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Husband’s Ex Girlfriend Spirit Is Trying To Destroy Their Marriage – Please Advise!


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Husband’s Ex Girlfriend Spirit Is Trying To Destroy Their Marriage – Please Advise!

Hello Ma,

I need help for my best friend. She needs advise right now because she is loosing her mind over marriage. She and Harry (not real name) met about two years ago. When they met,Harry was dating a girl that was breaking his heart up and down.

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The girl and Harry dated for five years but throughout their relationship,this girl was cheating on Harry. It was rumored that the girl had marine spirit(ogbanje). She even said it. That her mother dedicated her to marine spirit. So,its hard for her to stay with a man. That no man can keep her,that she belongs to the king of the marine.

But Harry loved her and still wanted to marry her. Eventually, this girl ran off with another dude just a month to their wedding. The family was happy because they also did not like the girl. They said she used to really manifest when she is upset. Harry said they even tried deliverance for her but it did not work.

Harry met my friend like a year later. He told her how his ex treated him and my friend still loved him. They dated for like a year and they got married. Their marriage is happy and all. They have been married for almost a year now and trusting God for the fruit of the womb.

About three months ago,my friend noticed that anytime she is on her ovulation period and tries to approach her husband for love making,so they can conceive,he will be telling her that he is tired and all that. Initially,she did not think anything of it.

But this continued even when she is not ovulating.Her husband gradually stopped making love to her. When she told me,I joined her to start fasting and praying. Harry is a cool guy,always kind hearted… so it was strange for him to be behaving this way.

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When my friend suggested to go for counselling,Harry would try to calm her down by making love to her but it would be like,his mind is not there. It one thing not to make love to your wife,its another to be forcing yourself in the act.

My friend started suspecting something was wrong or maybe the husband was cheating,so she got to find out how to clone his phone. Two weeks ago,she was on her ovulation period and she tried to make love and he pushed her away still. My friend cried herself to sleep.

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Like two hours later,she woke up and found out that the husband was not in bed. She got up and traced him to the balcony where he seemed to be chatting someone. My friend remembered she had cloned his phone,so she went put on the app on her own phone and that was when she discovered the truth.

It turns out that her husband has resumed speaking to his ex. And they had been meeting secretly and making love. He was telling her in the chat that he misses her body and cannot wait to make love to her again. That the last time,she finished him that he had no strength to male love to his wife again.

My friend saw may text messages and even nu-d-es they have been sending each other for months. She got very upset and began to scream at her husband and fight him. The man just stood there looking at her. He did not beg nor did he defend himself.

Now my friend is so devastated. Her husband is still in love with his ex. Yes,that his ex with marine spirit o. He is sleeping with the ex and she feels completely blindsided. She does not know what to do:either to quit the marriage or pray things turn around.

Her marriage is barely a year old. How will she even begin to explain that she is divorced under one year of marriage…no child. She is very frustrated because the man has not even stopped seeing his ex even after my friend threatened to leave the marriage. I think he even wants her to leave but he did not say so….just by his non challant attitude.

Truly,that marine spirit may have really gotten a hold of Harry and maybe he has lost his mind.

My friend is so sad and running out of her mind. Her family and church want her to stay and pray and fight for her marriage but she feels she has lost already to her husband’s ex. Harry’s family are on her side. They feel that Harry is under a spell of the marine spirit girl and so they are calling for prayers.

Is there any hope for her marriage? What can she do?

Please advise her. God bless you.

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  1. Thank God there is no child between you. This fight is very spiritual. Can you endure, can you pray and fast and wait as long as it will take? Can you build your faith to be strong enough to fight for the marriage? Is the marriage worth fighting for?….these are some of the questions you should ask yourself.
    Stop beating yourself or fighting with your husband, he is under a spiritual attack.
    I think you need some alone time/separation from this union to really deal with this.

  2. You need the ultimate power to overcome the devil and that power is God through Jesus Christ. Marine spirit can be very wicked and they stop at nothing to get what they want and ultimately they destroy their victims.
    You must make sure you have an intimate relationship with God, then seek assistance from true children of God and pray your husband out of her grip. He is not in his right senses.
    Prayers made from the heart in tears will surely get to the Father. He will fight the battle for you.
    Just believe.

  3. Thank God there’s no string that can make her get bonded in that marriage…

    My lil advice for her is to walk out of that marriage…

  4. I suggest you fast and pray seriously, you can go to churches that do deliverance very well like Mountain of Fire Ministries. I don’t know where you are but I believe the church can be found there or you go to Lagos where there headquarters is. This case is more spiritual than physical, so you have to be ready to fight Spiritually.

  5. Hello,

    By now,you must admit that you rushed into this marriage without doing a proper background check,without praying and ignoring the redflags.

    All the troubles you face now could have been avoided if you carefully took time to understand why a man would break up with someone who he dated for 6 years….kept going back to her even though she cheated….

    In any case,since this is a spiritual matter…you can only fight the spiritual with the spiritual.

    So,get busy…get the word of God for you…study it and start praying strategically.

    Your husband’s spirit is clearly not in your marriage. Pray that God’s spirit will turn his back to you.

    It might take some time but prayers will do the work.

    If you cannot be patient and pray about it…then its time to move on.

    There is no easy answer for this. Its patience and prayers and more patience and more prayers until that woman’s hold over your husband is completely broken.

    God bless you.


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