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True Story: My Husband Refuses To Take Me Out


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True Story: My Husband Refuses To Take Me Out


Hello guys,

Straight to the topic. In my eight years of marriage, he has never taken me out. I look good and dress well, i even have toasters outside. I am very faithful to him. I actually envy couples that go to outing, take pictures, create memories with their loved ones, but his own is different.

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Whenever i bring it up, he starts talking about this responsibility and the other one. I even told him that we should add money together just incase he doesnt have much, but he refused. I want to experience it and also want my 5 year old daughter to experience it too but she has never. He promised me that if i take in, he would take me out. It happened and he gave excuses until i forgot it.

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He then said wen i put to bed, we will go out. We never did. Even we dont celebrate anniversary because he doesnt want to spend anything. Na by force i dey take buy pepper meat and drink bitter just to mark the day. There was a day his friend offered to take me out in his presence. He didnt say anything. When it was almost evening time and I reminded the friend, if u see the way my husband shouted that i was long throat and that its ojukokoro that will kill me. I was so embarrassed.


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Now we are not on talking terms since yesterday because I reminded him about this outing issue, he said that with me, he knows he will never progress because I was an enemy of progress. Please i am dying of boredom and I cant go out with another man because he will get angry. Please is this stinginess or wat?

PS : he dishes soup for me because he counts meat in the pot. I dont steal meat ooo

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Source: Nairaland

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  1. Nne biko how did you marry such a man that gives you meat himself from the pot? What part of the world does he belong or come from?

    Nne this is your cross,you have to bear and carry it ooo,water pass garri for this matter ooo,huh.
    A man that counts meat,nne please keep managing,you see people wey sabi GIVE,as in AKANCHAWA men you decide to go marry ARADITE alias AKA GUM. Please endure and cope with his life style.

    Do you want to divorce him? NO ,do you want to cheat and start going out with men,I hope not,so please keep managing until God changes him ,okay. It is well ooooooooo

  2. That was how I escaped from a guy who sees going out as a waste of money, but he can spend the whole day watching football in a viewing center
    If I go out with other friends, he gets extremely jealous
    I had to give myself brain and leave him. It just a relationship and not a marriage.

    So my sister I’m sure you saw the flags before marriage but you decided to call it being conscious of spending

    Table your matter to God, he’ll change him
    You cannot change a man by yourself


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