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True Life Story: It Was An Innocent Game With My Neighbor’s Husband Until This Happened


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True Life Story: It Was An Innocent Game With My Neighbor’s Husband Until This Happened

Good Morning Lively Stones,

My friend sent me this story. Please help me share the story for her. It goes like this :I am 19 years old, I made a terrible mistake with my neighbor’s husband  . I moved in with my Aunty and her husband a few months ago, to help take care of their children. My guardians live in an estate where there is low fences between the neighbors so one can see whatever the neighbors are doing. I don’t know how to describe it but its like twin duplexes….the houses are close…so that is how one day when everyone had gone to work, I caught the neighbor’s husband doing something on the line of clothes  that I just finished washing.

Initially, I was curious, thinking, what is this man doing on the cloth hanger? I just finished washing my undies with other clothes and I hung them outside…so I got closer and asked him sir…what are you doing with my undies…he was shocked when he saw me…he quickly started leaving,…he said…oh nothing…I was just checking to see the type of underwear’s…I like it, I want to buy it for my wife…he said sheepishly.

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It then dawned on me that he was touching my underwear….I became alarmed cos I have heard stories of people using other peoples underwear for rituals. I told him to tell me what he is doing with my underwear or I will report him to my aunty. He started begging, saying he will give me N5K if I don’t tell anyone. I refused. I accused him of trying to use my pants for rituals….that was when he said no, that its not for ritual.

This man said he has a fetish for smelling women’s pants. That he could not help himself when I started hanging my pants outside. I was like, what do you mean by fetish? He then googled it and showed me on his phone. From what he showed me, he said he just can’t help himself with women’s pants. That he does it with his wife’s pants too. That when he saw my pant, he started getting horny.

I told him he was crazy and that I will report him but he promised to give me N10k….to me, 10k is alot so I agreed not to report him if he gives me 10k. That was like a few months ago. Since then, when I hang my undies,…this man will go and smell it. He works from home so no one really sees him when he is doing that. One day, he asked me to give him my pants that are not washed, that its the unwashed pants that are the best. He promised me data and money, so I agreed.

I would give him some of my unwashed pants…then he asked me for my no….so he would send me clips of him masturbating to my unwashed pants. I know that was creepy but I got carried away with the money and nice things he was doing for me. Then recently, he said he wanted to smell my p*ssy and he would but me an iPhone 14 pro max. I was really tempted. I told him I can’t because I am a virgin…never had s3x before…he said its not s3x, that he just wants to smell me….

Then he showed me the iphone, that he has bought it, that I should let him smell me….so I finally agreed…he came to our house when no one was around,….asked me to lie down…he removed my pant to smell me….and he started to smell me…he then said I should moan as he is smelling me…he explained how to moan….so I started moaning,….before I could say anything….he out his tongue inside me…and started licking me….and I told him to stop…he just said I should relax,…that I will enjoy it.

I told him no no…he the put his fingers in me…..by this time…his manhood was out too…he was touching himself as he was putting his finger inside me…I was trying to stop him but he kept using power on me… he started squeezing my breast…I knew I had to use all my strength cos it was like he was going to r*pe me….so I pushed him so hard….I bit his hand…and tried to run out….and discovered he locked the door.

By this time, I started to scream….I ran into his kitchen, took the frying pan I saw and started banging it on the window,….hoping someone will hear me. That scared him and he said ok ok…that I can go…I ran out soon as he opened the door and he said I should forget about the iphone. The next few days, he would be telling me that I should not be angry the way he behaved, that he has fallen in love with me…that he just wants to feel me inside him, that he wants to make me a woman.

That was when I decided to tell my aunty. So, I gathered the courage to tell my Aunty. My aunty was shocked….she told her husband…both of them were so angry. My Uncle confronted the man outside his apartment cos the man refused to let my uncle inside…uncle started abusing him of taking advantage of me…the man said he did not take advantage of me, that I gave my consent…he showed them transfer receipts that he did for me, the data that he gave me…and he showed them our chat where I agreed for him to smell my p*ssy for the iphone.

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Now, my aunty and her husband are upset with me and have asked me to leave their house. The man’s wife got to know now, she is accusing me of trying to destroy her home….but it is her husband that is at fault, not me… I do not want to leave….they are supposed to help me through my university. I know I should have told them earlier but I was just tempted by the money this man was giving me. Please advise me, how do I convince my guardians to forgive me, its not all my fault…the man tempted me…I am the victim here….

