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True Life Story: My Wife & My Ex Girlfriend Are Now Best Friends-Pls Advise


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True Life Story: My Wife & My Ex Girlfriend Are Now Best Friends-Pls Advise

Hi Lively Stones,

Please make this one anonymous. There is fire on the mountain. Its like karma wants to finally catch up with me. I am almost 40 years ago, since I got married to my wife for about six years, my marriage has been peaceful but its like the sins of my past are about to catch up with me and rock my marriage if care is not taken. I met my wife Merilin (not real name) about seven years ago, she’s an only child of her wealthy oil magnet parents, I did some business with her her dad before I fell for her and it took her dad almost six months to agree to let me marry his daughter cos he is very protective of her.

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My wife told me that her dad always suspected men who were coming for her as wanting to marry her cos of her father’s wealth. My wife is pretty with brains and it’s taking me years to become fully trusted in the family business. Before I met my wife, I lived a very rough lifestyle. I thought I was living my dream as a young man, I was making money and just having fun. I was not even looking into marriage cos I wanted to have fun to the fullest. I am not proud of some of the things I did then…but at that time…I was just living in the fast lane without a care.

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I met Bibianna at that stage of my life. She too was living the baby girl lifestyle….she was not my only girlfriend but she was my favorite s3x partner cos she was the dopest. We did all kinds of dirty: s3x, threesomes, getting high and partying wild. Even when one of her Sugar daddy eventually married her as a third wife, we were still f*cking secretly. The girl dey make guy forget manners. Not surprised one rich fool made her wife, gave her all the good things in life cos she is a freak that never gets tired of pleasing her man.

Well, after a while, I lost touch with Bibs (short form of Bibianna). I heard her husband relocated her to Canada or somewhere abroad. Me, I met my wife two years later and here we are today. We live in one of the most luxurious estate community in Banana Island. There is a mansion that was just recently developed close to our property. It was also recently purchased. Rumor has it that the owner paid N6B for the property. So, when the occupants moved in, it shocked me to my bones when my wife excitedly came to tell me that our new neighbors is one of her dad’s friend.

That the Chief bought it for his youngest wife who just came back abroad with her two young children. My wife planned a welcome to the neighborhood party for the new elite neighbor of ours who showed up and turned out to be Bibs. You guessed right…yes, my Bibs, my best f*ck partner. She had come back to Nigeria and her husband bought her the house close to ours. And because her husband is friends with my father in-law…my wife is becoming very close to her, to be friends with her.

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I am a dead man. The day Bibs walked into our house and saw me, I knew wahala has come. She looked at me and smiled. When we hugged…I remembered her scent and my junior started misbehaving. I wanted to run out of the room so fast cos I was now sweating. The get together was not funny at all. I could not look at Bibs face cos I knew she would sense I was struggling with a hard on. We both pretended not to know each other.  But soon as they left….Bibs sent me this message….”the best surprise of my day, baby …see you soon…so excited.”

Man, I had to call her the next day, when she picked, her laughter alone almost sent me to hell fire….memories started flooding back. I began to beg her to forget our past together cos things have changed… I love my wife and she is not the type of woman any man can cheat on cos her father will lock me up in jail and throw the keys into third mainland bridge. Bibs was like, ah ..that I should relax…that I need not be afraid that she too she is married and she will not want to jeopardize her marriage so we should just be friends. I said ok.

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So for the past several months, I watched as Bibs and my wife became closer and closer…They became BBFs…my wife used to be shy and prude but she became friendly to Bibs. Their girl chat became something else….they talked to the extent that Bibs started teaching my wife some  s3x tricks that my wife started trying with me…my wife was like…ah…this Bibs sabi wella…Bibs  said this….Bibs said that….etc…she taught my wife about squirting…and squirting is something that drives me crazy. I became more and more worried. I had to call Bibs…like what is her end game…what is she trying to do to my wife ,..is she trying to seduce me through my wife….

I think she is trying to seduce me because…as my wife talked more about Bibs…the more hornier I got…Bibs said she likes my wife and that since my wife is a prude, so she is trying to teach her for me cos she know what I like…that I like a bad girl with ashawo vives. I was like, please don’t teach her…leave her alone. Bibs was like I should relax, that no one will find out about us. Then one day, out of the blues, Bibs sends me a nude of herself pleasuring herself….she didn’t show her face of course….and she sent a text later….saying her old husband cannot make her scream like she used to do with me…

I blocked Bibs immediately because that picture gave me such a hard on, I had to masturbate to release. When Bibs saw she could no longer reach me on the phone…she started coming to visit my wife more often. I would get home and see both of them gisting into the late night. When she wants to leave…Bibs will pretend to want to use our toilet….she would sneak into wherever I am….and just flash her boobs or any private part.  I see this woman wants to k*ll me.

Bibs has done this several times when my wife isn’t looking and I don’t know how much more I can hang on. Its giving me serious cause for worry but I have been fighting hard cos my life depends on this….I cannot loose my wife and family over this Jezebel. And so far, its been hard but I have managed to keep myself together. Women have to be very careful the friends they bring close to their homes. You have no idea what that friend wants to do with your husband.

