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The 7 Little Things That Melts A Woman’s Heart


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The 7 Little Things That Melts A Woman’s Heart



Some men are usually plagued with the fact that they cannot possibly get through their women, be it in marriage, courtship or even the lady you’re wooing. They base it on the fact that women are complex beings with myriads of problems which does not seem to end. The men say they do not know what to do about this. So, Lively Stones Relationship Blog have compile 6 little things that melts a woman’s heart and make her fall head over heels in love with you.

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Below are those things that you can do that will make her love you more, and make her to be your peace of mind

The 7 Little Things That Melts A Woman’s Heart


1. Respect:

We all know that love is necessary in a relationship, but so also is respect. Respect is by setting up boundaries, from telling your friends that this is your woman and they should stay off, to not entertaining other ladies knowing that it will hurt her. For the married men, it means telling your parents and sisters, who would want to talk down on your wife that this is your woman, and them insulting her means they are insulting you too. They will accord your woman the respect due. Also recognizing her on occasions necessary and not relegating her to the background, makes her feel special and believe she will love you and you will have her heart for eternity.

2. Listening More:

Women understand the fact that their men are usually busy and have a lot to do. Most often they want their men to understand that they do get their plight and appreciate that they take charge of their responsibilities. But at the same time, women also appreciate that their men spend time listening to them. I do not mean the usual, sitting down with her and nodding to every statement she makes, but actually paying attention to the details.

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Because the truth is, you as a man may feign paying attention to her but the day she asks for something one day that relates to what she talked about, she will know that you did not pay attention to her. So women love their men to listen. Even though they may not have an answer to their problems. That he just sits they to hear her unwind her day and tell him about the necessary and the unnecessary is enough. Listening is a simple acts That Melts A Woman’s Heart


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3. Little Surprises:

When was the last time you passed by a chocolate shop and saw your woman’s favourite chocolate and decided to gift her that? When last did you just send her some money and when she called you said just do what ever you like with it? The thing is, some men feel that women want much but the thing is, it is the energy accompanied by the thing you do that attracts them to you. Surprise your woman once in a while. Do not wait for a special event to get your woman something. And she will appreciate you for it. Infact, you will see how babyish she is loving you because these Little Things will Melt A Woman’s Heart

4. Understanding:

Another way a woman’s heart can grow fonder towards her man is when he is able to understand her temperaments and moods. Her non-verbal cues and verbal cues. And this is no way implying that a woman has to be difficult and stress out her man. But that if she acts out, then her lover is able to detect that there is an underlying cause for her outburst and is able to not just take the matter up, but to amicably seek to see the reasons for her actions. This makes a woman to be able to trust and rely on her man.

5. Random Compliments:

Compliments can break the strongest of men! Every Woman loves to feel special and butterflies, yes! It feels even better when the source of the feelings is your words. Am no even talking planned or solicited compliments, no! Unexpected sweet words, telling her she looks pretty out of the blue. Complimenting her hair, how beautiful her outfit looks on her, her eyes, smiles, shape etc. Making her feel she is the only one that matters even when situation does not necessarily warrant such will have her heart dripping for you.

The whole point is that, if you want love, you have to give something. For every harvest there must be a seed sown. Lavish your woman with RANDOM COMPLIMENTS and watch your woman’s attitude change towards you. Little Things Like Compliments Will Melts A Woman’s Heart


6. Helping Out Around The House:

Can you remember the last time you decided to do the dishes after your woman prepared that special dish you both enjoyed? How did she feel? She was grateful and probably assured you of her love for you, right? As much as some women love to do everything around the house, they appreciate it if they have a helping hand around. Do not wait for your woman to tell you to do things. Look around and help out. If you really love your woman, you will feel compelled to reduce the burden on her shoulders.


7. Holding Her Hands:

Every woman wants to feel wanted by her man. Therefore, holding hands invokes a positive feeling about one another, so you both feel s3xy and wanted. It’s almost like foreplay.” Cue all the feels: Just like massage, kissing, and hugging, “research shows that touch, like holding hands, releases oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that gives you that feel-good buzz,” says Coleman


Please note that the messages contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary



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