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True Life Story: Hiding An Abomination To Save My Marriage


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True Life Story: Hiding An Abomination To Save My Marriage

Hello Lively Stones,

My husband did something abominable and he is begging me to keep it a secret. To me, I feel like keeping it a secret, he may do it again. Besides, I do not want to be a part of his son, covering it up will mean I am supporting his actions but if I expose him, my marriage might as well be over cos he will never forgive me.

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My husband used to tell me about his favorite cousin that lives in America. I never met her but she calls everyday. She is married to an American. My husband told me how close they wee growing up. When my husband travelled last year, he stayed in her house in Atlanta.

This year, she told my husband she was coming for summer. My husband made me prepare for her coming. She came in 2 weeks ago. I accepted her like my own cousin too cos I see how close she and my husband are.

So, she came around and stayed in a hotel before moving to see her folks in Benin. She’s supposed to go back by the end of the week so she decided to spend the rest of her stay with us. I cooked and welcomed her into my home. I had heard so many nice stories about her and I was happy to finally meet her in person.

Last Friday, we all had a sumptuous dinner I prepared, catfish pepper soup with drinks. She specially asked for it and I delivered it. After eating, we watched some movies on Netflix. I got sleepy after a while so o slept off on the sofa. Hubby asked me to go to the bedroom and sleep. I did.

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I slept for like 2 hours and suddenly work up. The sound of the TV was still on. I thought they were still watching movies cos my husband was not beside me in bed when I woke up. I went to ease myself and felt thirsty too. So I went for a drink of water.

I past the sitting room to the dinning to get water and noticed Hubby or his cousin were not in the sitting room watching TV yet the TV was on. I put off the TV and was about to walk back to my room but I caught some moaning sounds and stopped and listened. It’s was coming from the guest room.

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Still with sleepy eyes….I walked to the guest room door…and heard clear sounds of s3x …I pulled open the door without thinking…and saw an abomination. My husband and cousin were f*cking. They were so engrossed they didn’t even notice me. I had to scream for them to realize.

Mhnnnmmmm….I cannot explain all that happened after . Fear, disbelief, shock…all those emotions filled me. I started crying. Husband had gotten himself, put on his boxers and kneeling down to beg. Aunty Mrs.  Cousin just sat on her bed with the duvet and was looking like nothing happened.

All I kept saying was why…why…why…my husband kept saying sorry…please forgive me…please cover my shame. Meanwhile…the cousin said please stop crying…your husband and I are in love but we cannot marry because our families will not agree.

From her statements, I realized this was not the first time. Hubby told me not to listen to her but he didn’t deny that this was not the first time. I cried all night….I threatened to leave the marriage…hubby kept begging but cousin was not remorseful for once.

So by morning….I told husband to send the evil cousin away. He could not until I threatened to leave the house with my kids. It took husband almost 3 hours to convince his cousin to leave our home. He took her in his car and took her to a hotel. He didn’t come back until almost 7pm. I could not talk to him or face him. I was too shocked, sad and angry.

On Sunday morning, I could not go to church. Husband continued to beg. He said he and his cousin explored as kids, had s3x when she came to their house for holidays. That she took his virginity. That he had gotten over her but  She still has feelings for him and he got seduced by her that Friday night after I left to sleep. That she aroused all the urges that in him that he had forgotten about.

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My husband is saying I should forgive him and cover his shame…that he will never do it again but I told him if we cover it…he will do it again when another opportunity comes. My heart is heavy. I told my husband I cannot promise to cover his shame cos he has covered it for so many years until now. So it’s obvious he may not stop even though am now aware.

My husband got upset and said if I say anything he will never forgive me. How can he say that after hurting me like this? After committing such an evil like incest with his blood cousin, his father’s elder sister’s daughter?

Please I need advise on how to go about this…I cannot just forgive him like this….and I cannot keep this secret, will that not mean I am condoning their sin? I need your advise on what to do.


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  1. I really need to get something straight here,wait ooooo,so the girl is his real and actual cousin because as I was reading I thought he lied about she being his cousin,not even knowing that she is indeed your husband’s cousin.

    No wonder wey una collect apple chop,no remorse,he is not even sober,this is so pathetic,I can’t believe this,and he had the got, temerity, audacity to have sex with his cousin in his matrimonial home.

    Nne,you can’t cover this biko,this is incest, abomination,sin,Aru,shameful and also very shameless,you must voice out,all his family members has to know,this is no longer marriage,this is bondage, prison,so if he continues,you will keep covering,and one day when you stop covering,he will probably kill you and then lie to people that something tragic happened to you.

    Conclusion .Spill,talk,voice out,that thing that will happen tomorrow,let it begin to happen this night.

    I feel your pain,sorry nnem,it is well with you my darling.

  2. Keeping that evil secret will make you regret for the rest of your life. It will mean giving your husband license to continue in that evil, because he if you don’t expose them, they will not stop, and most importantly bringing the anger of God upon you because you are covering evil, which makes you an accomplice.

    I wonder how you will be sharing your husband with someone and he’s telling you not to speak out. Who does that?
    And the woman doesn’t give a damn about you or any exposure.

    You have to expose that evil to exonerate yourself from any judgement that will definitely come upon them.

  3. Don’t expose anything, just tell him to cut off from her completely, what will you gain if you tell other family members.

    The two comments up, when women post stories of their adultery, you all never tell her to confess but it’s a man’s turn, you think the family members should know.

    Dear sister, tell him to cut off from her completely.

    This place got me “your husband and I are in love but we cannot marry because our families will not agree.”….are you sure they are cousins.


    • Because of that statement….that they’re in love,do you think he will cut her off? Which man wrongs you,then tells you if you speak about his abominable deeds,he won’t forgive you? I mean, using reverse psychology to turn you into the bad person while he’s the one who did wrong. She should not only tell his family people everything,she should also quit that marriage. There’s nowhere they’re headed after such revelation. This lady will never get past this revelation no matter what happens.i know I can’t forget about it let alone forgive.

    • Rather than contemplating telling or not why not just go to a lawyer and get a divorce and leave them to their fate…. You caught them today, someone else will catch them tomorrow

      He has broken your trust and you still staying in the house with a secret that can ruin him is a risk on your path…It is sad your marriage would have to end either ways cause you might forgive him but cannot forget the pain

      Your mental health should be prioritize here….even the children too, you still staying in the house can have a negative effect on their mental health too ..it is just sad their life would never be the same again, but it is for the best you leave..He would sign the divorce papers but not threaten him please


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