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True Life Story: How I Ended Up Marrying The Grand Daughter Of A River Priestess


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True Life Story: How I Ended Up Marrying The Grand Daughter Of A River Priestess

Dear Lively Stones,

I have lived a very unhappy life due to my marriage to my wife. I share this story with regret. I want people to advise me and also to caution men to always try and be fair when dealing with women. To an extent, you can say that I caused my predicament but I want to do anything that will help me correct the mistake that I have made. I need your prayers and advise please.

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For three years, I was in a relationship with a very lovely and kind woman, Rose (not real name). Rose was a faithful girlfriend and a true wife material. On the other hand, I was a jerk. I cheated and messed around with many ladies even though I saw how I was breaking Rose’s heart. I was intoxicated with myself. Yes, I felt like, as a man, society gave me license to flirt with woman and it did not help that woman were always throwing themselves at me.

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I was a serial port Harcourt big boy. Girls, money, luxury life, cars, connections, etc. I had it all. And then I met Maureen (no need to hide her name). Maureen was a sharp girl. Very sexy and very forward. We hit it off very well. To me, it was just regular hook up and f*cking between two adults. And she became obsessive. She wanted to be my main chick…she fought and taunted Rose at every instance. Rose wanted to break up but I would never allow it. I had to engage Rose so she would get assurance of my commitment to her.

Soon as Maureen found out I engaged Rose, she went diabolical. Till today, I don’t know ho wit happened cos my pull out game is usually very strong but I could no longer pull out with Maureen and I wanted to be with her every day. Now, I understand why. It was because, Maureen wanted me to get her pregnant because, just 4 weeks after my engagement to Rose, Maureen told me she was pregnant.

I was like….ehen…go and sort yourself…Maureen then broke the disastrous news to me: she said she is the grand daughter of a river priestess and she cannot be impregnated by a man that will not marry her cos the man will not survive it. I laughed at her thinking she was joking. But she was not. I started having spiritual attack, at work and everywhere. I got involved in an accident that destroyed my car beyond recognition. Besides that, my two companions in the car died instantly in the accident, I only survived.

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Secondly, I lost a very big contract worth over 250M. I was invited by EFCC for one fraud. I was detained and all through, people around me, my family members and myself kept having bad dreams, in the dream, we kept seeing different creatures pursuing me. My family recommended that I go for deliverance. I have never been one to believe such spiritual interventions but my auntie went to one of these churches and was told that if I dont pay my debt to a woman I wronged, I would die in 3 months.

By this time, Rose was angry when she heard I got another woman pregnant. I begged her to forgive me and told her I would do anything in my power to free myself from this woman, Maureen. Or so I thought. I woke up one day and went to Maureen’s village and paid her dowry. I married her without knowing what I was doing. That is how I ended up in this marriage. My family is in shock till today. There is no church my family has not gone to on my behalf. I cant help myself with Maureen. I know I do not love her but I cannot leave her.

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You see this is why that popular Nollywood actor cannot leave that woman that got pregnant for him. The man is not himself…something else the woman did has taken over his mind. As I am here, I know Maureen is not the person I should be with…I have tried to file for divorce several times but something always happens when I try to, something evil must happen to me. I really blame myself. Na me go chuk my prik for mami water pikin. I am tired and sometimes I wish I would just die.

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My first child was born six months ago by Maureen. Its a girl too. So, the thing may also be passed to my daughter. I pity man wey wan marry her. What is paining me now is, a friend of mind just gave me information that Rose is seeing someone and they maybe getting married, ….I wept and asked God to deliver from this prison of marriage. I called Rose and begged her….we both cried all through. Rose too has been fasting and praying for me. I am begging her to give me some time….that I know one day God will deliver me from this evil woman.

Rose is ready to wait for me, but her family is pressuring her to move on and marry this new guy in her life. But she wants to know how long she will wait for me. I wish I can say one month or one year…I swear Rose will wait but in my heart….I really don’t know when. I need your help. Please….I know I have done so many wrongs in this life but there is one thing I cannot afford and that is to loose Rose. I need your prayers and advise.

At his rate, I am ready to accept any solution available. Whether its babalawo or church, please just advise me….I must be free from this woman. I believe there must be a power greater than Maureen and her grandmother. I have prayed to God but its like God sef is punishing me for being a bad boy. Please please share…let this story go around…I will be reading the comments. Thank you.


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  1. This is really something serious ohhh but it’s not beyond God. You actually need a genuine repentance . It’s not going to be a small war .

  2. Dear poster,you need to do something fast before Maureen finishes you spiritually, physically, socially, materially and other wise.

    Stay one place,una no go hear,put gbola one place,una think say na life una dey enjoy,see it now. You go enter evil den,haaaaa. Otutu zeh

    You need to find out where Maureen comes from,pay her grandmother or mother a visit, infact her family members,tell them you’re ready to perform whatever they want you to do so you can be free from their daughter.

    Get a powerful deliverance church ooooo,start attending and please allow Rose to marry her new guy,don’t suffocate her,allow her to breathe and have peace. Don’t disturb her,allow her to enjoy her marriage,she cannot wait for you because this thing you’ve entered,it will only take God’s divine intervention ooooo. It’s well

  3. Rather than thinking about Rose, focus on yourself to get the necessary help that you need. Meanwhile if you truly love Rose then you will let her marry now. Don’t even try to connect with her again because if Maureen should find out may harm her as well.

    Your deliverance start when you let go of all and genuinely give your life to Christ.

    Even with God’s intervention there will be consequences for wrong choice and poor decision .

    Let me state that you read need to act like a fool to get help, this is because you don’t want your wife suspects you in anyway. Otherwise everything will be jeopardize. Be away from her and stop sleeping with her in order to get the help very fast.

    With God all this are possible, you only need JESUS

  4. My dear you’re in deep bondage first go and confess your sins and undergo thorough deliverance to be free from a well known Bible believing Pentecostal denomination

    Allow Rose to face her life if fate brings your part together again use it wisely don’t let her wast her time or get hurt in the process

    What you’re facing now it’s enough to focus on your life more

    After the deliverance seek godly counsel along divine guidance on how to break out from this evil union you got yourself into.

    I wish you safety and divine guidance

  5. Instead of focusing on your predicament you’re calling Nollywood actor for his decision in taking a second wife as who? Someone made his decision and you’re saying his not himself like seriously? One day that man will voice out and you people will see.

  6. Go to Zion Ministry in Lagos, The evangelist’s name is Ebuka Obi, it’s difficult to see him one on one, but if you can, you will definitely be set free.

  7. Dear Poster,

    Commit yourself to God. Give your life to Christ.

    Start studying the word and praying fervently.

    Remove fears of what they can do cos they can’t do anything to you. It will be tough but keep faith.

    I will recommend you joining some ministry prayers and meeting some pastors of your church for prayers. Consider Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor of Dunamis, Pastor Jerry , 7am prayers and keep faith alive.

    If you embrace God, ask for forgiveness, repent and start serving him truly, He will save you.

    For Rose, don’t endanger her life.


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