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True Life Story: How My Evil Best Friend Manipulated My Boyfriend


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True Life Story: How My Evil Best Friend Manipulated My Boyfriend

Good Morning Lively Stones,

I woke up this morning very very upset. Like I was really angry with myself. I felt very stupid and used by someone I called my best friend. I broke up with my boyfriend, the love of my life because of this stupid girl that calls herself my best friend. I woke up this morning feeling like I want to do some vawulence on this girl. Please someone should help me be calm cos I need to think straight.

This is the matter: In September last year, my friend and I went for a birthday party of one of her colleagues. The colleague of hers wanted to introduce her to a friend, like a match making thing. My friend told me all about it before we went for the party. That is why she wanted me to follow her,…to be able to scope the guy first hand….to see if he is worth dating.

During the party, my friend was very disgusted at the guy. She was disappointed that the guy is not handsome. Infact, she really discouraged the guy…the guy did everything to try to talk to my friend, my friend was just being nasty and giving him attitude. Even me, I was embarrassed for my friend, Tema. I told Tema to at least be polite with the guy, no need to rub it in his face that you dont like him but my friend did not give two cents.

At the end of the party, the guy was really disappointed but he was like, I should please help him to beg my friend. I said ok. All through the ride home, my friend just kept yabbing this guy, that he is not even up to her level, bla bla bla….I tried to explain that she cant just meet someone and because she feels he is not her type, just become mean to the guy. My friend, thinking she is such a hot babe, told me she has no time for such guys.

So, we talked and forgot about this guy. And then, the very next weekend, I ran into this same guy in the bank. I was really ashamed and apologized to him about my friend. This guy was like, its ok…that he heard nice things about my friend but clearly, she is not all that. This guy took my no and we decided to just be friends. But this guy was a surprise…we chatted alot and I actually told my friend that me and this guy are chatting.

Do you know Tema was laughing at me for talking to the guy? But I kinda found myself more and more attracted to this guy. He is an average guy, not the type me and my friend would normally date but I liked him cos he talked real life things to me. Like, he would talk about what I want in life, my goals, business, how I will succeed, etc…I liked such serious guys…not guys that just want only S**.

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Then I wont lie…this guy surprised me in romance too…he is quite romantic….always texting to check on me, buying me stuff almost every day…he likes to hangout, etc…So I found myself in love with this guy….Henry. Last last….our relationship became official. Tema was surprised….and do you know what she started doing, she started trying to get Henry back behind my back.

Henry, I think was mesmerized by Tema’s beauty and he found it difficult to resist her charm. All Tema’s moves to get Henry was not known to me…cos in my presence…Tema would not even speak to Henry…one day…Henry told me its like Tema likes him….I was like….no…its not possible. He told me shes been flirting with him. I could not relate. I asked Tema…she denied it. Said Henry was day dreaming …she even asked me to stop hanging with such a loser like Henry.

I believed Tema…but poor Henry….he was confused and he slept with Tema cos Tema told him that she wants to give him a chance….to see if he can ever upgrade to be her kind of man…that she wants to test him….to see if he can f*ck well…that if he passes the test…she, Tema will give him a chance and she will talk to me to shift cos knows I am also not into Henry.

Tema lied. She told Henry that she was just testing him when she was acting not interested…that she was the one that encouraged me to date him…just to test if he is a good guy…now that she sees he has potential, he too wants to test him.

Henry believed her and slept with her. Tema came to tell me that Henry begged her to sleep with him cos he cant stand me either. So both of them f*cked behind my back. That she just wanted to catch fun…that she did not not think I was serious with the guy…when I told Tema that we were serious…she said…well, I should forget about him…cos he has proved he cannot be  faithful if he can sleep with her. I was so shocked, sad….I walked away from both of them. Henry has realized that Tema was telling lies and his eyes have opened….he wants me  back and has been begging me but I felt so bad I refused to talk to him for weeks.

Now, I am seeing Tema posting my man everywhere as hers. I am so upset and I woke up this morning seeing their pics online…I am filled with so much anger….why why me? why did Tema do this? I called Henry this morning and cried and cried on him….he was begging….he said he wants nothing to do with Tema…that if I say the word….that he is done with her for good.

I asked him why is he posting on social media with Tema….he said she forces him to do so…and true…he is not posting her…she is the one posting him on her status…etc. Henry is not a very decisive guy…He said he is just being nice Tema. That since we broke up, he has not slept with her but she is always around him, taking pictures to post on social media so I will think they are together.

Please what do I do?…I feel really cheated and want revenge…should I take my man back or leave both of them alone? I feel if I don’t fight for my man….Tema will win…but I am upset that Henry allowed himself to be so easily taken by Tema,….yes, Tema is hot and guys want her but Henry is guy that any woman would want…not at first sight but he really has a good heart…

My heart is not ready to let go of Henry…should I give him another chance….or is he whyning me? please tell me what to do…I am confused. I woke up this morning feeling like a loser…like Tema manipulated me and Henry …maybe I was too quick to react and dump him cos that is what Tema wants….please advice me


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  1. This advice of mine is gonna come in two ways based on the way you are feeling right now

    * Firstly, Henry is matured enough to know what he wants,it will be very childish for you to be fighting over a full grown matured man. Henry is confused,not firm,not man enough,he is a push about that can easily be tossed about.

    Do you want such man as a boyfriend,fiance or husband? The ball is in your court,is this guy worth fighting for?

    * Secondly,Henry is a good guy,he is being manipulated by Tema,she is using her curves and beauty to seduce him right? Henry is innocent, infact he is not posting their pictures on social media,he has been begging you,abi? My question is, do you want Henry ? Do you want to take him back,then you have to fight for your man and take him back as e dey hot

    You can take the following steps
    * Stop being friends with Tema
    * Block her on all social media handle,she is dangerous
    * Ask Henry to block her too,that is ,if he is sincere about not loving her oooo
    *If she knows Henry’s house,then she has to stop going there,you have to be in charge,make sure Henry doesn’t meet her somewhere,you have to monitor every of his movement and every of his calls for now,this is the price you have to pay in order to get your man back.

    I wish you good luck and all the best ……..


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