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True Story: I Have Feelings For My House Help


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True Story: I Have Feelings For My House Help


So this girl ( 15 years) was brought to my house by my wife after my wife gave birth a year after. My wife said she really needs someone to help her, but I kicked against it. After much pestering from my wife, I agreed.

I sooo much have feelings for this girl.
I have fought it so much. Some times my wife is out/ travels and am alone with her and kid when am back from work. But this strong feeling comes up and I feel like having her. Most times I find my self thinking about this girl. It’s to the point that my chest pains me.. When I ask my wife for s*x, Most times & always she says she’s tired.

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Please it’s really affecting me, it’s eating me up. I need suggestions/ advice from my well meaning Nairalanders. Thanks allot.

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  1. Send the girl packing with immediate effect before you do the unthinkable. I wonder the attraction on 15yrs old girl that sees you her father. She could have been your daughter. Back off man.


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