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True Life Story: In Love With My Two Best Friends-Help Me Choose


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True Life Story: In Love With My Two Best Friends-Help Me Choose

Hello Lively Stones,

There are two guys in who are interested in in me but I don’t know who to pick. Both guys went to same Uni with me, we were in the same department and we have been friends ever since. When we were in school, we never dated because both of them had their girlfriends at the time. We were just buddies at the time.

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After school, I stayed in touch with Bayo who incidentally was posted to the same state as me. Bayo was seeing a different girl then. But I invited him to my posting and he came around. We mistakenly slept together and we both agreed it was just the heat of passion. No one knew about it and we agreed to keep it that way.

After our service, I got a job in Port Harcourt. My mother passed on and Bayo and Tega came for the burial. I was a wreck but both guys who are my best friends were there for me. After the burial, Tega and I began a romantic relationship and it grew stronger. Out of the blue Bayo called me, said he has always loved me and has made some self reflections and he wants us to be together.

I told Bayo I cant commit to him but I wont lie, I kind of like Bayo alot. Ever since I had that mistake S** with him, I always fantasized about him. Tega is cool too but Bayo’s S** game is stronger. I know once should not be with someone just because of S** but its like an added advantage.

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So, considering that both guys are my best buddies…if I drop Tega for Bayo…how do you think it would look? How will Tega feel? I mean, I really do not want to loose the friendship of both guys, they are very cool…we have deep friendship and have shared alot in the past…but I love both of them so much yet…I am more S**ually attracted to one of them…both of them are not aware that I am in love with both of them…Tega too has no knowledge that I once slept with Bayo.

If I don’t choose Bayo, I feel like that S**ual attraction will always be there between 2 of us…with Tega…hes ok but the love is more like sibling love as against fiery S**ual passionate love with Bayo…what should I do…who should I choose: passionate and fiery S**y Bayo or cool and brotherly love Tega?

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  1. Dear poster, it’s best you break up with tega and be with bayo cos with time you will cheat on tega…. But trust me, you have ruined the friendship without knowing it….

  2. You alone can make the right choice, you love S.e.x isn’t it? So please go for Bayo because we do not want more of heavy ️ rain,the ones wey don dey fall these days are becoming so alarming nnem.

    You have not gone too deep or far with Tega so biko continue from where you had the MISTAKE LOVE or S.e.x with Bayo,end things with Tega now,so that he doesn’t find out about Bayo now that you are still with him.
    Just make sure you are choosing the right man that will be a good father to your children not just for S.e.xual satisfaction ooo.


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