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True Life Story: How Adultery Saved My Marriage-Pt2


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True Life Story: How Adultery Saved My Marriage-Pt2



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Part 2:

I left my office for my auntie’s shop at Yaba. And I met her right inside her well stocked shop; where she was haggling with a customer when l arrived.

“Who am l seeing,” she asked happily the moment she saw me.

“Na me O, auntie,” l replied, forcing a smile.

“Wetin carry you come today?” she said, hinting at the last time I visited her, because it had been at least seven months.

“And wetin dey worry you. You look like person wey get problem. Everything dey alright so?” she asked.

“Not quite auntie, but l will tell you later, after you don settle with your customer finish,” l replied her.

Soon, the customer left and we settled down for the business at hand. I told her plainly that my marriage was having problems. That Chuks was changing as fast as a chameleon.

“You see am Chinyere,” she started, “that was why we didn’t want you to marry that boy. All these far far marriage, E no dey last at all, wetin happen sef.”

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Honestly I was slightly annoyed by her insinuations that my marital problem was as a result of the fact that Chuks was from a distant place.

“Wetin you say happen sef, see marriage wey never even reach three years sef,” she asked, cupping her chin in her right palm.

“There’s this friend of mine,” l explained, “her name is Sarah, so when l told her that l had not been able to conceive since l married Chuks, she suggested that I should follow her to one spiritual home like that. The man is so simple. He is a prophet and he prays with the Bible.”

My auntie just sat still, listening with rapt attention.

“I dey hear you,” she said.

I continued,

“After praying, he told me that nothing was actually wrong with me. That it would be over some day. He said that l should just be prayerful about it.”

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“You for go see doctor first now before going to see a prophet,” my auntie chipped in.

“Before then, l had gone to see a doctor several times. But he kept telling me that l was normal. And l was afraid of telling Chuks to go for a medical test. Along the line, Sarah convinced me that it was a spiritual problem,” l answered.

“I just can’t explain how Chuks got to know about this, and he is now claiming that l went to do juju for him.”

“You know say all those Anambra men dey do juju well well,” my Auntie replied, “most of them be cult members. So, any little thing you do, they will know immediately, na why we tell you make you marry Kenneth, this problem for no comot at all.”

“Auntie l came here to seek advice on how to handle the problem of the moment, not to dwell on the past,” l told her.

“The solution na from wetin we tell you to do before,” she said.

“Wait a minute auntie, are you suggesting that l should go back and marry Kenneth?” I asked, unable to conceal my bitterness.

“I have told you people that l don’t love him. How many times do you want me to tell you that!”

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“Ah…Chinyere, no fight me for my shop O!” my auntie said,

“If you fetch firewood wey ant dey, na lizard you dey invite to your house. We all told you that the best men are from Abiriba, not Anambra.”

Annoyed, l took my handbag, got up and left my auntie’s shop. My mood was so bad that l needed not to show up in the office again for fear of those gossips who certainly would ask stupid questions.

All l did was to take a taxi home.

When l got home, l was shocked to find Chuk’s Toyota Camry car parked outside. What was he doing at home at such an odd hour?

Had he returned to throw my things out like he threatened that morning? Hurriedly, l opened the door and walked into the our sitting room.

Behold, the greatest shock was awaiting me. Ekaette, the maid of the woman that lived in the flat next to ours ran out of our bedroom looking ruffled.

“Ekaette what are you doing here?” I charged.

“Sorry Madam…sorry” she said and ran out of the apartment as fast as she could.

Then Chuks emerged with nothing on, but a pair of boxers, with his shirt hanging on his shoulders. The bulge in his boxers was clearly visible, and he was sweating profusely.

“What’s going on here?” I asked, heading for the bedroom,

“Chuks, what’s going on?”

The smell of our bedroom was sickening. The bedsheets were ruffled and l could see some condoms littered everywhere.

I was mad and ready to confront Chuks, but he disappeared before I came out of the bedroom, then l heard his car igniting downstairs.

I thought of what steps to take: should l raise an alarm; or beat up that stupid Ekaette?

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No possible options came. The only thing l resolved to do was to wait for my man to return. Certainly, a lot of people would believe that I had lost out completely in my marriage, if l got involved in a physical brawl with a housemaid of all people.

He didn’t return that day. He only returned the next day, at night. He had walked in cautiously, and on seeing me waiting angrily in the sitting room, he went on his knees immediately and started crying. I was so touched that l began to cry too.

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Then he began to plead with me. He asked me to forgive him for stopping so low to sleep with a dirty housemaid.

“But why Ekaette of all persons,” l said in between sobs.

“I just don’t know what came over me,” he said, “maybe it was the alcohol and frustrations, but l tell you, this is the first time. It has never happened before.”

I told him that l have forgiven him. Then l told him the truth about what really happened at the spiritualist’s place.

He was surprised that Sarah didn’t quite explain everything that happened vividly to him. He said that Sarah just told him on the phone, that l told her that l visited a spiritualist, without even telling him the motives of my visit.

I was even more surprised that Sarah was the person that began the whole trouble.

Maybe, because she is still single at 35.

After that ugly episode, l immediately cut off Sarah. And firmly decided never to trust any so called friend enough again, as to open up my marital problems or secrets to that person.

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  1. Wow! Thank God you finally reconciled with your husband. Indeed, adultery saved your marriage.
    .Your husband shouldn’t have cheated ooo,na only spiritualist place you go nahim he vex,if to say na you him catch with another man for him house nko?

    Anyways,may the peace of God reign in your home,tell Chuks to go and run a test,both of you should see a fertility specialist biko.

    I hope Ekaette doesn’t come one day to say she is pregnant oooo,as for Sarah ,throw her into the canal first because she is a home breaker.

    God bless you


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