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True Life Story: How I Am Being Framed Because The Seduction Failed


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True Life Story: How I Am Being Framed Because The Seduction Failed

Hi Lively Stones,

Last weekend, we went for my cousin’s house warming party. He had built a new house in Lekki and invited friends and family to the party. It was a very fun night and I met a lot of big shots from my cousin’s professional circle and I took advantage to network with some of them. As the party got into the late night, a lot of people were lit and acting a bit tipsy, just normal reaction sha.

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One particular relative, she is from my father’s side started to dance with most of the guys, twerking and doing all kinds of sexy moves and the guys were hailing her, spraying her money. Then later, I noticed that this lady was sitting on my cousin’s lap. And he was fingering her. Not much people noticed what was going on but I noticed and I was shocked. I had to pretend not to be seeing cos it was really awkward for me.

This my cousin is married with two kids. The wife and children stay in Canada but they were around for the housewarming party. The poor woman does not know what her husband was acting like a dog with another woman. Not too long after, people started leaving gradually and I got ready to leave when this same relative that was getting fingered came to me and asked if I could drop her off or take her to a distance where she can get a cab.

Initially I refused but she said cos it was late, the cabs were not easily around, so I decided to drop her off. As I  drove off, she wanted to chat but I kept quiet cos I  did not think I wanted her to think I may be interested in her. Then she began to remove her buttons, she started touching herself and moaning…she brought out her phone….started to video herself like she was having an intimate moment….she was putting her fingers inside her and licking it….so I had to tell her to stop…infact…I shouted at her to stop this rubbish….

This lady realized I was not interested…so she said,….sorry sir. Then, out of curiosity, I questioned her and asked her why she let my cousin finger her, why she was twerking her big bom on the guys. She apologized and said she got carried away , that there was nothing to it. That she was just playing like she was playing with me in the car. I told her I dont like that kind of play.

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So when we got to a bustop for her to alight, she thanked me again for my advise and said she wanted to ask me a question…I said ok…she can ask. This lady then asked me that is it wrong for her to be sleeping with a married man if his wife is aware? That she has been thinking long about it, that she is sleeping with that cousin of ours but that the wife is fully aware cos the wife told her to help her keep her husband ‘occupied’ since she is abroad.

According to her, there are other ladies also that sleep with that our cousin and the wife is also aware…I could not believe what she told me but she showed me their chats and evidence of payment she received from the wife for keeping her husband occupied. Well, I advised her to stop sleeping with a married man even if the wife is the one encouraging it. This lady thanked me and she left.

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Two days later, I started receiving messages and my wife too received messages from some concerned family members that they is rumor going on that I was caught with a certain lady in a party two days ago and that I was caught having s3x with the certain lady. My phone was filled with many concerned messages that the certain lady was telling everyone that when I picked her from the party two days ago, that I was forcing her to have s3x with me and that she even had to give me oral s3x in my car.

Now, my friends and family are all calling and asking me what happened. That everyone saw the girl was acting like a prostitute at the party …so why would I give her a ride after the party. I have tried to explain myself….but no one is believing me….they are saying why will I carry such a person in my car and since there was no witness, how do I prove that I did not have s3x with this girl in my car?

And then, to make matters worse…the short video of the girl in my car was being circulated…the video was like 11 seconds….and it was muted so no one can hear when I shouted at her to stop as she was touching herself with her breast open….now, it is  obvious to everyone this girl is a loose girl….I am baffled how it she is now trying to frame me. I have told everyone and my wife that nothing happened after all, I was not in the video but they said why will I allow her do a naked video in my car…. no one is believing cos they all saw how the girl was flirting with most of the men at the party….that why did I have to be the one to drop her off.

See…since no one is believing me….I think I want to spill the secrets this girl told me about my cousin and his wife….so that they can know the kind of girl she is…but I feel the girl is lying against me on the account of my cousin…maybe she told my cousin what I advised her and they  told her to lie against me cos I advised her to stop sleeping with a married man. I am very worried cos this matter is currently destroying my reputation among family and friends.

How do I prove that nothing happened with this girl? Did I do wrong for trying to advise this girl?  Should I reveal what she told me about my cousin and his wife? Will that make any difference? How do I even know that this girl did not lie about everything by herself…could that be possible? I feel they just want to destroy me for trying to advise this girl. I do not even have this girl’s no to confront her. My wife is very upset with me cos she has heard how badly this girl was displaying at the party.

Please advice me. I need to clear my name.


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  1. You have nothing to worry about as long as you are telling the truth,if you are very sure that you didn’t do anything with that home wrecker then you don’t have any problem.

    The only person you should apologize to,is your beautiful wife,she needs to know all that happened,it doesn’t matter if the girl made some videos in your car,just tell her all that happened,from how your cousin was fingering her and she asking you to drop her off, just tell her, everything ,period. Including what the girl told you about your cousin’s wife who is abroad,just tell your wife everything.

    Within one or two months ,all these will die down biko,don’t bother your head over nothing,don’t bother yourself over dem say dem say,over what a cheap and stupid girl has done to tarnish your image.

    Now,you have to be careful next time,don’t make your wife see reason not to trust you oooo,e get why,if you have the intentions of cheating on your wife or you are already cheating,you better stop because your wife will start monitoring every of your movement henceforth even to call you answer,be careful ooooo.

    God bless you! Whatever anyone is saying about the matter is their business not yours, afterall talk is cheap and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Let there be peace in your home, amen.

  2. You’re at fault if your wife doesn’t trust you. Communication. Every detail matters. If you had talked about it with your wife the day it happened, she would be by your side by now. People needs to learn from this. Say it the very minute it happened. are you sure there’s trust between you and your wife? I understand all evidence points to you but if there’s trust she should know it never happened. I pray God sees you through Amen.

  3. First mistake never pick a hoe or never help a hoe even if she needs ur help some of them are desperate and they can go through any length to bring u down , even if it takes them uploading their naked picture , avoid helping hoe .

    Ur story is pathetic ,u don’t have any prove to make any body believe that u didn’t sleep with her, neither do u have any prove that says the wife was in support of the whole thing ,ur cousin is trying to frame u up.

    U should have told ur wife what happened in the car the day u got home ,u fail to do that this is where the problem lies and she is finding it difficult to believe u .

    If I were u I would revenge ,this is what I would do since I know my cousin Is a dog,I would frame him with another prostitute ,she is too seduce him till they agree to sex in any location ,then I would tell her (prostitute ) to take all his naked picture ,this would be a tool I would use against him ,how ?

    I would tell my cousin to confess about everything to the family , if not I would link his infidelity picture to our family members ,if he chooses not to say truth I would show it to the family members ,he wants to destroy my reputation ,and as such he should regret his dark decision too .


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