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True life Story: Do I really love her or is it all Lust?


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True life Story: Do I really love her or is it all Lust?

Me and my bae been dating for awhile though we met online so when we resumed to school we don’t really get to meet.
She is always claiming the serious student using lessons, tutorials and all as excuses .Each time I push us to get to meet up it one excuse to the other.

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Boom finally we met accidentally last month, one thing led to another she came to my lodge 30 minutes into our conversation she initiated the k!ss we started k!ssing and I was pressing her b00bs , I couldn’t take the romance longer then I went down to f!nger her then she got really annoyed, she stood up that she was leaving I tried telling her not to see me as a playboy (cause am cute though many people perceive me to be a womanizer for that) and in my life she’s the second girl have ever loved. She didn’t even heed my plea she vexed off wear her cloths back I tried following her to persuade her off the impression she might have of me, she just shouted at me to go back, I followed her she was hesitant that she will trek home i told her to take a bike after several begging she heeded
She took a bike which I paid for I texted her after that to be sure she’s gotten home. She didn’t reply I called she didn’t pick

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I texted her on Whatsapp all my texts were all ([I]am sorry for what happened[/I] )after that she read my texts and didn’t reply my texts later on she replied with “next time ask for my permission first”.

Then about a week later, she asked me for 2k which at that time have exhausted all funds with me which I declined that I don’t have anything on me,
We kept talking then all of a sudden she stops picking my call, replying my text, she posts on status each time I text her to show me she’s online that she isn’t replying intentionally,

Please was my move about her showing all I wanted was s3x and what can I do to get her back cause I really love her or is it all lust?

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  1. Both of you are not serious. Face your studies and stop pursuing women. Get your priorities right and sex before marriage is sin, even kissing and smooching.


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