Like I said….I have been managing to hold fast but something happened recently…I noticed during s3x…my wife was using all Bibs tricks…I just smiled…as I closed my eyes…even tough I knew I was with my wife….all I could picture was Bibs…it felt so real…that when I released…I called Bibianna…her name slipped out of my mouth. I wanted the bed to swallow me…I thought my wife was going to k*ll me. But when I opened my eyes…my wife was smiling….she was like….”are you fantasizing about Bibianna cos of all the wild tricks she has taught me”?

I had to quickly look for a strategic lie, so I said….”babe…stop associating with Bibianna…I think she is corrupting you….you are becoming too corrupt with s3x…I want my innocent wife back”….I dont know what happened the next few seconds but my wife started kissing me and said ”Babe….let’s spice up our s3x life please. Bibianna has taught me so much, I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know before”….So I said ok, I am ok to spice up or s3x life.

Few weeks later, my wife  started asking me if I ever fantasized  having a thresome with anyone. WTF!!! I knew its game over…Bibianna has won!. If she has succeeded in convincing my wife to think about thresome, it means, she has already slept with my wife and she wants to come inside our bed, not just for my wife….but for me….and if I make that mistake….my marriage will be doomed…my wife will be hurt cos…with Bibianna…she is a master arts craft at this. In a thr*esome with Bibs…she will control the whole process…the other party ends up feeling left out and they eventually loose out.

This is purely Bibs signature…she wants to push my wife out….cos if we ever get down to a threesome….my wife will know that this girl is without mercy….she will f*ck my brains out until I won’t want my wife anymore. Ladies and gentlemen…I have spent the last few weeks convincing my wife that this threesome is a bad idea….that its devilish…its a sin…my wife says when did I become a serious Christiaan, that its her new fantasy now.

I asked my wife if she had slept with Bibs…she said no…but I knew she was lying because a few days later, my wife asked me again, if I have thought about what she said about having  a threesome….I pretended to be shocked and angry at her for even bringing that up. That as a married woman, for bringing the thought to her husband is wrong. I asked her what if the other woman is trying to snatch her husband from her? My wife said women like Bibs will never leave their rich old husbands, that they just want to have fun cos the old man can’t do her well.

My wife talked about many couples that are known into open marriage. My wife grew up  abroad and I think that is why she does not think there is anything wrong with Open marriage. Yes, we know people who are just with their partners just for the money, they engage in alot of extra marital affairs cos their partners  are into it as well. The wealthy people live like this. Some rich men are gays…some of their wives are lesbians or bis3xuals. The rich people here get away with so many things but my father in-law is the problem. He made it clear that he will not condone any scandal to his only child. This only child is now the one playing with fire. I told my wife to stay away from Bibs, that I am not interested…so My wife apologized and said its over.

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In recent times, I am very convinced Bibs is doing my wife…cos now, I notice my wife goes over to Bibs place more often….saying Bibs is lonely cos her husband is not always around. I don’t need further evidence. Bibs signature is all over this one….she has done this before…when we were together years ago, she convinced a married woman to sleep with her while she was sleeping with the married man. The man eventually left his wife for Bibs.

How am I going to warn my wife what Bibs’ agenda is? Should I confess my past with Bibs to my wife? Will that help her understand the danger that Bibs is to our marriage? Have you ever seen a man running from s3x with a nymphomaniac? That is my situation right now…Bibs can turn you into a nympho. Just like she is corrupting my wife now…my wife is becoming a nymph without realizing it….any other woman, maybe I would have accepted the invitation but I know bibs…she is set to devour…evil communication really corrupt good manners…

Why is my wife not getting it…please advise me…what do I do to solve this problem before its too late? Its becoming harder to pretend that nothing is going on. Spoke to a friend about it, he was just laughing and calling me weak, that I should jump at the offer from my wife and Bibs….that my father in-law cant do anything if its my wife that suggested the thresome idea. But my fear is not just about a thresome but Bibs…she will hurt my wife…that is her goal…

A thought came to me: should I threaten to tell Bibs’ husband? But will that not lead to exposing myself or my wife in the process? What else can I do? should I confess to my wife, after all…Bibs was an ex…maybe then she will realize that Bibs is actually trying to deceive her,  to be friends with her, in order to get to me…should I confess?


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  1. Dear Poster

    I just wonder most times why we tend to keep secrets in our marriages mostly with things of the past. The best time to have opened up was when you saw Bib’s at the opening party.

    Nevertheless, it’s not too late to adjust but if you had done that early then your wife won’t have gotten so close. If you tell your wife she might think you making it up because she’s so into Bib’s. And I must give you some accolades for resisting her till now but trust me if you don’t spill it out you would be satisfying those urges inside of you.

    You just have to talk to her about it and if she does not listen then you talk to the Dad so everyone is aware of the situation and his daughter’s demands. So just Incase something happens which I pray for you that nothing should, the father would know she called the shot.

