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True Life Story: A Beautiful Hook Up Girl Shares Her Story Of Abuse-Pls Help


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True Life Story: A Beautiful Hook Up Girl Shares Her Story Of Abuse-Pls Help

Hello Lively Stones,

Kissy (not real name) is my on and off girlfriend. She is a 21 year old medical student. Very brilliant, she got admission to study medicine at the age of 17. In two years or so, she will be graduating, her GPA is fire, she is that hot. About from being a very intelligent girl, she is very pretty….breath taking…shes tall with long legs and she looks like a mermaid (Ogbanje). We met when she was 20 years old, last year…we met at a hook up club.

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When we met, the hook up was great cos, she is s3xy and s3xy…like damn…this girl fine die….I asked her for her no and from then, hook up with her turned into, relationship. But she refused to stop the hook up business, so I knew we could not be real girlfriend/boyfriend. I was shocked when she told me that she was a medical student and that the hook up is what pays her bills through school. I wanted to promise to sponsor her in school but I wont be able to do that with my current earnings. So we kept in touch and just became friends after.

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Kissy had a party for her 21st birthday and she invited me. I came for the party. I noticed she had one dude around her who she introduced as her man. I thought, well, they are dating or something like that…but after the party, Kissy called me to ask that we reconnect. I was like…but you have a new man…she was like…he is just a hook up, a permanent hook up. Kissy is irresistible so I obliged and we agreed to meet at a hotel. We met and had a great time.

We were still at the hotel when Kissy’s phone started ringing. It was that her permanent hook up guy. The guy was calling non stop. I noticed Kissy was very scared and I had to ask what the issue was. She told me that the guy is very possessive and does not want her around other men, that he wants her only for himself. So, I told her, that she can tell him to stop bothering her if that is what she wants….that was when Kissy said she cant…that the man beats her up when she tries to stand up to him.

Kissy also said the man made a s3x tape of her and has been threatening to release the tape if she does not stop seeing other men. The problem with the s3x tape is not that she is afraid of it being leaked but she is afraid because the guy filmed her having group s3x with about five men. That he is threatening to expose her to her school authority and they may expel her. So I asked her why she still came to see me after knowing the situation she is in, Kissy said because of all the men she has been with, I am the only one who treated her with genuine love.

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I was shocked but also afraid for her. Kissy showed me pictures of bruises this guy has inflicted on her. I advised her to go to the police and she said this guy has friend very high up in the police, in politics and even military. She was so terrified,…I didn’t know what to do to help her. So, I told her that I will share her story on Lively Stones to get advise on how she can get the help that she requires.

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Kissy is so scared that she is even considering running away to disappear but she is in her fifth year studying medicine…she might not graduate if she runs away. And she has worked so hard to get to this level….what she is now suggesting is that…can she tell the man that I am her fiancé….that maybe a way to discourage the man from further tormenting. But the way she described how powerful the man is, will that even make him stop harassing her? She then said….lets get married…and then we can legally take an action against him if she is my legal wife.

This Kissy girl has suffered and I really want to help her but I am not sure if marrying her will solve her problem. Plus…how can I marry her…she is really not the kind of person I pictured my future wife will be…not someone who has whored her body her whole adult life. I am not judging her but its the fact. Yes, she was just struggling to go to school but doing hook up is not the only way to hustle. She is smart and intelligent and beautiful…she could have done anything legit. What if there are future repercussions of how she lived her life? Will I be able to bear that?

I am not judging her…she is my friend…I want to help her…I don’t want her to be harmed by this man or the other men sleeping with her. She is in a dangerous situation…I don’t blame that man for trying to control her because Kissy is actually a very beautiful lady with a bright future…she is just making wrong choices because of her situation…the man wants to make her his slave…his s3x slave…I have not been able to relax since she told me this days ago.  How else can I help her apart from marrying her? Will even the marriage suggestion solve the problem? Please send me your suggestions. Thank you.



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  1. Dear poster,I understand how worried you are concerning your friend Kissy but does she not have family members? Where is her family? Why is she into hook up at this tender age?

    She is just 21 and she’s done somuch huuuuuummmmm,nawaoooo .

    Anyways,I would advice you mind your business at this point,why do you want to marry her? You better breathe before you will be suffocated by Kissy’s problems. Have you asked her why the guy beats her? Have you asked her what she did to the guy? Sleeping with five men is even enough to beat the hell out of her.

    What she should do is report the guy to the police first,it doesn’t matter if he is highly connected,let her do first thing first and stop this hook up,I pray she stops sef,even in marriage,I’m not sure she will be able to stop because she has started this for a very long time.

    Keep advising,she needs to stop this hook up game and be reasonable. Don’t marry her ooo,no allow that girl carry you go where you no know.

    A word is enough for the wise!

