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True Life Story: My Cousin’s Widow Is In Love With Me Should I Pursue Her?


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True Life Story: My Cousin’s Widow Is In Love With Me Should I Pursue Her?

Hi Lively Stones Family,

Please something is really bothering my mind and I pray I will find good advice here. I want to ask for a friend and brother pls he told me and I quote

I reside in Port Harcourt about 1 and half years ago lost my cousin, he died of heart attack. After his death, her wife has been getting closer to me always calling me and visiting me and I am still single. I have had failed relationships in the past and I have been so unlucky with the kind of ladies I meet .

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They are always violent and disrespectful which I dislike so much ,but during my cousin’s lifetime, she was so good ,cool and caring to my cousin and they never had any misunderstanding and they married for just 6 years here in Port Harcourt before he died.

They never had a child due to infertility on the side of the cousin but now everyone like friends and family knows me and scared if I should make advances to her if they won’t be saying things against me or should I just forget and look for another lady to marry.

Please I  need your serious advise . She has fallen in love with me already.

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  1. Do not make any further advances with this lady. First communicate with your family and hear their opinions. If it is favourable then tell the lady to ask her family members too.
    You then will decide your actions.

  2. Dear men and women

    I want you to know that it’s not ot every man is a husband material.
    Some are friendzone materials.
    Some are Boyfriend materials.
    Some are S.e.x mate materials.
    Some are baby-papa materials.
    Some are husband materials.
    Some are father materials.
    Marry a Man that is a Brother, Husband and Father.

    Some of you, get into marriage with men who have no business being married.
    Marriage is not for everyone.
    Some men are not wired to function in matrimony.
    So please don’t allow marriage desperation or societal pressure to push you into the arms of a man who is not ready or suited for matrimony.
    Look around you, most men get married just for the status. Those are the men that marry wives and keep for their mothers and fathers to look after.
    I have seen men who married wives and travelled out of the country for 8, 9 and even 11 years without coming back home to see their wives.
    I mean “what is that?”
    You shouldn’t be theoretically married. Marriage must be practical.
    Some men are very selfish. Take this from me, a selfish man can never be a good husband.
    Matrimony thrives on mutualism. It is a give-and-take situation.
    Don’t marry a man because you are pregnant for him.
    Don’t marry him because he deflowered you.
    Don’t marry him because you are unemployed.
    Don’t marry him because you’ve dated him for long.
    Don’t marry him because you invested in him financially.
    Marry him because you believe he is worthy of being called your Husband and the father of your unborn kids.
    There are men everywhere/women everywhere, but both husband and wife is scarce.

    Learn this and marry right

  3. That woman is a suspect,she has fallen in love with you already just within how many years of her husband’s demise.

    Bros,look a way before e go choke. How do you know she is even in love with you? Hope you guys have not started doing the do sha? Must you marry your cousin’s wife,na she be the only woman in Portharcourt?

    Nna menh,dey your lane make you maintain your champion ooooo. No road for dia,you better look express before you cross because of egungun. I go in peace

  4. How can you want to marry your late cousin’s widow? What are you thinking?

    Are you so needy that you can’t see other women?


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