I know I did wrong and I accept my wrongs but I not want this man to sleep with me…or r*pe me….it was all innocent and I was naïve. I swear, I did not know its wrong to let him smell my pant cos I thought, its not the same as s3x. And when he tried to s3x me, I screamed and ran away. I can even go and beg the man’s wife…should I do that? I swear, I did not know it was wrong of me…Please help me beg my guardians…I am so sorry…I don’t know what to do. My parents are struggling, they will be so disappointed and heartbroken.


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  1. I find this story unbelievable,why did I say so?

    * You’re the real poster and you’re saying your friend sent you the story, that’s by the way,no qualms.

    * How can a man who does not live in the same duplex with you be able to smell your panties?The twin duplexes I know and have seen always have a high fence with a babwire around it,so how is it possible for him to be perceiving your underwear?

    You said he came to your house when nobody was around and at the same time you also said you wanted to run out of his house but discovered he locked the door and you started screaming,how true is this young lady?

    19 years old is now an adult,you should be able to differentiate between good and bad,you were enticed by money and material things,right?

    Kindly leave your aunt’s house please,go back to wherever it’s you came from. Why didn’t you report to your aunt when you noticed the man was always smelling your pants? What if he had raped you and at the end you got pregnant,what would you have done? You’re from a poor home yet you didn’t focus on what you came to the house to do. Lesson learnt,be wiser next time.

  2. I am so happy for you that this man did not disvirgin you.

    Please draw your ears and take this as a warning, do not fall for this type of thing even with a male friend etc. you will face more temptations in future. Use this as a warning to keep yourself until your white wedding marriage night. If that is all you learnt from this it is a good lesson.

    There will be more temptations, no matter how hungry, don’t fall, come out in the night for a strole, let’s go and watch a movie together, learn from other peoples stories.

    Be cautious of ALL men, including your auntie’s husband. I pray for a way for you to get your education.

  3. You have made the mistake already, control your greed , beg ur aunty some more if she doesn’t agree carry on with your life

  4. First

    This young lady at 19 years does not have proper sex education

    Her parents and guardians failed her

    If I have the opportunity to speak to them….they should forgive her because she did not know about sex education involving fetishism

    So many teach about sex..with opposite gender

    How many have taught their wards about other forms of sex?

    Gay or homosexuals
    The whole LGBTQ saga?

    I believe this conversation needs to be had before this girl can be blamed

    Next…she can be punished….maybe take her phone away….send her to boarding or far away school or distant relative that can discipline her

    But her schooling should not be suspended cos of this idiot man

    Finally….this girl should be led to Christ…and helped with proper teaching on ensuring that she knows how to conduct herself and live decently for the rest of her life

    Maybe find her a good word church based youth Christian group for them to follow her up

    Above all….this man should be exposed as a pervert

    Maybe on the estate platform

    Or social media

    So other young ignorant girls will not fall victim

    Fetishism…even from the name….sounds very evil

    Please let’s educate one another .


  5. Dear girl,

    It’s a pity that you preferred money over wisdom.

    Wisdom is to ask questions over what you haven’t done before from the right people who are older and have your interest at heart.

    If you had informed your aunty from the onset, you won’t be in this position of being thrown out.

    Every wrong action comes with a reward. Don’t cry a victim because you walked into the lion’s den by your own accord.

    The man presented what you need and you jumped on it without thinking or asking questions.

    Listen, you must never let yourself be convinced or bought for a prize – dress,phone, score, bag, ticket, money, hair, etc. Even if you get a nice friend careful of exchanges and promises.

    When your intuition tells you something is wrong and someone is willing to pay you to call it right, then you must cut that fellow off and possibly report them.

    When next you are tempted or about to do wrong, restrain yourself by thinking of your parents and your future.

    You need to convince your uncle that you will take any punishment they have for you except sending you away. You must be ready to live a transparent and good life as long as you are under their roof.

    You are too young to feel you know so much.

    I hope you have learnt your lessons
    You can’t trust people completely because the heart of men ( women and men) are evil. People change and could be selfish.

    You don’t have business apologizing to the woman except your guardians request you do so and in their company.

    Focus on becoming a better person, your academics and future.

    All the best.


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