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True Life Story: Please Advise-Does Uncircumcision Affect A Man’s Performance?


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True Life Story: Please Advise-Does Uncircumcision Affect A Man’s Performance?

Hello Lively Stones,

I am an ardent follower and I learn alot ever since I started following your platform. One of the things I have learnt from Lively Stones is that, before you commit to a relationship that might lead to marriage, you must discuss the little details of how you and your spouse will operate things like finances, S**, babies,etc. So for a while, I was not dating but three months ago, I met someone amazing in all aspects.

Lets call him Douglas. Hes well travelled and from an exposed background, I learn quite a lot from him cos he is a wealth of knowledge, he is doing well in his business’ and I can see myself marrying him when he proposes. Of course, we have not been intimate cos I want to see how far we can go first. But we cuddle and kiss. And we talk. Somehow, we were watching a movie last week and the movie got to a point where a couple had a disagreement about whether to circumcised their baby boy.

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As for me, I told my Dough that male circumcision is a must …why will anyone be debating that. Dough was like, what’s the big deal, that he also does not see why men should be circumcised. And he dropped the bomb: he said he is not circumcised. I was in shock. I was like, are you joking? He said no…WTF? All my life, my father, my brother, every guy I know has been circumcised….how am I supposed to marry someone who is not and does not believe in it?

I told him he was joking cos I cant believe it….he was like why wont I believe it? He then asked me if I am circumcised as a female, I told him no…he then said, why am I being a hypocrite about circumcision .I told him the bible recommends it for every son of a christian and he said its not compulsory for him. He said circumcision will not determine whether one will make heaven or not. That the bible says we should circumcise our heart, that is more important.

Like…I am confused…I checked online and read about the effects of an uncircumcised male organ and when I should him, he said it does not apply to him cos he is clean and he does not keep multiple partners. I need advice, are there men out there who are uncircumcised? why are they not circumcised? If you are uncircumcised, please tell me, does it affect S**ual performance?

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What about medically? does it affect? I love Dough but is this matter of not circumcising a deal breaker? cos if we marry, he wont circumcise our sons too? I feel quite uneasy about it but Dough says I am just worried about what people will say cos its tradition to be circumcised and it does not make any man less than a man. I have never met a man that is not circumcised before.

Please if you are uncircumcised….please reach out in the comments section. I would like to know if its alright …and I want to know if it has any side effects. As a woman, will I enjoy S** with an uncircumcised man? Is there a difference in S.e.xual performance of an uncircumcised man and a circumcised man? Which one is better?

And for those with more knowledge on the matter, please advice on the subject matter…..and as a believer, please help me explain this scripture cos Dough says that circumcision of the heart is what God is after now. Please explain Romans 2 ver 25 to 29.

I will be in the comments section reading. Thank you.


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  1. Does uncircumcision affect his performance on bed? You need to know or find out by allowing him have you since you love him so much and at the same time need to clear your doubt about uncircumcised men.

    Will uncircumcision affect his sperm from impregnating you? No

    Why are you bothered about uncircumcision?

    Let your mind be at rest and build your relationship in a godly way just like he has said that it is our hearts that needs to be circumcised.


  2. Ridiculous!
    I’m hearing it for the first time that a mature man is not circumcised
    You need to discuss with a consultant to know the pros and cons of uncircumcision
    Even Northerners embrace circumcision.
    I live in the North. Though they do it late but they still do it
    It’s not even for Abrahamu covenant, it’s for medical reasons
    Most male children are circumcised immediately after naming when they’re just a week old
    Don’t prove it’s effect with S.e.x o. It’s ungodly to engage in S.e.x before marriage
    Read about and see a specialist
    Good luck


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