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True Life Story: My Husband’s Ex Wife Is Using Her Children To Take Steal My Glory


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True Life Story: My Husband’s Ex Wife Is Using Her Children To Take Steal My Glory

Dear Jzhane,

Please keep me anonymous. I need advise on what to do. The story is quite long but I will try and summarize it. Do you believe that someone can steal your glory? I know people can be superstitious but can they use jazz to take away someone’s glory? Here is my story: Ken (not real name) and I were classmates in the Polytechnic. Very good friends but Ken was always chasing businesses and most times, had me writing his tests or doing his assignments for him. I had a crush on him but I was too shy cos he already friend zoned me.

Just as we graduated from school, Ken told me a girl had gotten pregnant for him and the girl’s family were pressuring him to marry her. As a good friend, I advised him to marry this girl. Unknown to me, this girl was an OND drop out. When they got married, things started going bad for Ken my friend cos his wife was a stay at home wife, making high demands on Ken while Ken chased multiple streams of income to make ends meet.

Then Ken’s mother was sick and he had to care for her and spend alot of money. Ken stayed in touch with me but I had moved on to other things, I got a job and was earning well. I was in two relationships, one of them was supposed to lead to marriage but after four years, we broke up. For a while now, I have been single and Ken pops out of the blues to say his wife has abandoned him cos he is not able to take care of her financially like before. She had ran off with a man with wealth.

Ken had been financially down for almost two years and he started chatting me to assist him get a job. I love helping people so I helped him. He got a job although not a high paying one but it was better than nothing. Ken had to move to Lagos for the job. At first, Ken was squatting with a friend when he came to Lagos but he was not comfortable cos the friend had a wife and children in a two bedroom apartment.

So Ken would come over to my place at weekends just to get away from his friend. And that is how, Ken started developing feelings for me. I told him I had a crush on him when we were in school….he was surprised I did not make a move but you know…I am shy. Me and Ken got serious and he popped the question for me to marry him. I was overjoyed. We had a court wedding with just friends and family. Everyone was happy for us cos they all knew how long me and Ken have been friends.

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Then when it was holiday, Ken invited his children over to stay with us. I fell in love with his kids and treated them as mine. I even allow them sleep in our bedroom sometimes. After holiday was over, the children did not want to go so I allowed them to stay. And they have been staying with us for two years plus. All this time, I have been trying to get pregnant: every time I take in, I have a miscarriage. I became very worried. My mother started going to prophets to pray for me her daughter.

It was during her visits to the prophets that they told her that my husband’s first daughter is the one behind me not being able to conceive. That her mother gave her powers to make sure I never conceive. When my mother told me, I refused to believe it….but my mom got upset and came to my house…and ordered this seven year old girl to confess….the girl refused but then my mom slapped her and then she began to talk.

This seven year old girl said her mother came to her school and gave her jazz to use to make sure I never get pregnant for their dad otherwise, I will chase them from my house. She started crying and begging me not to send her away. This girl went to bring the jazz that she hid under my matrimonial bed and said her mother gave it to her and told her where to hide it.

Pandemonium broke out. When my husband came, he broke down….he now started realizing why his business failed after he married his kids baby mama. I told him to send the children away but he is begging me not to send them away cos that will mean sending the children back to their mom who is a bad woman to continue to corrupt them. We would have sent the children to my husband’s parents but my husband’s mother is old and frail…she cant take care of these children.

Right now, I am stuck with the children cos they have no where to go. My husband has taken them for deliverance but I am still not comfortable having them in my home. Please advise me…how do I handle this situation.  My husband is saying are innocent…that if they are my kids will I send them away after finding out they were being used? Do you think these kids are innocent?  I don’t want any problem with my husband but if staying with this children is going to make me uncomfortable, maybe its better we end this marriage and go our separate ways.

I have been praying and thinking of what to do especially now that I just found out that I am pregnant again. Should I stay and continue to harbor these children aged, seven, five and four…(my family, especially my mom wants the kids gone or divorce….she said these kids and their mother took their father’s glory and if I allow them stay….they will soon take my own glory). I am so scared that I might lose this pregnancy again.

Please do you believe these children mean to harm me or should I leave this marriage for these children and go and find my peace with another man? I love my husband but this is too much for me…just two years of marriage…see what is happening already.

Please advise me.

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  1. Three children,haaaaaaa ! This world sef,a mother gave her seven year old child jazz to keep under your matrimonial bed at this age,wahala dey ooo.

    Send the children to their mother biko,your marriage needs privacy,three children is just too much,you can keep the two younger ones or one person,the three of them can’t stay in your house biko.

    The Lord shall grant you safe delivery, this pregnancy shall stay and you shall birth a beautiful baby.

  2. If you want to have peace of mind and live long, you better leave that man. His wife will always have a hold on you and make life miserable for you because as far as she’s concerned, the man is her husband, she being his first wife.
    If the man cannot get a place to go live with his children, you have to leave the house for them. Stay where you can have peace of mind for the sake of your pregnancy and safe delivery.
    Leave that marriage alone.
    You had your chance when you were both single, but you didn’t seize it, just as the man said that you should have told him of your feelings for him. Now, it’s late. Another woman who’s married to him is involved with THREE children!
    Please, that man is not the only man on earth. You will get your own husband when the time comes.


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