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True Life Story: How My Elder Brother Made My Take An Oath That May Destroy My Family


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True Life Story: How My Elder Brother Made My Take An Oath That May Destroy My Family

Hi Lively Stones,

I want to be kept anonymous. This matter is a serious life threatening matter. It has been on my mind for long…its seriously bothering me. It has to do with what my family, my elder brother, my mom and his wife. My elder brother has been a very foolish man. Yes, he is very rich but he forgot about the important things in life. Our dad died when we were all very small. Our mother suffered to raise all five children by herself. We the boys dropped out of school so the girls can complete at least secondary school. Growing up was really hard.

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My elder brother learnt spare parts business….he served his master for 8 years before he got his freedom. Those years of suffering, his girlfriend whom he disvirgined was the one supporting him and some of us. We loved NG. She was our wife. Even when the first got married, my brother was still struggling and NG stood by him all through until things began to get better and he became quite wealthy.

Do you know how money changes people….when wealth came, my brother became arrogant and full of himself. He refused to help the rest of the family. He said he struggled to get to where he is and the rest of us should go and hustle our own. My sisters thought it was the wife NG that was responsible for his change in attitude but I know NG, she is not like that. My brother even refused to help NG’s family who supported their daughter to marry him when he had nothing.

After several talks, we all decided to stop bothering our brother. But we could not ignore NG because she could not give birth. They have been married for eleven years now and she has no children. Then, my brother went and had two sons from a baby mama. That baby mama is the one eating and enjoying his money. NG stayed in the marriage even though she was been treated badly. I feel for her every time.

Then my brother called a family meeting and revealed to us that he had been diagnosed with Cancer. He became remorseful and begged everyone to forgive him for treating everyone very bad. It was during the cancer treatment, they found out that my brother was even impotent. Someone rumored that my brother gave up his manhood for wealth cos he is so wealthy….well, I do not know but what we know is, after a DNA test was done, we all now know is that those two children are not his.

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My brother called me and begged me to help get his wife NG pregnant through IVF. So that his lineage will not be wiped out when he finally dies. I refused because I felt I cannot sleep with the wife cos she is like a sister to me. But him and my mom continued to pressure me, so I said I will think about it. My brother promised to help me build a house if I do this for him. I was told not to tell my wife. It was to be a secret so I took an oath of secrecy.

So, we tried to do the embryo transfer to NG to get pregnant but it did not work. We  tried it 3 times. We thought it was menopause that is now affecting NG. NG then suggested to me, that we should try the normal method of getting pregnant instead of doing IVF. I refused but she said its the same thing…as long as the goal was to get pregnant. So, NG planned it…when she noticed she was ovulating….she called me to meet her in a hotel.

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We had s3x all through for three days. From that three days, we started sneaking out to have s3x. Six weeks later, NG got pregnant. Yet, we still did not stop having s3x. We became hooked on each other.  NG gave birth to a boy. The boy looks exactly like me but people wont know cos my brother and I also look alike. The truth is…I started feeling guilty….it felt  like adultery. I know I was helping my brother but since I slept with his wife for the first time, I could not stopped sleeping with her. I felt I was being controlled by something so powerful I could not resist.

My wife knew I was having an affair and reported me to my mom. My mom called me and without me even saying it…she asked if I was sIeeping with my brother’s wife…I can’t lie to my own mother cos she is aware from the beginning. I told her yes…she asked me to be careful so I  had to talk to her about it and we managed to stop having s3x five months ago. I also tried to avoid her at all cost.

Now, the husband, my brother is asking for another sperm donation so they can try for a second baby. He thinks it was through IVF with my sperm that NG got pregnant the first time. This whole thing is out of my control. I told my brother I can’t do it a second time cos its betrayal to my wife. He said he understands but he really wants a second child. And then he said, the IVF will be done in UK. That I will travel with his wife to the hospital that he has arranged in the UK…so that they can do a better IVF…also store some of my sperm for future.

I told my mom what my elder brother and his wife are trying to do. My mom said maybe NG is in love with me. I know NG is in love with me…. and things will soon get out of hand and we may end up hurting our families more than my brother hurt everyone when he was treating us badly.

My mom called NG to to talk to her. NG confessed to my mother that she can’t stop wanting me….that its like she’s under control of something that makes her crave s3x with me all the time. That she suspects here husband is aware but he is not saying anything. So, my mom said its better she alone relocates abroad so she can be far away from me … we wondered if my brother knows something about me and his wife. NG agreed….she said after having the second child, she will leave me alone. So, the travel plans have been going on.

