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True Life Story: My Brother’s Wife Is A Jezebel-How Do I Continue Burying Her Secrets?


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True Life Story: My Brother’s Wife Is A Jezebel-How Do I Continue Burying Her Secrets?

Good day Lively Stones House,

This is going to sound mad but seeing other people share similar story here,I want to share mine so maybe I can have rest of mind with your advice. Anyone who wants to curse me…well…no leh leh…Las Las…nobody Holy pass.

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My elder brother is based in Europe. Two years ago, he got married to his long time girlfriend. Unfortunately, when the wedding was fixed, he covid happened and he could not travel down. His flight was cancelled last minute. His fiancé was able to fly into the country cos she came in earlier but he got stuck.

On this side, everything was done ready for the the wedding. Food paid for,venue, clothes, vendors,everything. Postponing the wedding would have cost so much. So they was a family meeting and it was decided that the wedding should go ahead while I as his brother stand on his behalf.

Crazy right but that was decided. We went ahead for the wedding and everything went smoothly. My brother even joined via zoom. It was strange but it was a pandemic wedding…and that was what most people were doing during the pandemic. Alot of people married via zoom…some used their picture frame or their siblings to stand for them…so it was not so weird.

The wedding day came and we all had a great time. We also lodged in a hotel after the wedding. I partied with some friends before I went to my room around 11.30 to retire for the night. I was a bit drunk too. I slept till like 2 hours when I heard someone knocking on my door…I sleepily opened the door and standing there in her night wear was my brother’s wife.

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The wife that I helped him marry the day before….I was like…what is going on…she came in and said she wants me to help her with a favour. I said OK. She sat on my bed. Her night gown was see through and short….she was flashing me her p*ssy…her nipples clearly sticking through the net like dress.

Let’s call her Loisa….Loisa said…she’s horny . That she did not imagine her wedding night without her husband f*cking her Brian’s out. That she has told her husband and her husband…my brother told her to go and meet me, but that she should tell me not to mention it to anyone, it should be a secret. Man, the alcohol in my brain at the time had messed me up. I should have asked her, let me confirm from my brother but all I was seeing were her nipples as hard as small rocks.

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Loisa made me f*ck her on her wedding night. Twice actually…she is wild man. It was like she took control of my senses. When I woke up in the morning….Loisa was not in my room. She left. I was afraid. I became sober and realized what had happened and I wanted it to be a lie but sadly it was not. Everyone was leaving the next morning, I could not leave. I was even afraid of leaving my room.

My folks and I checked out around 11am. Loisa also checked out. She was going to the airport to travel that night. I was asked to go and drop her but I told them I was sick. So, my cousin drove but I was asked to escort them. When we got to the airport….I called Loisa aside and asked her why she had S** with me yesterday…did my brother actually tell her to do that? She said: I should forget about last night….that it never happened….that we were both drunk…no need to tell my brother.

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That was when it hit me again….she lied…my brother never told her anything. She let me f*ck her cos she was horny and I betrayed my brother. I was angry but I had no choice but keep quiet because if I talk, I too will share in the blame….one thing is for sure…I might loose my brother because he may never forgive me. So, I buried that horrible secret since 2020.

The wedding was in August 2020…by May 2021, Loisa out to bed a son. That boy is a replica of me….everyone including my brother had said so. I see the boy’s pictures everyday…he’s my son no doubt…but I do not even have the liver to ask the mother. I am getting married next month. I feel a deep sense of loss and void in 2 areas: 1. This secret I am keeping, that I once slept with my brother’s wife. 2. The probability that that boy is mine is eating me up.

What should I do: should I ask Loisa if the boy is mine? If she says yes, what will I do? Continue to keep quiet? Or demand my son? If she says no, I will not believe her until I see a DNA test….should I demand a DNA test? How do I go about this without hurting my brother? His wife is a Jezebel…he deserves to know that she cheated on him but he will not be angry with her alone…I too will become his enemy.

Please advise me. I will like to find out the truth before I get married…I need to find answers to the questions in my head…please advise me.


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  1. The ideology that she is a Jezebel because she slept with u and has a child with u is uncalled for as we have many women who have given bastard as children to their husbands to father does that make all of them Jezebel ? if Everyman in the world is to carry out a DNA of all their children am certain 60 percent might die of dissapointed , u did not do well bro u slept with her I understand not Everyman can withstand a naked woman , common u lack discipline , if that was so we should have S.e.x many women because we were drunk but discipline is the difference , I would advice u just move on , because u would not only destroy the relationship u had with ur brother but also the relationship he has with his wife , if his wife is a bitch that’s his problem he had a bad choice , karma would catch up with her one day she only used u as a tool for her pleasure ND u fell for it , it was mistake but for sake of responsibility I would advice u tell it to ur parent or any parental figure around u , they are in a good position to help u , and in conclusion all our wrong would be exposed either we like it or not in this Earth realm or beyond , by the way it is also better they naturally discover it themselves because either way u would lose ur brother only wisdom can mend the relationship if u confess he would be annoyed but if u don’t he find out same thing would happen ,

  2. Your wedding has to be put on hold for now until this matter is settled. Don’t complicate issues for yourself.

    She is a jezebel while you are Herod. You have to inform your brother about everything, keeping quiet will lead to destruction in future,your son is calling your elder brother daddy and you are here contemplating whether to tell your brother or not,you are on a long thing oooo.

    Inform your brother how his wife lied,and how you too mumushily believed her without calling your brother, but how would your brother tell her such a thing in the first place, anyways inform your brother,do a DNA just to confirm because you already said the boy resembles you and take back your son,also inform your wife to be. It is well

  3. You already answered your question here

    “he deserves to know that she cheated on him”

    So you want your brother to raise another man’s child, please tell him. The earlier the better.

    If you don’t tell you brother. You are a WICKED person.



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