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True Life Story: Is Marriage Truly A Scam-Exposing My Family’s Dirty Secrets


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True Life Story: Is Marriage Truly A Scam-Exposing My Family’s Dirty Secrets

Hi Lively Stones,

When some people say marriage is a scam, I don’t blame them. Those who are married should stick to their marriage whether or not its working. Its people like my so called brother and his wife that make marriage look like a sham. Please share my story…my family is blaming me for what is happening in my brother’s marriage….my brother may never speak to me again but I want to share my side of the story…the whole blame is not only on me.

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I spend most of my holiday in my elder brother’s house before he got married. Ever since he got married two years ago, his wife does not want to see any of our family members in my brother’s house. Its not like she said it but her attitude is driving people away from her. Everyone said they should leave them alone because they are newly married, so no one will say its the in-laws causing problem for them.

However, since this ASUU strike, I got really bored and asked my brother if I can come and visit them for a week or so. He said I should ask his wife. I felt really annoyed but I think he told his wife cos she called me and said I can come but not for longer than 1 month.

So, I came last week. I noticed they have a house maid that is quite an extrovert. The girl done open eye.  I got talking to her, we talk about about almost everything. Not long after, the girl started to flirt with me. It didnt take too much effort, she was in my room and we were banging…the girl is a pro…an expert in every kind of s3x.

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I was like, where did you learn all these moves…she clearly was into prostitution a few years ago, just to survive. Apparently, she is from Togo. An agent brought her to Nigeria with a promise to get her a job but he made her sleep with him and have s3x with men, he would take 8o% and give her 20%. This continued until she ran away and got a house girl job.

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That got me scared but she told me she left that life over two years ago cos she started working as a nanny to support her and her family. She is just 19 years old and she has been through so much. I liked her alot and I think it was obvious I was liking her. My brother’s wife did not like that , anytime she saw us taking she would start shouting at her, threatening t send her away.

So we started acting very codedly. We only met in my room in the night. So, I waited for her the other night …she didn’t come and when I tried to ask her why…she said she fell asleep. So we agreed the next night. I waited but she didn’t show up. I got anxious and went to her room very quietly and I heard faint sounds of moaning from her room.

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I hide behind her door and waited…like 25 minutes later, her door opened and my brother came out. I was shocked beyond my teeth. My brother was f*cking their house help under his wife’s nose. I quickly went inside her room and she was trying to cover up but I asked her why she was sleeping with my brother,….she said because she needs the money.

To me, I got angry and told her she was wrong to sleep with a married man…she was like…she did not force him and he is paying her extra for it. That his wife is very dry s3xually and she is keeping the man happy. I was like, this girl is a demon. But I also felt for her cos her family is poor and depending on her to send money all the way to Togo.

This girl saw the look of anger in me and to calm me down, she began to work on my manhood. I was trembling cos she sabi work wella. I relaxed and I pretended not to know she was knacking my brother.

Its been a month, my brother’s wife is asking me when am I leaving, I told her am not leaving. She reported me to her husband, my brother. My brother asked me to leave and I said no….he tried to force me and I whispered to  him if he did….I will expose him to his wife that he is f*cking their house help. He was surprised I knew. I told him his secret is safe with me but I cannot leave the house now. He agreed.

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Now, the wife is nagging everyday…saying I must leave…I pity her cos she does not understand that all these noise she’s making…she is not even the real madam of the house…if the real madam get pregnant for her husband…then she is done for. Although the girl is smart….she is not looking to get pregnant…she insists on condom anytime cos she says she does not want to have a baby in her current situation.

The wife started to pick on me…looking for any situation to send me away. That how she started watching me and caught me and the girl having s3x. She started making trouble …. trying to send me and the girl away and the husband is refusing. My brother called me and asked me to leave cos he cannot be sharing the girl with me…I told him he is the one that is married…not me…so I can do anything I like…he is the one that should stop seeing the girl…he says he cant…that the girl drives him crazy.

Same for me. The girl is a born man pleaser. I cant help myself either. We argued and almost got into a fight. His wife thought it was about her not wanting me around we were fighting…I really felt sorry for her cos she has no idea what her husband was doing…fighting his own brother for a runs girl who is living in their house.

What my brother now did was to get the girl a one room apartment…close to their house. So, he goes there to meet her. I think he convinced the girl not to tell me where she is so I cannot contact her. This really proved to me the extent my brother is willing to go. I feel like telling his wife…she may not believe me but my brother has no right to the girl alone. He is married….I am not…besides, I will be saving his marriage by telling his wife right?

My only issue is I don’t even like the wife….she is such a wicked woman. I don’t blame her husband much cos her attitude is part of why she cannot keep her man. Anyways, I will soon be leaving this house…should I tell her or just continue to keep my mouth shut? I even feel this secret will always give me an advantage to get my way with my brother.

Then something happened and I made up my mind….I decided to…



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  1. You and your brother are irresponsible and silly men. Do you guys have any sense at all.

    Why have you chosen to destroy yourself.

  2. Young man you sound so pathetic. So, instead of looking for something productive to do with your time following the 8weeks extension of ASUU strike, your priority is sex?… Please get a life!
    You and your brother are so irresponsible that all I feel for the wife is pity. And you created the impression that she’s a bad woman whereas it’s you and your brother that need help.
    What a family! Smh



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