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True Story: My Girlfriend Is Too Dependent Advice Needed


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True Story: My Girlfriend Is Too Dependent Advice Needed



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Hello dear …….

I have been dating a girl for the past 5 years she has every thing I want in a lady but she’s too dependent since I have been dating her I buy from latest iPhones to sanitary pads , data , house rent , I even sent her to a fashion school which I spent millions on her, when she was at the fashion school.

Ever since she has resumed her school I told her won’t she be doing something in school like handling her friends and clients wears like sowing and selling quality materials I promise to open website , create mobile app , register her company , open cooperate account for her she’s yet to believe she can start making money her self.


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During the conversation she told me how do I expect her to cope with class I was like woman I only allowed you to school because you should be able to stand out at-least you are not working for any one even when we get married she insists until she finish her school honestly I was pissed and decided not to give her any penny again until she fix her self..

Because I am a business man I have businesses running I believe my partner should also be doing something for her self not depending on me most time I don’t feel comfortable spending a dime on her again..

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I need advice..
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  1. My brother you started what you couldn’t finish.

    Now,here is the deal. Give her sometime to acquire more,talk to her from time to time about being independent,you are a business man,she needs some kind of orientation, get people she listens to ,so that they can talk to her about being confident and bold. She needs to know that she can make money on her own and stop being dependent.

    But is five years not too much bayi? Abeg do something about marriage ooo,five years is way too much ooo. God bless you


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