I told my wife, that my brother wanted me to look after the wife for him in UK since he is not feeling very well. My wife looked at me and said: are you having an affair with NG? I tried to pretend and lie but my wife started to cry and say it is an abomination, that she suspects an enemy is trying to destroy our home. My wife started threatening to  expose us. I took an oath with my brother not to tell anyone when he asked me to help him get a son.

Now, my wife is sure….that I have something with NG…she asked me what do I have to do with my brother and his wife….that did I do money ritual….is that why they built us a house? I told her I took an oath…so if I tell her…there will be consequences….My wife wants to call family meeting….how do I explain the situation with her without breaking my oath.  I also fear that if my wife exposes me and NG….everything including my son with her and our affair will be exposed.

Oh my God…suddenly…its like my eyes suddenly cleared…I just realized that taking that oath of secrecy have just put my wife and my life in danger. I cannot break the oath….For the first time….I am beginning to see that these people: my brother, his wife and my mom…have succeeded in manipulating in manipulating me to fathering a son for them, having an illicit affair, now, I cant control my feelings for NG….I used to be a good father and husband….see all the things they made me do….and the consequences may be that ….I end up loosing my family cos if I break that oath….that may be the consequences.

What have I done to my family….what have they done with my destiny…see what lust for wealth does to people…I am even afraid that by sharing my story here….something bad may happen….please hide my identity….what do I do now?


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  1. Blood of Jesus,this story is so pathetic. You took an oath,haba ….. You better tell your wife everything she needs to know,you have to break that oath, whatever will happen should happen now biko. You need to call a family meeting and tell them everything if not,you are in trouble.

    You agreed to sleep with your elder brother’s wife, abomination,you even took an oath because he promised building you a house.

    Nawaooo,your mother should be questioned as well. Why did she allow such in the first place,you better go and get your son from NG and her husband.


    • Haba, why will he take his son, we all know that the family can’t have children so why cause Chao ontop the matter that can be settled amicably…I really don’t see why this matter is this serious , where I come from if the husband died the brother can inherit wife, my grandma only had 3 kids from her real husband before he died and she had 6 kids from other men that are family and all the children bears the real dead husbands name…it isn’t new abegi. To say the real sense the child is for the husband because he is legally married to the wife.

      Oga abegi talk to your wife you don’t need to wash your linen outside for the world to hear your story and laugh at you they won’t do anything than gist about your story up and down so you and your wife should talk about it and forget it

  2. Stop complaining, nobody forced you. It was an agreement between you all. You knew what you were getting into but you still went ahead. Maybe your brother knows his wife is sleeping with you and kept quiet. This things were allowed in the days of old, infact a man will rather his brother sleeps with his wife that an outsider, just not to have bastard children ( I do not agree with any of these) but traditional it is acceptable.
    Tell your mother what your wife suspects but do not break the oath. You and your mother must stick to the same story ( do not expose your wife to unnecessary curse). If you want to do the IVF for your brother, go ahead but do not sleep with your brother’s wife. You can also come clean to your brother. It may help you stay away from his wife.

  3. You better open up and confess and be free of your sins, all die na die, u say d truth u die u lie u die so y not confess by saying d truth.

  4. I think it’s not best we are judgemental in this matter. Olden days traditions allowed this type of things (Genesis 38:1-30).
    My dear brother treat the matter as a sin against God, repent and obtain pardon from Him (Proverbs 28:13). Sincerely surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ accepting Him as your personal Lord and Savior.
    However, your mom is in the middle of all of these. So let her handle your wife’s matter and not you.
    Then recall the original meeting again where the oath was taken and open up everything going on between you and NG. You will be surprised the three of them know about it. NG was only playing out the written script.
    There and then renounce the oath in the name of Jesus Christ. Let everyone know your new found faith and willingness to stand by God’s standard. Nevertheless, you will not divulge whatever has transpired in the family to anyone else, it remains the family secrets.
    If you are convince on the IVF you go ahead and donate your sperm, it’s better than getting a donor from outside the family.
    As long as your brother lives never see the children as your children let them bear your brother’s name.
    You can use the opportunity to also win your brother, his wife and your mom to Christ. Who knows God may have mercy and heal your brother of his ailments. Shalom


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