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True Life Story: Help-My True Life Story: Help-My Husband’s Libido Is Too Much To Handle Is Too Much To Handle


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Dear Lively Stones,

I got married to my husband 4 years ago. I was pregnant when we got married. But as I moved into my husband’s house, I noticed his behavior towards me changed. It was like he was no longer in love with me. He started saying our marriage was a mistake, that I must have used charms to trap him.

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When I put to bed, he was not even interested that I gave birth. Maybe because it was a girl. He spent many nights outside the home. I was really confused, pained and desperate. I spoke to several people to help me talk to him, I was praying up and down. Things went from bad to worse.

I could not bear it. I began to regret the marriage too. A very close childhood friend of mine later called and I was telling her what I was passing through. She then told me that she knows something that can help my husband to fall back in love with me. I was desperate and ready to do anything.

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My friend is from the middle belt. So, she way billed the medicine to me. According to her it just herbs that women from their village use to enjoy their marriage. I used the herbs as she prescribed. I used some to cook and some to bath. I never believed in such things but things changed drastically.

My husband began to fall back in love with me. He now began to come back to me…and love me and my daughter and desire me. The only problem now is, the herbs also make his libido very high and that means, S** with my husband became from zero to 100 times in a day. That is my problem now.

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My friend said there is nothing like too much S** but how do I handle S** twice in the morning…and three rounds every night. It seemed like God finally answered my prayer but I cannot keep up with his strong S**ual needs. In the process of this, my husband has resorted to forcing himself on me if I refuse to allow him.

My husband is now threatening to cheat on me if I refuse to continue to meet his needs. This situation is affecting me. I am always tired and looking weak. At work, I am always sleeping because I have had nothing less than one and half hour of S** before I get to work everyday where I am working in a sales company.

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Even if I resign, that means, I will just be servicing him all day long. He said if I resign, he will be coming home for afternoon S**. My friend now suggested that I can suggest my husband meet with hookers just to relive me sometimes. That seem like a good idea. If the love he has for me will not change, I do not mind him f*cking olosho at his will.

I just cannot cope. I think my husband will like the idea but I am also afraid of any woman getting pregnant for him. What should I do…I am afraid.


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  1. And you said it was just herbs you used,woman please tell yourself the truth for once.

    Anyways,devil does not give good things,he will in turn make you regret whatever he might have given to you.
    You know your husband cannot get hookers or oloshos,that means you want to enter another wahala and give yourself another prayer point.

    Please keep giving him kpekus,you have to fulfill part of your marriage vows oooo,this is very important,if he can cater for the family,it is better you resign and be full time kpekus giver, afterall you said you didn’t want to loose your husband initially,so if it kpekus that will make him remain in the marriage,biko continue,the Lord is your muscle.

    Stay away from that your friend,she is a suspect. It is well with you my sister

  2. You have a stupid friend, there is more to the charm, i bet you one day something will happen and you will confess everything, what is wrong with you women, why do you take stupid advices from your so called friend.

    She even told you to tell your husband to be sleeping with oloshos, and you too said its OK…this is disgusting.

    Maybe its until the other side of the charm starts to manifest you will know how bad what you have done is.

    Please be wise.


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