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Julia Fox Says She Told Kanye West All About Her History with Drake the First Day They Met


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Julia Fox Says She Told Kanye West All About Her History with Drake the First Day They Met


Just so you know, nothing happened between Julia Fox and Drake before she started her whirlwind, definitely-not-a-PR-stunt romance with Kanye West. And Julia told Kanye all about the nothing that happened between her and Drake right away when they met (you know, the way you do when you’re interested in someone who had a very public feud with someone you definitely never had a romantic history with).

Julia explained the whole sitch on the newest episode of her Forbidden Fruits podcast, which is one of her top two favorite outlets for sharing news about her personal life.

“He’s a great guy and a gentleman… and that was it. Nothing really happened, we were just, like, friends hanging out,” she explained during Friday’s episode of the podcast. “I wouldn’t say that we were dating.”

On the episode, Julia also addressed the Kanye piece of the whole nothing-REALLY-happening-between-her-and-great-guy/gentleman-Drake ~thing~. Apparently, it was a conversation she and Ye had right away when they met (even though she says Drake and Ye aren’t really feuding anymore and, even if they were, nothing really happened between her and Drake anyway).

“I feel like they’ve squashed their issues,” she said. “Obviously, when I first started speaking to Ye, I told him immediately—I think on the first day, before it went any further—because I’m just an honest person.”

In case you’re feeling very “….wait, wut?” about why Julia felt the need to address her history with Drake in the first place, here’s a little background: Last month, sources told Page Six that Julia and Drake had a thing about a year before she met Kanye. The story goes that Drake slid into Julia’s DMs after seeing her in Uncut Gems, which led to a brief romance that included trips to New York, LA, and even to his hometown of Toronto together. One of the insiders said the Toronto trip was cut short by the pandemic, however, because, “They were closing the border [between Canada and the US], and she had to get back home.” At the time, Page Six also reported that Drake had given Julia two Birkin bags during the short ‘ship and “that Ye is not thrilled about it” (although he does now have the Birkin bag upper hand, since he gave Julia AND ALL HER FRIENDS Birkin bags for her birthday).

This concludes today’s exercise in deeply analyzing everything about Kanye West and Julia Fox’s relationship. I mean, for now at least because honestly, who knows when more ~details~ will be revealed/demand to be overanalyzed?



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