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True Life Story: My Boyfriend Behavior Has Changed-Should I Expect Breakup?


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True Life Story: My Boyfriend Behavior Has Changed-Should I Expect Breakup?

Hello Lively Stones,

Remember my story? I took the advice you gave to me and compared the new guy and my ex and I decided to go back to my ex.

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We sorted out everything and continued dating. I had to tell my mom it was him and ask her to respect my decision, which she did and offered help in her own little ways.

Why I’m here again is months after I wrote you, my ex got a job. Imagine my joy etc I was happy that everything will be fine but now there’s an issue. The job takes his time, he doesn’t call like he used to and when I complain he ask I understand and bear with him. Though he gives me money monthly but I don’t have our “us” time any longer.

When we make plan to see, something comes up and we won’t see. He calls me and the conversation is rushed. He says he loves me, I shouldn’t doubt it but his actions are saying otherwise. Makes me think he’s got a new girl.

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Something happened recently that made me think over this relationship again. He told me he was travelling out of town only to find out from his sister days later that he didn’t go anywhere. He blamed it on his work, saying he was having a bad time.

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I don’t know what to do again. I have asked him if he wants us to part ways but the answer I get is no but I’m tired emotionally. It’s his job, job job. It’s confusing to me because I don’t know if he wants me. I’m planning to sit him down and discuss what his plans are for us, by his answers I’ll know what to do.

What do you suggest? Please advise me.

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  1. Hi,

    I missed your first story, from what you shared, it may be one of three things either

    1) He is struggling in his new job and bottling up
    2) He got entangled with someone else but hasn’t decided who to commit to, so he’s telling you he loves you but split between you both
    3) He just needs space

    Not sure if the phrase ‘I’ll seat him down’ is the best maybe just get occupied with your own life and interests, be happy, do not do the chasing, constant calling , look good, you could ask him how he is settling at work and if everything is ok then leave it, pray, give it some more time incase he just needs to clear his head and he eventually comes around, after about two months something may happen to let you know if he is cheating etc., if it remains the same, ask him again what is wrong and access if you are still needed.

  2. If your boyfriend doesn’t have your time please keep yourself busy and let a good man who has your time find you.

    All these excuses of job job job irritates me,a person who loves you sincerely will make out time for you,e be like say your boyfriend is tired of you,nne read the handwriting on the wall,for him to have lied that he was travelling and didn’t travel shows and means something to me,you are bugging him,he needs space,can’t you see the sign?

    Abeg face your front now before heartbreak will hit you ooo,you are bothered about someone who no even send you. My sister this is the time to pray,fast and go close to God,He is your helper, thank you.

  3. If he doesn’t have your time let him be. Why don’t also get yourself busy with other postive things. If he really wants you he will come looking for you.
    This guy has not found his feet so he doesn’t have time for relationship.
    Please focus on building yourself and getting better. Don’t get entangled in unnecessary things. Time will sort out all this issue.


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