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True Life Story: I’m Currently On The FENCE, Please help me


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True Life Story: I’m Currently On The FENCE, Please help me

Hello Lively Stones

    • It never occurred to me until I finally found myself on the fence where the awful past and bittersweet present mingle their nebulous hopes and aspiration. This is the story of my life.

Steve (the awful past) happens to be my ex-boyfriend of over 7years, we were childhood friends and we grew up to be teenage lovers. We did a lot together and I was ready to do everything and anything to keep him close to me despite the distance among us.

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I would travel miles just to see him, lying to my parent of my where about, Steve got me deflowered and my love for him grew even more stronger, but little did I know that Steve had someone else he was strongly into, he deceived me while he watched me go out of my way to do so much for him, but luckily, I found out about this girl and we had to breakup after several argument..

Months later, Steve came back begging and asked me to come back to him which I did, he started monitoring every of my calls, movements and the people I mingled with, getting jealous over everything and ended up calling me a slut, accused me sleeping around just because he found out that there were lots of guys who were really after me. On days I’m with him, he would pick up my calls and start insulting every of my callers, for the second time we argued and broke up again.

After sometime, he came back crawling and crying that he wants me back, this time with a close friend of his who came begging and also promised to change, but this time was worse, after going back to him, he treated me like I was nothing but a disgusting object, complained about almost everything.

On different occasions he would send me leaving his house at 11pm, knowing how far my place is to the mainland, occasions he would send me away over a little blood stain on his bed while on my flow, all of my stay with Steve was a sorrowful one, I cried myself to sleep, woke up and still continued, right in my presence he would speak to multiple of girls and never for once felt remorse.

For the last time I made up my mind to finally leave, which I did. For one year I was alone, and got into another relationship, unknowingly that this guy was stalking me, I’d blocked him on all of my social media platforms when we broke up, but Steve went ahead to open two different accounts just to monitor all of my activities, he realized I was already In another relationship, found out whom the person was, got his handles and contact, called him and threatened him to leave his wife (me) alone.

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Thank God I’d already told Seyi (my new guy) about, so he was abloe to fight for me for a period of time until he got tired, broke up with me and suggested that I return to Steve. Another well served breakfast all because of Steve.

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Again with all of his family members, he came begging that I return to him, that he cannot imagine his life without ME, he claimed to have had a self-reflection and had turn a new leaf just to be a better man for me, this same person I used to go crazy over is now someone I cannot look in the face with a smile. I told him I no longer feel anything for him but he insisted that he’d hang on until I finally change my mind. I accepted to be just a friend since he kept persuading he still would love to always hear from me.

Now to the bitter/sweet present is John who gave me a shoulder to lean on when I needed one after the whole drama, we became friends for some time until we both decide to date, right now, my love for John is something I cannot describe, but on the other hand, he is a young guy who’s trying so much to meet up with his goals, a brilliant, hardworking masters holder..

So he gets carried away with pursuing his dreams, we sometimes argue over going on a break just to sort out some debts he ran into and also making sure he achieve his dreams, he had nothing to give to me as he got laid off work along the line which broke him the more. Yet I promised to still hang on and support in any way I can.

But on the other hand, to my surprise Steve became an angel I’ve always wanted to meet all my life, he became so caring, supportive, got closer to my siblings and made sure to do all that I want just to make me happy, sends money, gifts and kept asking that I take him to see my family has he’s ready to have me has his wife.

But I still do not feel a thing for him despite all of these things he does, I try as much to not see him for a whole year, yet he never cared and was still there to make sure I have everything I want. My past experience with him is still fresh in my memory, making me not to feel a thing for him even when I try to.

John on the other hand barely gives attention and only does little to support me, he’s not even thinking of marriage at all at the moment but yet what I feel for him keeps growing stronger and stronger.

Please help me, it’s a new year and I’ll be 27 this year, I’m thinking so hard on how to plan myself and I discovered that I’m already stuck in between these two people. What should I do?

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  1. Hummmmm. Madam I have one advice for you about Steve. Don’t go back to him oo that guy is dangerous. He should not and never be among your options please.That guy(Steve) is a bad guy. And for John I can’t tell you anything that I’m sure about though, but no matter how busy a man is,even if you are the president you of The whole wild world. At least for what you love ❤️ you should create time for it even though there’s no time.

  2. You’re better off without both of them. Marriage is not a joke. How sure are you your ex has changed? And your your current boyfriend is also not ready for marriage. I understand you want to get married but it’s better to be late than sorry. The reason why so many marriages failed is because they never thought about the continuation of same problem in the future. They never asked them selves how long they could endure the pain. Please be on your own. God will surely give you your own man.

  3. My dear,you are not stuck,you are with the knife and the yam,it is you that will know how to cut the yam with the knife,this is an adage in my language (igbo).

    Kindly leave these guys alone,leave them alone,run away from them,run as fast as your legs can carry you,you are 27 and not 45 right,biko further your studies,get a job,keep yourself busy,take yourself out sometimes and be happy.

    Don’t allow any guy treat you like a piece of shit,you are beautiful and you deserve to be treated like a queen.

    Pray and God shall send you the real husband without stress,a person you don’t have to stress yourself on,a person that will give you peace. This life is too short for you to be drinking Panadol on someone’s headache.

    God bless you my darling. Steve is a pretender,if you fall for his tricks,na you sabi oooo,let me come and be going first,I left.

  4. What is ur problem woman ? U don’t deserve all of this ,how long would u suffer before u get to be …..,can’t u see how much of ur life has been wasted on this idiot of a man called Steve .

    This is what I was telling my friend today ,when someone becomes ur ex ,u don’t accept them back u only give them the certificate of graduation or participation why? Because u are going to suffer probably the same fate ,the relationship had before the breakup

    People hardly change ,u are wasting ur life for a man who doesn’t know what it wants ,or knows ur value .

    I tell u this man is only interested in u not moving forward he is an embargo ,why is it that it is when u want to move on that he comes around ?some men don’t want u but it annoyed them when they see u moving forward because they realize how better ur life is without them ,it is high time u take the bull by the horn ,if u continue with Steve u would suffer again ,yes this is just a self fulfilling prophecy .

    Sufferness no dey tire u ni ? if I was ur brother I would tell my friends who i know will help me beat Steve and inflict injury on him ,so that he can knows how it feels to be beaten

    Please be wise love is not foolishness.

    About David ,give him time but while u do that ,still look forward for better options ,by so doing u don’t lose David too .

  5. My dear, run away from the guy call Steve now that it’s still early before it’s too late, cos the day u accept to do anything with that Steve of a guy, it’s the day u would know how n who Steve truly is,so run as fast as ur legs can carry u, n for that other guy ,leave him alone for now,i know it’s not easy to love someone n stay away,but try ,so that u don’t go hurting urself for nothing,leave that John alone,he has a lot on his plate right now,please cut off seriously from that Steve,cos he’s going to be ur nightmare, serious nightmare, they say a stitch in time saves nine
    Good luck


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