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True Life Story: How My Mother In-law Unlocked A Deep Desire In Me


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True Life Story: How My Mother In-law Unlocked A Deep Desire In Me

Good day Lively Stones,

I have failed my wife and our vows. I am ashamed to confess what I did but that is not even the problem. The problem is, if something is not done, I will be in trouble, more trouble than before. So, what happened was that my wife’s mother came to stay with us when my wife started her  housemanship just a month after our son was born. As a retired nurse, she was the most trusted person we had around us at the time.

My wife is a doctor, I am a business man. We live very busy lives, so having my mother in-law help us was a blessing. My mother in-law is in her forties and very young looking. She had her children quite young but she and her husband are separated a long time ago. Having her around, out our mind at ease until one day, I came back from the office around 11am. I had actually gone home to get some documents and then I got home and met the house empty.

On getting inside, I saw my child sleeping in his crib but mother in-law was no where to be seen. I went to her room and walked into her banging a young man. I was instantly taken aback. Like…no one wants to ever walk into such a situation. I thought the guy was even forcing her cos she was tied and he was with a rope like whip. I jumped on him and wanted to fight him cos I thought he was attacking her but she shouted….no ,leave him alone.

That was when I stopped and realized they were having BDSM. I was embarrassed and left the room apologizing. Later, the man came out, greeted me and left the house. I could not look at my mother in-law in the face. She was the one who came and tried to explain. I was a bit upset and ashamed. I asked her why she brought a man into my house to have s3x ….she laughed and said, I am not a child, I am a single woman and an adult and you have no right to ask me who I f*ck or not…

Then I told her I would tell her daughter because I am not comfortable for her to bring in strangers into my house. That was when she said, there is no need to cause problem because she will not bring any man to my house if I agree to f*ck her as well. I told her she is crazy. She was like, she is only horny, not crazy. I told her I could never consider sleeping with her…she is like my mother…she was like…stop acting childish…I am not your mother.

I got ready to leave the house and back to the office but she stood in my way and told me to swear never to tell her daughter. I told her I cannot guarantee her that …that was when she came unto me…she grabbed my junk and said: stop acting like a p*ssy…be a man and show me what you can do with your d*ck. Blood of Nebuchadnezzar…I never knew my wife’s mother is a freak.

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With all my strength, I tried to push her off and promised her that I would not say anything but she should stop talking about me and her f*cking cos it would never happen. That was how I left for work that day. I got back home very late,played with my son but avoided eating dinner cos I was avoiding my MIL. I went straight to my room, freshened up and spoke to my wife on the phone for like an hour, then tried to go to bed to sleep.

It was around 4am, I was fast asleep…I woke up feeling a warm sensation around my junk. I opened my eyes and realized it was my MIL who was in my room, in my bed, she was giving me head. I froze but she motioned to me to keep quiet…It was like I was paralyzed. I became very scared…she sat on my junk and did the most erotic acts I have only seen in porn.

My junior was rock hard. She kept saying, do not fight it…do not fight it…so I stopped fighting it and began to bang her…it was so real…so so real…I woke up and realized I was having a s3x dream…but the fact remains…I have sperm all over my bed…I had come so much, my bed was soaked. It felt like I was making love to her all night but she was no where around me when I woke up.

In my life, I cannot remember how much I prayed but that day, I prayed and asked God to help me. I was confused. When I greeted my MIL that morning. She apologized for her behavior the day before and thanked me for not telling her daughter. I took my tea and left for work. At work, my MIL sent me a BDSM porn clip. I was disturbed. I shouldn’t have watched the clip but I did….she later sent a text apologizing that it was sent in error. I told her no problems.

On getting home, she told me she made my favorite dish to apologize again for what happened. I agreed to eat so it wont look like I was upset…she brought me fresh fish pepper soup and palm wine. That night, I was very hard. The spices from the pepper soup must have caused it. Around 1am, MIL knocked my my bedroom door…I opened and she was like, can I come in…I said yes and the unthinkable happened.

MIL started by explaining that there was no need to resist her anymore…that I should think of her as my wife, after all, the p*ssy my wife uses to satisfy myself…came from her too. That she will never stop being afraid that I will tell my wife if I do not f*ck her…that she just wants reassurances, so I should sleep with her…I was too weak to argue anymore. I f*cked her like a beast.

MIL was like a beast too…she has an unsatiable energy. She went and got some ropes…asked me to tie her…she loves BDSM… I have never done that before…it felt so dangerous and exciting…it was rough and hard and I was exhausted after…her daughter…my wife has never done what her mother has done…It was like we were in a movie…it did not feel real…and I wanted more…After everything, we slept in each other’s arms.

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The next day, she said to me, we are now even….you can no longer report me to my daughter…so we are done…no more will she bother me again. I just nodded my head in agreement. But the truth is, that is not final…it is the beginning. It is the beginning of my turmoil…I am constantly and consistently lusting after my MIL…I cannot seem to stop thinking about her…I want her more and more…

I asked her to prepare me fish pepper soup again with palm wine…she said ok…now, I am scared to go home…because if I go home and eat that dish…something will happen again this night. Please help me…what do I do? I cannot tell my wife nothing…at this point, I am dead wrong…to tell her means to end my marriage…but not to tell her means….I will never be able to resist her mother.

What do I do please….my heart is beating so fast…I can’t even tell anyone else what has happened and what is going on. This woman has unlocked an unholy desire in me…I cannot control it…I want her…my wife is writing exams and won’t be back until next month…maybe if she were home, maybe I can focus on her but….This woman succeeded in seducing me, now I am the one trying to seduce her back…That is why I am sharing this anonymously…I need your urgent advise.


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  1. Guy resist her with all you have got and start by telling your wife you want her mother out of the house ! Once she agrees you are good and free if not go ahead and tell your wife this has to stop either ways !

  2. Huh! This is indeed incredible, unbelievable, outrageous and ridiculous.

    You mean you did what? Anyways your mother in-law has overstayed her welcome, whether your son is still a baby or grown up,please she needs to go,this is incest and shouldn’t be taken likely.

    You have to leave your house and stay in a friend’s place until your wife gets back next month ,meanwhile you have to inform your mother in-love about her going,she needs to go,what is this? I read she loves BDSM,haaaaaaa,this one loud gaaaaaani.

    Abeg she needs to go for your sanity,unless you want to marry her then she stays,but trust me,if she continues to stay in that house,there will be danger, trouble, problem because your wife must find out and it will be disastrous.

    Be warned! Know what you want and stand by it,tell her outrightly not to prepare any demonic pepper soup for you again.

    It is well with your soul,this na temptation according to Psquare

  3. Let me be frank with you. Even if your MIL packs out of your house, you will still lust after her. She has planted a seed in you that only the power of God can uproot. She is completely possessed and her being absent physically cannot exorcise the evil she has transferred to you. So, you need both physical and spiritual solutions to your matter.
    You need to leave that house to a hotel or wherever you can find shelter. Go get your clothes and leave.
    If your wife gets to know, give her an excuse that will not affect her mind because of her exams.
    When your wife is through, you need to come clean with her for you to have your complete freedom from that woman. Tell her how everything happened.
    Then you go for deliverance. Confess to God how sorry you are and ask Him to deliver you. You can go to a Bible believing church that does deliverance.
    Whether you believe it or not, you need deliverance. You have been brought under her spell that only God can deliver you.

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