just say it here. And be free from your sins.

We will be always here for you.


By: Chyko.



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