    Please and please and please don’t listen to any friends so you don’t ruin your home and loose your children because your father-in-law could make it happen.

    We all have our past and some shitty things happen so it’s not something you should hide because it was before you met your wife. Own up man and do the needful but don’t fall prey to Bib’s. Stay blessed.

  2. HelloHello this one get as e be money sex past position….my encouragement is sir pray and allow Jesus step in…….. can you work out a get away trip with your wife where you spend time with her fufilling her fantasies and making her connection with bil blocked ……there and then you bare all…..but be ready to for the worst reaction and recommend therapy bcos it will be war…….the thing sir is you need to fight for your family the past is the past and this snake has to be removed if probably you can get a better living environment for your family…… i pray God protect your family

  3. I think you should tell your wife! On a good day like this, take her out, get her to be stable and table all these things to her. If after that she still decides to go out with Bibs, heaven will not fall! Better still park out of that area or relocate your wife and kids abroad

  4. There’s no easy solution to this

    Tell your wife Bibs is your ex

    That is the only way this nonsense will stop

    And be prepared for Bibs to tell your wife her own side of the story

    I hope your wife believes you over her

    Infact ….send your wife the gist as we posted it on the blog

    Let her read and see how worried your have been

    It’s now left for her to decide.

  5. My brother confess to your wife and also be ready for bibs to say her own side that’s the only way to save your marriage nothing is wrong about after all she’s your ex find a very sorting moment to talk about it especially in private and do it immediately before things get out of hand no time to check time may peace and understanding be restored back to your home God bless you

  6. Bibs is your Ex and she she should remain in the past. You’re married and shouldn’t allow her destroy your beautiful marriage,be firm,be strong,don’t be a weak man,what is all these bikonu?

    How can you allow Bibs from nowhere to start dictating for you,your wife and family.

    You need to tell your wife about Bibs and the dangers attached to this her devilish threesome she is suggesting. Don’t allow her father’s wealth to make you look like you don’t worth anything or you don’t have a say in the family.

    Tell your wife dear poster,and stop Bibs from coming to your house. Stay one place,una no go hear,you don see wetin your razz ex dey do you and you don’t even know how to be firm and stop all these nonsense.

    It’s well with your marriage

  7. With all the evidences put forward, sir take your wife out unannounced, help her have a good time, then share this link with her to read this story with you… tell her everything she needs to know after that and let her know this is you needing her to help you stay sane and keep this marriage from storms that can sink it in no time…

    Tell you must sir… This is the only option left on the table…
    If she insist on her ways, her mother may be someone you want to talk to… she might be able to talk to her child as an older married woman… hopefully her mum is not into those stuffs too and you don’t get exposed to her…

    Start with taking her out unannounced so she doesn’t tell Bibs… from there you’ll know the next level…
    She seem an open minded person, she might understand and truly help you out here… You can’t keep this in any longer, else you might yield to temptations soon and you might never be able to stop… It’s the fear of your father in law that’s still keeping you sane…

    + establish yourself outside their wealth… you can’t afford to be caught unprepared… don’t just sit there enjoying the luxury and expecting to inherit the family business, build your own inheritance for you and your own children…


  8. Dear writer,

    I salute your courage to share this story. I also appreciate the fact that you are concerned about your marriage whether it’s fear of loosing the good life or being killed by your father in-law.

    Well, you let this evil gain ground in your marriage and your silence isn’t helpful to the peace you once had at home.

    Your current situation should serve as a lesson that living any life of our choice has an effect and fruits which would come back to us. No youth should think what’s done in the secret ends in the secret.

    Nothing is hidden. Even if no one knows,your partners know and their destiny and yours are different,hence the results are always unique but it comes hunting either your conscience or an area of your life someday.
    Young people be careful what you indulge in.

    Back to you.

    You might need to plan a special and surprise outing with your wife either a new spot in town that has what she loves or a vacation abroad.

    Agree on no intruder or sharing about it outside you too.

    Play a scenario of your situation to her like it’s someone’s and ask what she will advice the man to do? Ask her if she was to be in that situation and her marriage is at stake as well as her relationship with her new girlfriend , which will she save and fight for?

    No matter what her response is, share your story.
    Share the story on our blog and confess to her all about your past relationship with Bibs and the personality of Bibs and her mission. Tell her you love her so much and want your marriage to live beyond this stage and avoid scandal hence she needs to make sacrifice of friendship with your ex.

    Encourage her to think about her personality and future. What is working for your ex miay never work for others.

    I suspect that lady did a research on you before asking her hubby to buy that house. She planned it.

    All the same, the goal is to win your wife and marriage back.

    Stand as a man and stop the nonsense.

    Your knees is where be victory is. Yes, dontystop praying for your wife, marriage and family.

    Kill every desire for your ex and tame your flesh.

    Be better with your wife in bed and satisfy the desires and fantasies she brings but cut her off from your ex.

    If your plan isn’t working, after the confession,then you need to get your mother in-law involved if your wife won’t take it differently and it would be helpful.

    All the best.


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