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True Life Story: Father Calls Son A Weak Man For Refusing To Be A Soldier Like Him


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True Life Story: Father Calls Son A Weak Man For Refusing To Be A Soldier Like Him

Good Morning Ma Jzhane,

Please hide my identity. I need help and prayer for deliverance very fast. This story is heavy cos I dont know who else to talk to, to tell them what my father in-law is doing to his own son, just to get revenge on his son. I am a 29 years old married woman with three children. I got married early at age 21. I am from the Middle belt part of the country. When I married my husband, he was ok, everything was like manageable. I had my three children before I was 25 years old. Things started changing. My husband is a businessman but his business isnt moving. You know, its not easy to make it in this country with a family that depends on you.

Things got bad that my husband had to start doing taxi driving to survive. I used to wonder why my husband’s family never assisted. When I ask him to call them, he will say everyone has their own issue. I think my husband too was too proud to ask for help. I had to open a small canteen, I cook and sell food. But I have an NCE and I wish to continue my education one day. Infact, when my parents married me off, they made my husband promise to continue t train me in school. But things are really bad for him so I know training me in school wont happen soon.

Apart from the financial issues we have, my husband was also not sleeping with me. It started graudually….now its almost three years now. His initial excuses was that he is always tired when he comes back home. I started to  suspect he has a mistress cos he is also always staying out late but he will say he is working. At first, I just managed to focus on my children cos they are very young but recently, I am beginning to miss having S** and anytime I tell my husband, he will say he has alot on his mind, he is not thinking of S** now but how to continue to feed the family and pay rent.

Where I sell food, men make passes at me and I feel very tempted to flirt but I am afraid of being caught. So, I cry myself to sleep on this lack of S** everyday. I have resulted to watching blue film and pleasing myself so I will not go crazy. Last Christmas, my husband asked me and the children to go and stay with his dad in the village. I was happy cos I needed some fresh air out of the house. My husband’s father is a widower and a retired soldier. The man now farms in the village, my husband said his sister from Lagos will be coming too to visit his father for Christmas, so all of us should go over and spend the holiday with him.

We travelled to the village and really had a good time in the village. Lots of family members around that time of the year. The children loved going to visit other relatives and my husband sister used to take them around town. One of those days, all the children and adults in the house had gone out. I thought I was alone, I started using my phone to watch porn and pleasure myself not knowing my father in-law was watching me. The door to the room was actually bad so it can’t really close or lock but I did not now he was in the house, I thought he was out.

When he saw me, he called my name…I quickly arranged myself and started to say sorry to him….he asked me why I am masturbating as a married woman, is my husband not satisfying me…..so I told him everything that is happening in our marriage. This man could not believe his son was not f*cking his wife for almost 3 years. He was like, he is very strong even at 71 years and he can still f*ck very strong.  He even boasted that he has three girlfriends and he f*cks each one every day.

As we were talking papa said I should not worry that he will take care of me while I am around. Before I could ask him what he meant by take care of me, this man pulled out his manhood and asked me to suck it. I was shocked but he smiled saying, I am a bad boy….if you want the real thing, I will give you….no need to be watching p*rn, I was shy but looking at his p*nis….a real one….I have not seen a real one in a very long time….I was already touching it before I realized what was going on. I told him, papa….this is an abormination…..you are like a father to me.

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My father inlaw told me to stop acting foolish…that he is not my father….that I am only married to his weak son…he said he knew his son has always been a weak man cos he wanted him to join the army but my husband refused. Papa said, no soldier will ever deny any woman S**, that they are supernaturally strong in battle and in bed. Long story short, my father inlaw convinced me to have S** with him. He said he wanted me to get revenge on his son for abandoning him and for disobeying him by not being a strong military man like him.

Maybe because I was upset with my husband I agreed to have S** with his father. And his father surprised me his strength is unbelievable….do you know he is even better than my own husband. I know it is wrong to have S** with an old man old enough to be my father and he is my children’s granddad but at that moment, the enjoyment of a real and strong d*ck was all my body and mind was thinking.

Papa made my holiday a very memorable one. Even him was enjoying himself. He made sure I took contraceptives so there will not be any mistake but after staying in the village for almost 3 weeks…I had S** with my husband’s father for almost 20 times and each time, I experienced orgasm like I never had in my entire life. We returned back in early January….but since January, I have travelled to the village 3 times….all in pretense that I was going to visit Papa, lying that papa is sick but I was going to get f*cked by my husband’s father.

You see why I know I will rot in hell if this sinful act with my father inlaw does not stop? I have nit travelled to the village since March. Papa started calling to know when am I coming. I told him I am not coming again. That we need to stop this. This man said if I dont come to the village….he is coming to our house in Abuja before the end of the week. That he misses me and he wants me so badly. I told him not to try it cos if he comes, his son will catch us. Papa laughed and said and so what? What will his son do to him? That he is doing his son a favour cos his son is weak and cannot satisfy his wife.

I begged Papa to stop this….I apologized for all the time I came over to have S** with him but I told him I think we should stop now before its too late. Papa cut the phone on me. The next  morning, my husband sent me a message, to prepare, that Papa is coming to stay with us throughout Easter. I knew I was seriously in danger. But there was nothing I can do to stop this man from coming to see his son’s family.

When he arrived, I was shaking but determined not to let him get to me. I made sure the children stayed with me until their father returned from work every day. The funny thing was, Papa did not even try to touch me. He just laughed and said, you are a very stupid woman. See the yeye husband you are married to….a man that cannot f*ck his wife till she cant walk for three days. I told him to stop calling his son weak, I asked him why does he curse his son so much. He said, no….am not sure that man is my son….cos no son of mine cannot f*ck a woman well.

My FIL said, that there are many things a man can take to be strong to be S.e.xually active. That his son is aware of those things. That Idoma men as very strong men.


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  1. Oh no… Why did you start sleeping with your father-in-law?
    It’s just so wrong…. Hope to hear the end of the story.

  2. You have committed incest,the part where you said your father in-law convinced you got me so mad,like I don’t get it. Did he force you? You practically wanted it,you knew sleeping with your FIL was bad,yet you allowed yourself to be used.

    Karma will definitely visit you,you better tell the whole story and let’s advice you accordingly.

    Your father in-law is so shameless,he is digging his grave,thank God he is 71,at 71 he is still doing nonsense and ingredients,why didn’t he continue with his three girlfriends? Why his daughter in-law?

    Your husband must find out,that is my prayer and you must finish what you have started,shebi your father in-law don carry gbola come meet you for your husband house,you better arrange your kpekus oooo before he will blackmail you.

    Let me wait for part 2 first

  3. All I can say is ; sometimes scared of my gender. You even travelled thrice for this person , ahhhh.
    Abeg, stop this madness by all means please!

  4. All I can say is; sometimes I’m scared of my gender . You even travelled to the village for this purpose, ahhhh!
    Abeg, stop this madness at once by all means!


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