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African countries with the highest divorce rate


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The family is a big deal globally, and it is like the building blocks of countries. While it may be the smallest unit within society, the dynamics within a family can send ripples through the broader community, shaping the course of its development and progress.

Despite its size, the family is not immune to challenges. Family disruption is common in every part of the world including in Africa. The continent is often praised for its strong family bonds and communal values, but it is currently undergoing a transformation in its marital landscape.

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On one hand, the continent remains steeped in centuries-old customs, with an unwavering commitment to community, family, and the preservation of cultural values.

On the flip side, the rapid processes of urbanization, modernization, and globalization have ushered in a wave of transformation that questions these deeply rooted traditions. As a result, a noticeable wave of divorce has emerged.

Divorce is a legal process that officially dissolves a marriage, making both parties involved single and free to remarry if they choose. It can be a challenging and emotionally taxing experience for all parties involved. Apart from the emotional toll, it can also have significant financial repercussions.


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While data on divorce in Africa is limited, a report by Wise voter offers insights into global divorce statistics by country.

Rank Country Divorce rate Global rank
1 Libya 2.5 per 1k 18
2 Egypt 2.2 per 1k 23
3 Mauritius 1.7 per 1k 50
4 Algeria 1.6 per 1k 53
5 Seychelles 1.5 per 1k 65
6 Sudan 1.5 per 1k 67
7 South Africa 0.6 per 1k 109

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Below are the African countries with the highest divorce rate:

African countries with the highest divorce rate


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