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My Good Friend Frank And His Dilemma


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My Good Friend Frank And His Dilemma

This is a true story people 100%

An unsaved number called me today and to be honest I was skeptical about picking the call because I don’t usually pick calls from unsaved number
So I texted the number and I asked “who is this”
The number quickly replied “it’s frank”

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Now for context frank is a very good friend of mine young Igbo boy from anambra we went to the same secondary school and university together so we were kinda close since we grew up in the same environment here in Lagos, he was my go to person and I was his too the friendship was strong and it was good to have a frank in my life, soft spoken, kind and jovial person.

I immediately called back “ah ah franko franko how you dey naaaaaaaa” you could here the joy in my voice I was just shouting anyhow “ baba calm down I’m okay no dey shout” he replied laughing
We got talking laughing and reminiscing over old times and old memories, it was fun really to catch up on old times as friends and all until I asked him
“Ah ah frank this one that you’re calling with a Nigerian number does that mean you’re back” I followed with another question “how about your wife and kid na?” I could tell I immediately struck a nerve because he kept quiet for a few moments and you could tell he was hesitant to talk at first but then he told me his story and what he told me was spine chilling.

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I always knew frank had aspirations to leave this country right from our uni days “no be me and you go stay this country” he once told me, I knew it wasn’t going to be a problem for him because he was studying elect/elect plus he is very good at coding so I’m would be a good pick for any foreign country to have him.
After service frank got one girl like that he was dating her name is Chioma at least the girl na spec and things were moving good for frank albeit slowly.
Soon after they got married and had a kid and I couldn’t be more happier for them.

Shortly after the 2019 election when GMB won his second term, frank quickly applied for visa for himself and his family and since he had good skills he was selected I think it was tier one visa.
Like I said earlier frank was someone that had planned his life already and how he wanted to have a million dollar before 40, kids, a house and a loving family it was a good plan Ngl
Going to the uk was a dream come true for frank at least he accomplished 40% of his life long dream but going to the uk would prove to be a costly mistake for this young man
Frank got a job for a tech company there as an engineer plus he was doing side tech programming jobs on the side so he was raking in good money for him and his family which consisted of his wife and his baby girl who was born in Nigeria plus a son they would later have there.

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Everything was going well for this young man until suddenly his “beautiful loving and caring wife” he said he noticed some changes from his wife that he didn’t really take serious not knowing fire was on the mountain

About a year after they relocated he noticed some attitude his own wife was exhibiting
All of a sudden she wouldn’t cook for him anymore she left the master bedroom to the kids room to sleep, no form of intimacy or s3x with his wife
She wouldn’t greet him anymore or ask about his day or stuff like that to show that he cared but it would only get darker from there.
He called his wife to have a heart to heart discussion about their relationship
He was asking what he did or where did he go wrong to try and mend the relationship because he couldn’t understand why his wife was behaving this way
He asked if she was bored because she was a stay at home mom( she couldn’t get a job because I think it’s sociology that she studied in uni and tbh who would hire someone with a sociology degree)
“What did I do wrong, where have I wronged you tell me I can change” “are you depressed” “are you feeling alone” “do I need to cut back on my working hours” so many questions he asked his loving wife and the only reply he got was “nothing” or “fine”
Soon after nothing changed and he decided to call her elder brother back in Nigeria to complain about his sister’s behavior that would be his undoing because soon after his wife started giving him serious negative attitude she would go out to parties and not come back until late at night and if he asked she would ask “why are you policing me” or just ignore him and go to the kids room to sleep
From loving couples to complete strangers
Now this is where the story gets darker
He was at work one day when suddenly MET police came to pick him up and read him his name rights he said at first he thought it was a prank or a joke the humiliation he felt when he was escorted out the lobby in handcuffs while everybody was looking at him and whispering.

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He got to the police station and brought into interrogations room only to hear that his own wife accused him of domestic v!olence and rap3
His ears rang for good 5 minutes before he started crying like real Tears oh the man was seriously weeping
Of course he denied the allegations whilst crying The investigators felt so moved that they actually left him there to finish crying before they could continue their interrogation
They took his statements, swabbed him and took scans for his fingerprints and stuff like that

He posted bail to appear at a different date and he was told not to return to his house cause the wife already had a restraining order I think, he had to book a motel and was living out of there the company he worked for terminated his contract and sacked him after the brouhaha so he was feeding solely from his side gigs and savings
Next thing you know the wife served him divorce papers to appear in court
He said he couldn’t call her because she may use the call as evidence if he shouted at her thereby proving that he is actually abus!ve and such
Frank was sobbing at this point and I really felt for him
He hired a lawyer plus a PI to help him fight back this allegation in conjunction with the met police

His redemption was that the police and his lawyers actually believed his story

They confiscated his wife’s phone and brought her for interrogation too
She had a pretty good rehearsed story, but like good investigators the story had cracks and was leaky
They pressured her the more but she was just weaving and floating before the truth came out

What had actually happened was that like twitter girls will say “ I outgrew him”
The freedom of the country got to her, so she sought ways to help get rid of her husband
She found a community online where it was just girls who wanted to “outgrow” their husbands in the uk
They were like 2k plus in the group
So she enlisted the help of one badd!e who told her the quicker route to be if the husband would hit her than she could file for divorce all this because she has white male toasters and Was already sleeping with one
Well her plan backfired
They tracked and brought this Nigerian lady to the station and she immediately confessed about their plot
The plan was to get frank to confront his wife even in any aggress!ve manner any conversation they would have she would put her phone on record and shout at the man thinking maybe he would beat her up
They tracked and brought the white boyfriend too for questioning
And he affirmed the story also saying they’ve Been seeing and sleeping together for over 6 months plus

They all were charged with conspiracy while the wife got about 7 charges plus child endangerment

The good news is that the court after hearing the testimony both from the badd!e and the white guy and met police and the pi
Granted the divorce gave customary custody to frank
He was feeling better now talking to me
He brought the kids back to Nigeria and he’s considering Staying in Nigeria permanently
The Ex wife is now running from pillar to post for feeding and accommodation as most of the friends she made deserted her after they heard what she did
The white guy wouldn’t take her back same as the badd!e
Her elder brother and her family won’t talk to her
She has been begging for money to book return flight back to Nigeria but nobody is keen on helping her…….
Frank is getting back to his normal self although with reservations

We promised to link up later in the weekend to gist and laugh drink some beers and Oder chicken
I ended the call and I noticed we talked for over 2 hours
And That’s the story of my good friend frank.

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