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True Life Story: How Do I Prove My Love & Commitment?


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True Life Story: How Do I Prove My Love & Commitment?

Hello Lively Stones,

I have a question for the house, especially guys. Please, when a guy you like says, you should prove your love to him, what exactly does he mean? The reason I ask is, I was dating this guy after school and then I went for my service year. We decided to breakup cos we both met other people when I left. I met a guy I liked in my place of assignment, and he too wanted to move on with someone else so no one will accuse each other of cheating.

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So, fast forward to the end of my service year. I am back home and somehow; this guy and I started chatting. He is still with his babe that he met after I left for service, but he immediately started reaching out to me when I returned. Initially, I thought he just wanted to catch feelings because maybe he missed me or so but as time went on, I had to ask him why he is with me when he still has a girlfriend.

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This was his response: he said he has not ended things with the girl because he is not sure of my mind for him. That I broke his heart when I left for youth service, so he wants to make sure I can prove to him that I really want him before he can break up with the other girl. To me, that sounded strange so I told him, its either he breaks up with her or he should forget about me.

And that is where the problem is: we can’t seem to stay away from each other. Cos, as much as I have told him to break up….if he calls me, I still respond and I discovered I have strong feelings for him. I am not that type of girl to behave anyhow. I want to be in a decent relationship. How do I let this guy out of my feelings or how do I prove my love for him, to break up with the other girl.

I don’t even know what I am saying…I feel like I am rambling, but I really want this guy permanently…Is he trying to make me beg him or what? what do I do please….make una no abuse me o….na love I love. I no kee person….lol

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  1. You should tell him you are really into him. Tell him how you feel and that you are willing to commit to a serious relationship with him. However you know what that means because he will have to break up with a girl that has probably not hurt him

  2. Dear poster, you shouldn’t be the one proven your love to him, rather he should be the one doing that.. Build your worth, value and add to yourself values that no man can resist. He made it sounds as if you’re desperate. When a man wants you, he will do everything to have you but please don’t be the one chasing after him

  3. You have to be very firm about what you really want. Do you really want this guy? After breaking up and going your separate ways he is now coming back to you all of a sudden,huh!

    Why does he want to break up with his present babe? Has the girl offended him? How sure are you that he will not break up with you when he finds another attractive babe?

    The only way you can prove your love to him is by staying faithful, abstain from any form of immortality,no S.e.x,be focused,get busy,give your life a meaning,if he wants you,he will come for you with the whole of his heart not giving you nonsense condition on how to prove one yeye love to him,he is not even serious.

    I pray you find a good job soon. God bless you!


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