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How Do I Save My Friend From The Claws Of A Manipulative Woman?


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How Do I Save My Friend From The Claws Of A Manipulative Woman?



It’s not in my nature to bother about people’s relationships but this is happening to someone that’s like a brother to me. He has been dating a girl for a year now and it’s obvious this girl doesn’t love him but he won’t just give up. He keeps throwing money at her in a bid to win her love.

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Things got messier when this girl met a particular guy some months back… This guy happens to live in the compound of my club mate so I know him well. The girl has begged my guy to free her that she’s in love with someone else but this guy no gree instead he’s planning to attack the innocent guy.

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He confided in me that the girl has not let him touch her since she met this other guy, that’s over five months now. I once overhead the guy boasting to his friends that he’s a redpiller because someone else is taking care of his girlfriend while he does the knacking free of charge. He’s even flexing everything that my guy buys for the girl.
All pleas to my guy to free this girl has fallen on deaf ears.

My club mate told me that the girl has been with the guy for over one month now, my guy comes to town once a week to see the girl, gets her stuffs and this girl will just go back to the other boy that is even jobless.

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My guy is finer and far richer than this new guy, he’s planning to start a business for this girl and I’ve been trying to change his mind to no avail. It’s no longer normal, I would’ve said he’s charmed but the girl has begged him to free her but he refused. The guy is even the one flexing the sample of the products he sent her. Everything she has done to drive him has failed so she just relaxed and enjoying the money.

This simping is on another level, it hurts me to see my guy in this kinda situation. I’ve gotten him picture proofs that the girl is cheating but he won’t change his mind. The girl even admitted that she’s been having s3x with the guy buy he’s claiming its a lie and the girl is trying to drive away.

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Is there anything I can do to help him abeg.





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  1. Huh,this is serious. Why is he bent on wasting his time ,money, resources on this girl?

    Anyways,you need to keep talking to him,if there is someone you know that can talk to him,please do.

    If you have a female friend that you can quickly introduce to him,it will be better because it will help distract him a little from the other babe,get a good babe with good curves,good looking and nice to distract the guy from the yeye babe.

    Get a babe that can do it well oooo,it is well with him,this kind love wey miss road sef

  2. Your title and story doesn’t match up. It is obvious this your friend just wants to hold on to something that died a long time ago.
    Even after all said and done , he still hasn’t learnt. I hope he is sane. Let him not do anything irrational all in the name is love or is it obsession I will call it. Please if you have contact not his family members, please notify them, may be they can talk sense into his head before he loses his mind.

  3. Like you said, his simping is on another level…very true. The way some men put women on a pedestal, and worship women disgust me.

    Bro, leave him, your friend is a mangina, a beta male, an effeminate man, a weak man, an emasculated man, a women worshipper. Just like i always say, these men will learn the hard way.

    Your friend is a finished man like we men always say about such men.

    You can’t do anything to help him, he will learn the painful way.


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