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True Life Story: How I Exposed My Husband’s Dirty Secrets On His Phone


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True Life Story: How I Exposed My Husband’s Dirty Secrets On His Phone

Hello Lively Stones,

I have never had any reason to suspect my husband of being unfaithful in our two years of marriage. My husband is a very quiet cool guy. He does not socialize much…infact, I am the extrovert in the marriage. People call me social butterfly…while my husband is always at home. He is into IT, so he actually works from his office in our home. Our marriage is blessed with one son who is eleven months old.

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A few weeks ago, I was just browsing through social media and saw an advert on how to clone a phone. I was just being curious or naughty and I downloaded the app. I actually wanted to use the app to peep my husband’s maybe financial accounts…..cos he;s so secretive. I know he earns well….cos he is paid in dollars but he gives me only what he feels I need…I ask him for money and sometimes, he will say he does not have or he is  investing. So, I got the app…just to spy on his money details.

So, I downloaded the app….and I didnt even bother using the app until a few days later…I checked his texts for banks alerts….I saw his bank balances….I smiled. Then I became curious and checked his whatsapp….that was when I saw nu-d-es and chats from different girls. That also led me to check the nos that are sending him those nu-d-es and saw that he was having several whatsapp calls with these nos.

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There were also voice notes. And everything was all about nu-d-es and S**. It was like, they were having S**….with him on the phone. He sends them his nu-d-es but deletes them after….but the ladies nu-d-es…he kept. I saw more of the nu-d-es in his phone gallery. I was shocked. I checked his browsing history and saw he went to several adult sites. This discovery really disturbed me. I was frightened….to think my husband could possibly be cheating with these girls.

My husband’s personality does not even fit the profile of someone who can talk to girls let alone cheat….even our relationship, I was the one who approached my husband for dating. We were friends on IG for so many months …he could not tell me he liked me…but he liked all my pictures. I had to ask him if he likes me…he said yes…he was so shy. He eventually told me he wanted us to date …we dated for seven months until I told him I wanted to get married…so he proposed.

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So, you can imagine my surprise to see him having phone S** and exchanging nu-d-es with other girls. One of the girls is even married. I know this cos the stupid girl said she gets more pleasure fingering herself while thinking herself while thinking about him than with her husband. I was so confused…I finally gathered the courage to confront my husband. First my husband could not believe that I hacked into his phone cos hes supposed to be the tech guru.

Then he got visibly angry that I went through his phone. I was so shocked that such a gentle man could be so upset that way. He actually threw the cup on his hand accorss the room….it shattered….I saw his eyes red and upset….I was scared he would beat me but he just stormed out….I demanded that he explain what is going on and he said its none of my business what he does.  He said that thing I am looking for …I will find it…what does he mean by that? Is he saying he is really cheating? My husband refused to talk to me about it and he has shut me out since four days now. I tried to persuade him to talk and he said I should leave him alone. He has been sleeping in his office for the last four days.

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I am now regretting that I hacked his phone but more upset that he has nu-d-es and phone S** with other women, including married women and he does not want to address this matter with me. I am flabbergasted and I don’t know what to do….I cant just ignore what I saw on my husband phones…I need answers and I need him to stop ignoring me. Is he expecting me to apologize..after all I saw on his phone?

Please advise me…what is going on with this man?


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  1. All these quiet people,I hail oooo. You shouldn’t have confronted him so soon,please be patient with him. It is even obvious your husband no even send you at all sef,he is Mr I call the shot and no one has the right to question me.

    Please just give him sometime,but the idea of sleeping outside is very bad and doesn’t make him a matured guy biko.

    If he doesn’t change,look for a family member or a person he listens to.

    It is well ooo,na him suppose apologize yet him dey form boss on top wrong doing and irresponsibility. Just take it easy with him and take care of your son.

  2. This is what you get when you choose to ignore people’s privacy. Ain’t you working that you’re interested to know his salary? See what curiosity that doesn’t make sense lead you to. Hmmmmm.
    You have all the answers already. Your husband have always been like this before you got married to him. You said he’s a shy person. He feels very embarrassed you found out, it’s not that he doesn’t want to talk about it but he feels terrible,he’s feeling very bad,he doesn’t know how to face you after what you’ve discovered. You know him better than we do. Try to put yourself in his shoes and answer the question. How do you think he’s really feeling right now knowing the kind of person he is? Am not supporting him, am only trying to understand him with the description you gave of the kind of person he is. Write notes pass it under the door, telling him you’re not judging him. Explain you need to talk about it and it’s okay to feel embarrassed.let him understand you’re his wife, you need to talk about the way forward in your relationship.ask him what he wants.ask him how you can help.give him time to digest all that has happened. Please be patience with him. His response would determine your next move.
    My thoughts

  3. Leave him, let him continue his malice. Don’t pester him because you won’t get anything out of it. After a while he will normalize. The bigger problem is how to get him out of whatever he is doing. It might be a deep rooted problem that may involved external help. Don’t make any move until he comes around.

  4. Thanks paragon,you are making sense,pls follow his advice and keep praying for your husband and focus on your self and your child…


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