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3 common mistakes that destroy marriages


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Common mistakes that destroy  marriages are misdemeanors that break homes than any other thing. However, it is quite unfortunate that many couples are oblivious of this!
Marriage is an institution established by God. It’s a union of two different people; a man and a woman, with one mutual goal; to prosper and multiply!
3 common mistakes that destroy marriages
God has never established marriage for endurance; it’s for enjoyment! However, a lot of couples find it difficult to dwell with each other since their marriage have become a prototype of hell; not rosy at all! Some even divorce at the wee hours after wedding over a trivial matter!

In the other hand, some spouses; especially men, do wonder why prosperity,wealth and success seem far away from them as they struggle, huzzle and wallow in lack. Even though some used to live fine before they got married, why are things now hard for them inside marriage?  He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord is what the scripture says. Why is it that some men obtain pain and suffering instead of favour in their homes?

In this insight, I will be sharing three common mistakes that destroy marriages  and delays prosperity. Therefore, pay maximum attention to every detail!

3 common mistakes that destroy marriages:


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3 common mistakes that destroy marriages

1. Maltreatment/ bullying :

Many men don’t know the repercussions of maltreating and,or beating their wives. If they knew, they will never raise their hands on their wives.
Do you know that beating ones wife is like digging ones grave? Do you know that when a man beats his wife, he reduces his prosperity and success level? You don’t!  Okay, I’ll prove it to you.

The scripture says in proverb 18:22 that “he who findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord”; meaning that you obtain God’s favour through the wife you marry.

However, the only way you can obtain this favour is provided in 1peter 3:7 ” husband, dwell with your wife with understanding, giving honour to the wife as to the weaker vessel…that your prayers may not be hindered“! Hence, a man is expected to live with his wife with understanding; honour her and treat her like a weaker vessel!Do you beat or maltreat someone you’re instructed to honour and understand? Wait, even God knows women can be funny and annoying sometimes,that’s why he’s instructed men to live with them with understanding!

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Moreover, if you treat your wife like trash, according to 1 Peter 3:7…that your prayers may not be hindered“, you’ll get cursed instead of favoured and even if you pray, your prayers may be hindered because God may not listen! Do you now understand why it’s bad and destructive for a man to maltreat his wife?

 So, respect your woman, honour her, cherish her,love her and take good care of her if you desire success.

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2. Infidelity:

Common mistakes that destroy marriages

Nowadays, many married men are fond of cheating on their wives. Some have even seen cheating as a normal thing as they can’t do without having a side chick, thereby making them irresponsible at home!  The bitter truth is that, a wife’s one minute wholehearted prayer is viable than some men’s seven days prayer and fasting! God loves women so much because they’re like last born to Him(Eve was created after Adam), that’s why He can’t stand their pains and cries; or how do you love your lastborns too?

So, if you cheat on your wife, do you honour her? Will she smile and bless you if she finds out? Even if a woman doesn’t know her husband cheats on her, if she prays for him, her prayer would automatically become a curse! His prayers will be hindered until he changes. Infact, sleeping around with other women apart from your wife isn’t healthy! One can contact STDs and die untimely. Why now doing something that’s lethal and deadly?

Therefore, don’t cheat on your wife. There’s not any reason for a man to cheat on his wife just has women don’t have reasons to cheat on their husbands! Be faithful with your spouse if you desire happiness in your marriage!

3. Take good care of your wife:

3 common mistakes that destroy marriages

One of the common mistakes that destroy marriages is not caring for your spouse.Do you know the more you take care of your wife, the more your success increases? Yes! If you take good care of your wife, love and honour her,make her happy all the day, your life will never be miserable!

A Woman’s womb is just like photocopy machine; it duplicates whatever a man deposits. That’s why a man will get a baby after donating his sperm. If you give your wife happiness, you get Joy in return; if you give her laughter, you get peace; and if you give her trouble, you get double! So, what do you want to get from your wife? Is it happiness or the opposite? Is it success or poverty? I believe you now know what to do. Choose wisely!

Next session will be the mistakes women make that destroy their homes. Make sure you share this knowledge so that men around you would learn from it.

Thank you, for reading! Your opinion matters, you’re free to drop your comments at the comment section.

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