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True Life Story: How My Husband’s Affair Destroyed His Friend’s Marriage


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True Life Story: How My Husband’s Affair Destroyed His Friend’s Marriage

Hi Lively Stones,

My marriage of 10 years is going through what I consider the biggest challenge right now, and I do not know how to whether this storm. I have prayed and prayed to God for his divine intervention. It seems God is silent. Its seems my marriage will not survive this. Oh my darling husband has shattered my heart into million pieces….yet, he says he has done nothing wrong. That is why it hurts so bad.

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Its a long story but I will try to make its short. So, around February this year, I overheard my husband and one of his best friend’s wife on the phone. They were talking for more than one hour. I was worried. Folake, is TJ’s wife. TJ is my husband’s friend from University. When I heard them talking that day, I knew something was wrong. All my husband was saying that I could hear was him telling him to calm down and take it easy.

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So, after the call, my husband told me that TJ and Folake are having marital issues and that Folake has moved out of their house. I was so worried cos they are good friends to us. What my husband told me was that TJ has been sleeping with their maids and Folake could no longer take it anymore and she has left their house. I was dumbfounded cos I never knew TJ to be such a man who could cheat on his wife with a domestic help.

Well, after that, I thought my husband intervened and spoke to his friend. At least, man to man. I did not think it was necessary to intervene, after all…its not me the wife spoke to…she spoke to my husband and my husband should talk to his friend. Then in March which was TJ’s birthday, I sent him a happy birthday message and he blocked ne after that. I became worried.

So I called my husband told him what happened. My husband warned me not to talk to TJ or his wife again. That they have been cut off from our lives. I asked why and all he said was, are you going to trust my judgment as your husband or are you going to question my actions? That was when I knew something was wrong. In my head, maybe my husband tried to intervene and him and TJ maybe fell out and he decided to cut them off. I felt bad for Folake but I had to obey my husband. I cut them off.

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Then in June, it was TJ and Folake’s wedding anniversary. Usually, I celebrate both of them on their anniversary but now that they are separated and we are no longer in talking terms, I did not want to send her any message. But strangely, Folake sent me a message ….a very long one….she cursed me and my husband in that message in that message. She accused us of destroying her marriage and cursed us that our own marriage will never work either.

Very confused, I picked up the phone and called her. She did not pick but after calling her several times, she eventually picked up. I asked her why she was cursing my family and she said because we deserve it. I said I do not know what she is talking about. That was when she told me what really went down. Folake told me that last December, my husband was at their house visiting and they were all having a good time.

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Their kids had gone to their grand parents for Christmas and they were just chilling and catching up. They were talking about how free they felt without the kids being around and that they were having the best s3x,etc. Then, my husband was like, there is nothing like best s3x with the same woman after many years of marriage cos there is nothing new to explore when you are with the same woman for years.

They were like what do you mean, my husband was like, couples should strive to bring excitement into their marriage. My husband went to suggest to TJ and Folake that they are other ways to make a marriage exciting by having threesomes and open marriages. They were amazed and asked my husband if he has ever had threesome with me or an open marriage and my husband lied to them and said yes.

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That increased their curiosity and they asked if my husband can have threesome with them and if they can have threesome with me. My husband said yes. Long story short, Folake was like, she was willing to try it. TJ did not like the idea but Folake was like, as long as TJ gets to f*ck me too, it should not be a problem cos we are all adults trying to bring fun into our marital lives so it does not get boring.

Well, long story short, my husband and TJ and Folake had a threesome. According to Folake, my husband was doing too much and making it look like he was a better f*ck that her husband when they were having the threesome cos TJ got really jealous. Folake said, she was not aware cos when they finished, TJ did not talk to her. Infact, he was so upset that he called her a slut. That she was busy screaming like she has never being f*cked in her life before.

Hearing all these from Folake, my head started spinning….I need your advise….I am confused.



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  1. Folake is a slut for real, she has always had an eye for your husband. How can someone deceived an adult to have a 3some and she obliged. She should not blackmail you or your husband as the reason for her failed marriage.
    Your husband also is a pathetic liar, a crazy one at that. I would have told Folake to go lick her wounds she inflicted on herself. Your retarded husband should also go to hell for having sex with someone’s wife. He is such an irresponsible man.
    Folate’s husband is also a dummy, a gullible man without brains. You are better off without those people around you.


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