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True Life Story: I Am Tired Of My Wife


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True Life Story: I Am Tired Of My Wife


I am married with three kids 2 years and 3 months triplets, my salary is 55k. I used to give my wife 20k, mother 10k, 5k for rainy days and 20k for myself transportation and other expenses outside my house.

My wife complained that the money was not enough I added 5k making it 25k monthly but she still demanding for more money and she has threatened to leave if I don’t give her more.

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I had no money to give her, my own mother was homeless staying in church and I couldn’t stop giving her that 10k because she needed it. My wife used to fight me every single day and my uncle asked us to leave the family house as we were disturbing their peace and I was ready to let her go and I will be sending 25k for our triplets upkeep every month but for the sake of our kids we have settled down with 30k monthly leaving me with 15k.

So far, we have moved out of the family house, we are staying in a parlour and room house a brother from Canada gave us the place it is not permanent but it is better and we are very very grateful.

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Like I said earlier my mother was staying in church, now we have a one bedroom house I have discussed with my wife for my mum to come and live with us and I will stop the 10k I was giving her and I will add it to her money making it 40k monthly, she has agreed.

Now that my mother is here with us, she started again with the 40k is not enough to feed all of us, note I don’t eat breakfast, I eat lunch at work and in the evening I eat at home. She is only giving my mother food in the evening while she and my kids eat 3 Square meal a day.

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I asked her why she is treating my mother so badly she said the economy is hard if she doesn’t have she won’t kill herself. I am sick and tired and if I have sorted things it was for the sake of our kids and now I am starting to regret. I am thinking from this month when I get my salary I will give her 30k and give my mother 10k to be cooking her own foods.

Is my decision good?

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  1. Your wife wants to frustrate your effort,please go ahead with your plan. Give your mum 10k,your wife 30k and then manage the rest. Please pay your tithe for more open doors cos you can’t remain like this and your salary is just too small to cater for you, your children,wife and mother. Please remove one tenth and give God biko. God bless you as you do so. Also talk to your wife not to disrespect your mum in anyway because once she finds out you’ve started giving your mum 10k,her attitude might change so watch it.


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