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True Life Story: Is Marriage Truly A Scam-Exposing My Family’s Dirty Secrets-Pt 2


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True Life Story: Is Marriage Truly A Scam-Exposing My Family’s Dirty Secrets-Pt 2


Then something happened and I made up my mind….I decided to after struggling within myself for days on what to do concerning the matter, something happened. One-night, we all woke up to my elder brother and his wife shouting. It was the wife who was doing most of the shouting.

I came out to ask what was going on. She was shouting, saying her husband was cheating…that she knows he’s cheating cos he has not touched her for over a month and she knows he is always pressing his phone. She got the phone and saw evidence that he was chatting with someone he named spare parts dealer.

From being curious why there are so many calls from spare parts dealer…she saw their IG chats and it was filled with photos of some girls who were showing off nudes to her husband.

I tried to cam her down but I was happy I didn’t need to say anything but her husband’s secret was out and I was vindicated. From the quarrel they had, they were not talking because her husband also accused her of withholding s3x from him and being a nagging woman that has driven his family away.

That made her become nice to me a few days leading to my leaving their house. I felt sorry for her cos her marriage was truly having issues because she is a very selfish woman and her husband is an adulterer.

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Days before I left…she came to my room to beg me to forgive her for all the ways she’s treated me and my family. She started crying saying she did not know what she was doing. Blaming the devil, etc…

I tried to advice her to be a good wife and be kind and next she asked me how she can persuade her husband so they can be intimate again. That he is not still touching her even after a month. Honestly, I told her what I felt would be the best idea but get her husband back but little did I know it would back fire.

I advised her to make her husband jealous by pretending to be having an affair. I told her to make him jealous and he might start missing her again. She agreed with the idea. She even joked that maybe we can shag ….that it will make my brother go mad. I told her no o….she asked me if I don’t find her attractive…I told her she is ok but she is my brother’s wife…I can’t shag her. Two days later, I left their house to go back home.

A week later, my elder brother called me and started to threaten me…that he would kill me when he sets his eyes on me. I was confused, wondering what he was threatening me for. My parents called me and told me that my brother was accusing me of sleeping with my brother’s wife.

That they fought again because she taunted her husband by saying to him that since he refused to sleep with her, she was pushed to sleep with me. Wow…that is a lie…I never did that…would never do that…I may be upset with my brother but I can never sleep with his wife cos she’s like family to me even though she was a bad wife.

Of course I told everyone it was a lie but they are refusing to believe me because my brother told them that I was also sleeping with their former house girl. Now, that is a blow below the belt…see pot calling kettle black.

What is the matter with my brother…why is him and his crazy wife dragging me into their issues? I will call his wife, she needs to clear my name …I did not touch her…and this time..I will also expose my brother….that he also was eating the p$ssy of their house help….who he has rented an apartment for and is consistently f*cking her there.

I know that some people will blame me for sleeping with the same girl as my brother but I am single….the girl is single…my brother is married…its because of him that o agree that marriage is a scam…I mean…see how crazy his wife is…being mean to her inlaws…and her husband knowing he married a bad wife…is being a disgrace to married men outside of his marriage.

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I told my parents everything…yet they are blaming me and warning me not to expose my brother…that its their marriage and I should mind my business….is this what marriage is about?

I also want to clear my name that I didn’t sleep with my brother’s wife… the wife finally owned up that its not true but my brother is refusing to believe because he thinks because I banged his house girl…I also banged his wife …

How do I clear my name? This whole thing is crazy and I am seriously thinking of truly exposing my brother….maybe then I can clear my name….if you were in my shoes..what will you do?



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  1. Bia let me tell you,the fact that you are single doesn’t make you sleep with same girl your elder brother is sleeping with,he might be married but shameless.
    How do you even define a bad wife? Anyways it’s none of my business, whichever way you choose to describe your brother’s wife ,well so be it,because all of you are just something else entirely.
    Now listen carefully,mind your business,don’t go close to your elder brother’s house again,if you have anything to tell him,call him on the phone and if possible apologize to him afterall he is your elder brother and he can choose to do whatever he likes with his life and in his house provided he has the money.
    Leave that Togo girl alone,be careful, stop rubbing shoulders with your brother.

    But his wife lacks sense, why play such taunt on her husband? Anyways,as long as you are sure you didn’t do anything with her,and you have told everyone that needs to know, please allow the matter rest biko,mind your business and get busy with something.

  2. This is not a judging platform, yes you need solution but, truth must first be told.
    Do you hear yourself?! what on earth makes sleeping with a girl right , even after discovering your brother is into her also ?!!!
    i beg you , dont rationalise anything. find a way to apologise to all concern including your brother.
    Stay away for from your his wife, the truth will catch up with her. DOnt further mess things up ,its obvious she is manipulating both of you. she wants to cause a split between you and your brother.
    Please, stop your sleeping with the lady and live a low key life.
    if your Brother likes, let him continue. he has used big brother to show hes above you in this matter. So stay away. He ll answer for his attrocities if he doesnt stop.


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