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True Life Story: Can I Be In Love With Two People At The Same Time?


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True Life Story: Can I Be In Love With Two People At The Same Time?

Dear Lively Stones,

I really need advise. I messed up big time and the secret is choking me. I am a final year medical student. Engaged to be married to the most amazing man come this Easter. I have known my fiancé for three years and been engaged for almost two years. I got pregnant and have a one year old daughter. My parents insisted that I complete my med school before marriage because they feel I will not complete school if I get married. My daughter is with mother and marriage plans are in top gear cos I will be writing my final papers in March and be married immediately.

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Being in med school is hard. I could not have made it if not for my best Friend Chidi (not real name). I had an extra year in my 300l. That was when I met Chidi. He was a brilliant med student. And very fun and friendly. What is more, I found out that he is his mother is a distant cousin of my dad. So, we are related somehow. We not only became good friends, he was like my brother in school. We studied together and I was able to catch up and make it to final year.

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Last month, we started reading for our upcoming exams in March. So, sometimes, I would go to his room or he will come to mine. There was never any kind of weirdness around this. We were related. Even my fiancé knows that. Sometimes, if anyone is looking for me, and cant reach me…its Chidi they even call cos they know we are always together. One night, as we were reading, both of us were quite tired…so we decided to sleep for like an hour…set alarm and wake up to continue reading.

I slept off on the bed…Chidi on the couch. But I woke up after a few minutes cos I heard some noise. It was from Chidi…he was moaning…he was watching p*rn and masturbating. He thought I was fast asleep. As I watched him…my whole body began to crave s3x…I must have moaned cos Chidi caught me watching him and he became very embarrassed and stopped immediately….he tried to apologize…saying he thought I was sleeping…

I tried to make him make him relax….to tell him…its ok…its a natural thing…especially for a guy like him with no girlfriend…I laughed….but Chidi didn’t find it funny. He said the reason he has no girlfriend is because he is in love with me. Me, I laughed again….thinking…this must be him catching cruise with me….I replied saying…I will get him a girl like me. We just covered it with laugh.

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About 30mins later…we started reading…but Chidi was restless…he said he could not concentrate…that he told me his feelings and I just brushed it aside…he said he wanted to kiss me….I don’t know what happened cos all these talk about his feelings for me…made me weak and we were kissing. And made love….and I did not feel any remorse but felt like I was also in love with Chidi. We both knew it was wrong cos I am engaged….but we both realized we have strong feelings for each other.

I am so sorry for letting this happen but its like my eyes just realized how much Chidi means to me. I still love my fiancé but I am deeply in love and attracted to Chidi. Before we start reading now, we must make love and after that….its like the reading is even more fun and easier and something is happening between us that neither of us can stop. I asked Chidi what will happen cos I can’t break up with my fiancé….I have a daughter for him…my fiancé has been a great guy and father…it would be a big betrayal to break up with him.

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Chidi has said he understands if I do not want to leave my man….but he just wants to love me while we can still be together….this k*lls me everyday. When my fiancé calls me….I feel so guilty….I even cry after he drops the call but I can’t stop the way I feel about Chidi. My fiancé visited last weekend and spent some time with me. We made love and he noticed I was distant…cos my mind was with Chidi was my man was making love to me. I lied to him that I was just tired with school work.

As soon as he left….Chidi and I f*cked like rabbits all through the night. Chidi is by far a better lover than my fiancé…we have done many things that I have never thought of doing with my fiancé…he is also very kind…gentle…and does everything for me,….from cooking…washing….just taking care of me…

Please what is happening to me…I am not that kind of girl to cheat….I love my fiancé, my daughter and want to build a family with them. But the thing with Chidi feels like if I don’t have it…I can’t breathe…the s3x is deep …its like a drug I can’t do without…is this love too or just lust?

With Chidi…its like a fairy tale kind of love….with my fiance…it feels like real life….there is love but not that kind of love that makes you feel like you cant breathe…and I feel bad everyday because I am cheating…I tell myself I will end this after my exam….I cant break up with Chidi…if I do….I cant pass my final exams cos I wont be able to concentrate …I cant read on my own….me and  Chidi can’t keep our hands to ourselves……Chidi will not be able to be close to me…I tell myself…I just need to bear this until finals but at the back of my heart… I think I am lying to myself….

Please help me…should I risk failing my exams by breaking up with Chidi or continue until I finish my exams? Maybe if I don’t see him anymore…I will forget him?  The only problem is…the more we make love…the more I keep falling for him. Or is this a sign that Chidi is my destiny? He is my best friend and understands me more than anyone….maybe this is God’s way of showing me I may be making a mistake with my baby daughter….what do you think…which of these men should I choose…I need help…not insults or judgement…I just need practical help…


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  1. Who is Chidi to you ? You said he is your distant cousin and you are in love with him,abi? Weldone

    You are commiting incest and abomination,take note. You should be ashamed of yourself,after everything your fiance has done for you,this is how you want to pay him back,you want to break up with him and love Chidi that is not ready to settle down anytime soon, Chidi that is not ready to accept your daughter,you are even lucky that the father of your daughter is asking you to marry him,yet you want to become a baby mama to him and become a slay queen to Chidi.

    This is village people at work,I see no reason you will see ice cream and decide to chew bitter kola. You are lusting after Chidi, your eye go soon clear,just dey play, dey play oooo,we are waiting for part 2 because I know that something will still happen between you and Chidi.

    Chidi use you dey catch cruise,use you dey satisfy his sexual needs, you people are fucking like rabbits,make una continue.

    I wish you all the best oo,abeg wear protection to avoid unwanted pregnancy ooo because e get why

  2. I think you guys are just cruising at the expense of so many things. You are only have passionate sex and doesn’t translate to a relationship or marriage except you decide to pursue such. Are you willing to sacrifice and damn all consequences in other to have a relationship with Chidi? Is Chidi willing to date you are pursue a relationship with you?
    Do not confuse sex for love, sex only becloud ones sense of reasoning, but it doesn’t mean love. If you continue to sleep with Chidi you risk being caught, loosing everything you already planned with your fiance and also Chidi may leave you alone. Remember you will more than Chidi. Also stolen water is sweet, the moment you are exposed, the sweetness will vanish


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