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How do I move on…,who will marry a single mom? I just want to die!


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How do I move on…,who will marry a single mom? I just want to die!


Good morning,

pls post for me and help hide my ID.pls notify me when you post pls

Had a suitor by January, he is not based in the country, I am a working class lady . After knowing for months, he sent me to his family, I went they saw me and I saw them,they all liked me,after that he sent his parents to do investigation about me and my family, after which came out good.

He moved further and sent money to his parents to come do Introduction and collect marriage list and did some of the things in the list, that he wants to finish the remaining himself in his presence. He came back 2 months ago and I went to their family house to welcome him and went back to work after one week,because I believe we need to spend time together to know ourselves more,especially me seeing him angry and vice versa and how he react to things physically… so far he is a good guy and obviously he loves me so much, but what happened is still what I don’t have answers to.

we had little misunderstanding and we sorted it out and were happy again, but mother in-law carry the matter for head,and started giving me attitude, and they were supposed to come finish up the marital rights in 2 weeks, but I was surprised when I was gisting with him and he said his mum said the remaining stuff in the list is too much, that she is complaining, message was passed across to my people, and my dad told them that it’s not a must to finish everything in the list, the date passed they dint come,I went to my mother in-law to beg her if I have offended her in anyway, that she should forgive me that her attitude towards me have changed,but she claims I did nothing wrong to her.

Suddenly hubby started giving me attitude too,I did all I could to know what is going on but all to no avail…. my sister, like play ,this matter enter another level, it escalated to the extent that hubby said to me that he is not sure of this marriage anymore, that he doesn’t think he can continue with the marriage anymore, I tried involving my people, to at least know what I did wrong and his reason, but he doesn’t have reason or any fault from me.

I cried to my mother in law to tell her what her son is saying, and all she could tell me was that ,she wont be Alive for her son to marry me anymore not to talk of marrying me and relocating to the state with me, my brothers and sisters tears drop down my eyes after seeing her reactions while saying this to me..along the line I found out I was pregnant, I passed a message to hubby and family, till today he said nothing, his mother said his son is no longer interested in the marriage, while all this was happening me and my family were backing it all up with prayer but it keeps getting worst to the extent he blocked me from every means of communicating with him, I am bitter ,my heart bleeds.

Abortion is not an option because I keep having dreams of warnings not to try aborting the child…. suicide is the only thing that comes to my mind,how do I face the shame of having a child at 26 without a husband, the taught of being disappointed for no reason keeps killing me….pls what do I do, the last time I tried seeing him to talk things out,I noticed that he couldn’t look at me in the face,he couldn’t even come close to me, he act so uncomfortable around me,he told me right to my face that he no longer want the marriage for no reason bikonu, help a sister out am dying of depression…my parents feel bad too,but they keep trying to make me cheer up and move on with my life, but how do I move on,who will marry a single mum,I just want to die,

Advise without insults please!

From: Cynthia’s Cornerstone


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  1. Please don’t kill yourself because he doesn’t want anything to do with you.

    I know you are depressed, but please brace up and move on with life. Don’t abort that child cause you would later regret it.

    Work hard and raise your child and pray alongside. God is still up there and he never changes.
    Mark my words “sooner or later in life, he would crawl back to you begging profusely”. I know it would be too late by then cause you would be in a better(best)position.

    He doesn’t deserve you and he knows you deserve better. Someone out there is still looking for you despite being a mother already(i can body say that and I am a living witness)

  2. So you think death is an option okwaya,is that the best way to solve the matter? You better put yourself together and move on,face your work please. That guy is not your husband, the mistake you made was sleeping with him,you also need to pray and destroy every power that doesn’t want you to marry. Udo

  3. You can do it, yes you can!!!! You will survive this hurdle and come out stronger than ever. Please leave that man to be! He is not interested in you or anything that concerns you. Take care of yourself and your baby, that should be your priority.
    Who says no one wants to marry a single mom? First you have to be extra careful next time you are dealing with men. Don’t be quick to conclude because some of them are not matured enough. Take your time and pray before agreeing to a man because men will always come

  4. This is so disheartening. I know you’re heart broken but please don’t take your life. Listen to your family and everything will be alright. You will marry a better man believe in God and trust him. As for the man he will come begging mark my word and that time it will be too late for him.

  5. I feel your pain so much dear. Please, don’t ever think of suicide. It is never an option. It’s a decision you will regret for all eternity.
    Do you believe in God? His love and the fact that He KNOWS what you are passing through?
    If your answer is yes, then take heart my dear.
    Take solace in the fact that God knows and His thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace and not of evil. I want you to draw very close to God. Seek for prayers from believers in God. If this problem is man made, am joining my faith to yours that God, Who is the Almighty, will break that yoke. And if it is as a result of what you did, God will equally settle the matter. He will melt their hearts to forgive you.

    And if it is the will of God that the marriage proposal ends this way, my dear, it is not the end of the road for you. God is still in perfect control.
    He will definitely do you good because He is the only good God. You will deliver your baby safely in Jesus name. You will both live.
    God will settle you. You will look back later in life and tell your story with gladness and joy that you didn’t allow the devil to finish you.
    Nothing is new under the sky oo. There are lots and lots of women who have gone through what you are going through and today they are alive to tell the story.
    Have faith in God. You will surely testify.

  6. my dear being a single mom is not bad everything that happens has a reason…. all you have to do is to take care of yourself and be prayerful. Good knows why and ask him y… Believe in him cos he never fails. One with God is a majority.

  7. To me the man doesn’t deserve you, you were closed to your destined husband and he came just to destroy you,the devil is very wicked and wise, some one some were is still coming to marry you, that is far better than that man you think is your husband,, believe me,so the only trick the devil can think of right now is to keep on hitting you up with the taught of sucide,so don’t think of killing your self, last last you will be fine and happy with the Divine husband that is coming your way soon.


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