  2. Dear poster as much as you want to help, you really need to thread with caution because how sure are that she’s telling the truth. You really don’t know what transpired between them. I will suggest the girl should fake being sick, let her get hospital report that says she’s HIV positive with Hepatitis B and other plenty sickness, the guy will run for his dear life. Also encourage Kissy to start a business, do remote work rather than be a hook up girl. She just needs Christ and I can that she will be fine

    • I laughed when I read this. If the man thought she was raped and she found out she contracted all those diseases when she went for a test, He would surely run for his life but when he finds he is clean he may doubt it and monitor her movements.

      To keep safe, she needs to find some women’s protection movement that works and lodge her case, keep a low profile afterwards and not be seen with any guy including you as it would raise doubt. Most importantly, she needs to embrace Christ and have some female good friends, turn a new leaf and do legit work to finish off school. If you can rally rounds and help her in anyway please do without taking anything back and avoiding physical contact as it can jeopardise your safety too.

      Again you were sewing bad seeds, you cannot marry her type but you can join to destroy someone else’s daughter even if it is consensual. Don’t you know someone else can be doing same to the wife you eventually marry?
      Please don’t sleep with her again even if she comes on you.

      She is a medical student, she should know better than to do all these. I pray she truly embraces Christ and sticks to the right way to live. Her future can still be bright, she should concentrate on trying to graduate, if she does this, she is quite likely with Christ, a medical degree, brains and beauty to still marry the best of men BUT it hinges on her turning a new leaf from NOW.

  3. Dear poster I understand your concern for kissy

    But thread carefully before you land yourself in serious trouble

    She hasn’t mention why the guy beats her or is it his style of sex let her come out open

    I smell lack of total sincerity from her because if the guy maltreats for sharing her body with other men knowing fully that’s her hustle and also the sex tape why will she suggest marriage because it definitely not solve the problem she’s facing she might be manipulating you.

    I feel and smell a trap here
    It’s either Kissy is dating the guy and doesn’t want to leave the hook up business my perception though probably she doesn’t see him in her future I smell manipulation .

    But you appear to be cool headed and caring Mr nice guy so she has found her Mr right if you marry her alot will be unravelled that you didn’t plan for precise you are only attracted by lust and not love

    Let her leave that job and the battery guy if she’s ready for marriage probably manage a remote job or work per time to support her studies

    She needs to turn a new leaf she has been through alot she needs God also

    I pray she finds the peace that she seek soon

  4. You seem to be a “nice guy” the kind of men that can simp for women, you all don’t learn and make women your world, lol. You even mentioned about wanting to sponsor her to school, lol, you these men don’t learn at all.

    Why will you be having sex with a woman not your wife? You are only destroying yourself bro, STOP IT NOW. Kissy is a wayward girl, leave her alone, I don’t think she is be honest with you, don’t be a fool man, leave her.

    Tell her to leave the guy and the reckless life she is leaving but don’t be with her, leave her. Don’t even think of marrying her bro, do not, you will regret it.

    You said these two statements:

    – Plus…how can I marry her…she is really not the kind of person I pictured my future wife will be…not someone who has whored her body her whole adult life.

    – What if there are future repercussions of how she lived her life? Will I be able to bear that?

    Bro, I repeat leave her alone.

  5. Bro

    Even tho you dey jaye. I see the empath in you and this lady has seen same, so she’ll want to hold you down… She’s practicing what her master has taught her on you… manipulation… she may not be 100% aware that she is mentally messed up and already exhibiting traits of her master but she’s started already… with power and money, you might not recognise her anymore…

    My advice, resist the temptations to stay around her… Friendship is OK but stop getting involved with her… You know why? You’ll be the target of her master… I won’t be surprised that you’re being watched already… Don’t ruin your family because of your lust and jiration…

    Keep your distance from that lady… She needs a therapist and counselor and lawyer not marriage nor relationship… she’s too damaged to function in any commitment at the moment…

    Keep your distance o Bro

    To help her, connect her to livelystones, she’ll get help from the team of professionals we have but I don’t think she’s ready to stop… So just advice her to try finish her studies and maybe travel out… She can start her life over when she relocates… And by then, she’ll be free from her master… She just need to plan her escape since she’s intelligent…

    But trust me, she cannot function in marriage or monogamous relationship at the moment until she’s treated and commits to a new way of life…

    You cannot be her deliverer Bro… You don’t have the grounds to be… So detangle or detach and face your front, grow your life and be a better person for you and your future family…
    Hopefully jazz never enter your matter with Kissy…

    Or if you have a mother, go to her and discuss all these details with her, she fit help you wash your face well well…

    You’re not the solution to that lady’s problem Bro… Give her space and watch your back too…

    If she really need or want help, let her talk to professionals or go to the counseling unit of her school/college… She’ll be free when she’s ready to be…

  6. Possessive men like that don’t leave that easy. Even with police restrictions and all, they will still stalk their victim. You should also know that once if finds out there’s another man in her life, he would be after your head as he sees you as a reason why kissy may be against him. GUY RUN!!! It’s not worth it.


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