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True Life Story: Be Careful With Helping Strangers -Someone I Assisted With Accommodation Almost Destroyed My Marriage-Pt 2


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True Life Story: Be Careful With Helping Strangers -Someone I Assisted With Accommodation Almost Destroyed My Marriage-Pt 2



I called out my wife’s name and she immediately froze….the man on her pushed me out of the way cos he realized they had been caught and he quickly tried to move past me but I went after him, put on the light on the corridor and discovered it was the stupid guy that came to me for advise….he knelt down, stark naked and started begging me.

My wife came out, with a towel over her….she was screaming Jesus…blood of Jesus….she kept saying: honey…I thought it was you….I didn’t know it was another person. By this time, my cousin came out of the room wondering what the commotion was. Apparently, when my wife went to take her bath…this bastard followed her in and started fcking her. My wife because it was dark….thought I followed her from the bedroom and didn’t even realize it was a different man fcking her…she didn’t even know we had a stranger in the house.

My cousin pounced on this guy…me too…we gave this guy a beating….he almost passed out…we had to tie him up and leave him outside the door. My cousin was speechless. I looked at my wife, wondering how she could not have known that it was another man fondling her, penetrating her and she was moaning. My wife was crying….saying it was all my fault, that why did I bring strangers into our home.

We took the bastard guy to police the next day and charged him for rping my wife under my nose. He was in cell for one week. Do you know what this guy said in his statement, that when he got to my house that day, that my wife was giving him signs….when she served them drinks, she was shaking her bum…she was giving him lustful looks but he did not pay any attention. But when I asked him to spend the night in our house, he got aroused at night when he heard me and my wife fcking.

He said that he thought my wife was moaning so loudly that night to get his attention….cos my wife was moaning so loudly, that even my cousin heard every sound my wife was making. He said the sound of my wife screaming when I was making love to her aroused him. So, when he heard my wife go to the bathroom, he followed her…he said he did not know what he was doing….he begged for forgiveness. His family bailed him two days later.


I told my cousin to keep this a secret cos I am so embarrassed. This whole thing sounds unbelievable. My thinking is, this guy wanted to r*pe my wife but my wife was cooperating with him so she didn’t shout and they continued. My wife and I have not been ok since. My cousin has left our house a day after to hang with friends cos he blames himself for bringing that he goat into our house. My wife is saying she did not resist because she thought it was me…this is not the first time me and my wife actually have S** in the bathroom but this still angry and me I am still angry.

I am angry at my wife for not knowing it was not me…my wife is angry at me for bringing that guy into our home. We have not spoken to each other for almost two weeks. Please how do we go on from here. My wife gave a small apology which I feel she just gave for my sake but she is still blaming me…and for me…I cannot go past the fact that I saw another man with his d*ck on my wife in my house. I feel like my wife needs to leave the house for sometime….let me think cos every time I look at her….I am hurt and angry and feel like hating my wife.

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Do you really think my wife did not know? How can she say she did not know after almost 5 minutes of another man’s cck inside you…is it the same size…does it feel the same? does he smell like me….how come she didn’t know…how come she was moaning and enjoying it even after she and I just fcked for almost an hour…what kind of S**ual desire does she have that she is never satisfied? I hope my wife’s libido will not land her in trouble one day? What if she really tried to seduce the guy in the afternoon…do you think they planned to meet in the bathroom that night? I know my wife…she likes S** too much…oh my god!

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Its even more annoying because we cannot charge the man with rpe ….he kept saying my wife never resisted and she did not scram….he has told police that my wife tried to seduce him earlier and he only thought he was following her signals that night by following her to the bedroom….he is insisting …that he didn’t rpe her…the matter will be charged to court soon and I feel so embarrassed. Maybe I should drop the case cos I am so embarrassed for my wife. The shame.

I also feel so pained…should I send my wife away….yes, I brought this man into our house but she let this happen….didn’t she? What if she really planned this with this guy…cos shes a S** freak….its making me have serious double minds….but I don’t want to loose her …yet, there are so many questions in my head that is making it hard for me to forgive her.

Please help me find answers to these question.



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  1. You all are to be blamed; you ,your wife,your cousin that brought a stranger into your house and you allowed him.

    Drop the case, reconcile with your wife and don’t ever bring strangers into your house again

    It is well with you and your household

  2. Dear poster,it’s not possible for your wife not to know you’re not the one,the smell of your body,the size of his dick,the way he must of caressed her.haba you’ve been together for three years and she couldn’t tell the difference between when another man grabbed her in the bathroom.you just had S.e.x not upto 2 minutes and she couldn’t see the difference,its a big fat lie.am not trying to judge but its impossible for her not to know you’re not the one.the whole S.e.x would be 100% different from yours which she would have known in less than a minute,yet she couldn’t tell the difference.no comment please.

    • This is not the right way to go about judging a marital problem. Apportioning blame will will only escalate their issues.

  3. Oga, stop blaming your wife pls, he who is warn and refuse warning will soon face his Waterloo. Didn’t your wife warned you not go bring an external person to your family? At time we men do time our decision is the best due to man’s ego, if you’ve follower her advice you wouldn’t have put your family to this mess. And for your wife pls forgive her, and find a place to forgive the man also and work on youreslf then on your family. God will help you. Pls hide your wife’s advice next time.

  4. From my own perspective, your wife knew.
    But then, forgive her. Drop the charge against the man
    Let your wife start doing something even if it is to open a supermarket for her
    Her libido should be put in check. What if you go on business trip for a long time


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