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True Life Story: How l Married Two Husbands


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True Life Story: How l Married Two Husbands


Hello LivelyStones,

I don’t really know how to tell my story and get you to believe it. But l guess my job is to tell it the way it is anyway.

My name is Maureen lbe. l was born in 1985. I’m from lmo state in Southeastern Nigeria. My late father, Mr. Adolphus lbe was one of the richest men in my hometown. He owned a fleet of luxury shops and bureaus-de change all over Nigeria. He met my mom during a beauty-peagant contest; which he was invited to as a Special guest. My mom, Helen Ibe eventually emerged the winner of the contest. And my dad must have been stunned by her beauty. He probably later married her as a “trophy wife”, but that’s none of my business.

I was the only child of my parents. And as such, l was spoiled beyond measures. I had everything l wanted while growing up. I went to the best schools in Lagos, where l grew up. I even travelled to London with my mom for Holidays on intervals. Infact, l was born with the proverbial Silver spoon.

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Above all, l took after my mom’s beauty, especially her fair complexion. Infact l was so fair in complexion that most persons never believed l was fully Igbo. They always mistook me for a biracial girl. I was the cynosure of all eyes while growing up. And l reveled in my beauty. I also enjoyed myself with rich handsome boys while l was studying mass communication at the University of Lagos.

Then all of a sudden, my parents both died in a ghastly motor- accident in 2010, when l was 25. They were both returning from a wedding reception, when my father’s driver lost control of the SUV and ran the vehicle into a stationary petrol tanker parked beside the road. The car instantly caught fire and the driver died as well.

My parents were buried. And l was left all alone with more money than l ever needed in two lifetimes. I was already a graduate then, and was trying my hands at journalism. Not that l needed the money from the profession anyway, but travelling and meeting people was something l enjoyed doing.

I hired a capable foreign-trained manager to manage my Father’s chain of Businesses, While l chased my journalistic dreams.

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I got tired of staying in Nigeria, with the incessant political and economic crisis. So l started planning to relocate abroad. Thank heavens that my parents had left me a handsome fortune before they died. So l didn’t have any problem whatsoever in getting myself an Austrian Visa.

I arrived Vienna, Austria, in May 2015, a rich beautiful young woman with the world at her feet waiting to be conquered. I was pretty certain that with my beauty and money to spend, that l could go wherever I wanted, and do whatever l wanted.

I was still getting used to Vienna, when l met Daren. Daren was tall, well-built and very handsome. “Welcome to Vienna, the melting pot of European Civilization”, those were his very first words to me.

“Thank you very much”, was my reply.

But he didn’t go away, although l had sounded like someone who had finished with him. He just pretended like he didn’t notice the dismissal note in my voice.

“How long have you been here?”, he continued.

“Two weeks on Friday.” my reply was haughty and non-chalant, but Daren knew what he wanted and how to get it. I must confess that l like my men that way. I like them to be dogged about what they want and to go right out there and get it. I knew that l had to shake myself out of my isolation and let Daren guide me where he had decided to take me.

“Dinner tonight, do you think you can make it?”

He asked the question, but his question came out like a statement. It sounded as if he was cocksure that l would grab dinner with him with my two hands.

“I have other plans, but l can do lunch later in the day if you are available.” I replied him.

“I will be there for you, anytime.” he finished.

For one thing l had succeeded in showing him that l was not so eager to have him already. He was the eager one; he was the one who could cancel his programmes so as to accommodate mine, and not the other way round.

We had lunch that day at a restaurant not far away from the hotel where l was staying. The food was really good and the music was good too. There was a great deal of Jazz spiced with something l recognized as Afro beats. My stay in Vienna had alerted me to the fact that the Austrians love to have fun and they have it in abundance. Daren was not Austrian, but he was born in Vienna, and had lived there all his life, though his parents are German. When his parents returned to Germany, he chose to stay back in Vienna, and was now into business, dealing in imported French wines.

“I love what l do and l make good money from it”, he told me while telling me about himself at a dinner we had a week after our lunch outing.

“What do you do?”, he asked me.

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“I was a journalist back home in Nigeria, but the place got too boring for me, so l decided to come here for this well deserved holiday”, l told him.

Few weeks later, Daren and l had become such an item together, that we were virtually inseparable. He showed me around the city and we really had fun together. Daren was so caring and loving, that l vowed never to go back to Nigeria again. To me, l just wanted to remain in this beautiful country, loving this beautiful man.

Then Daren travelled to Paris for an urgent business trip. And we didn’t see each other for a month.

But while he was away, l met a certain Kelvin and everything changed.

To be continued……

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